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Gluten can hinder your body’s natural defences against joint pain caused by osteoporosis or steoarthritis.
So, bottom line, if wheat is off-limits for you, then it’s best to stay away from spelt! Look if you feel you have a gluten intolerance, get a test of this, science has had a test for if for some time.
Perhaps, they could have another warning for gluten specifically, differentiating wheat from gluten. We are now pretty sure certain GM crops are actually causing allergies, and the Bt GM crops, engineered to resist pests, are in focus. By going organic for a period and then introducing bread in the form of a sourdough spelt to start off with – nearly all allergic people seem to be fine. Frieds who have reported being allergic to wheat or gluten have all found these breads are graet and safe. I have been staying away from wheat because I have endometriosis that caused me horrible pain. Hello I have a question regarding SPROUTED FLOURS, do they have the same effect on the body as just wheat etc..
I grow spelt, and process spelt flour and make spelt pancake and waffel mix and there is a big differns between spelt waffle and wheat waffle. You are good if you can eat wheat, spelt has less gluten then wheat.many people have issues with wheat flour because of the high gluten and g m o.
My mother has been allergic to wheat for 30 years, it causes severe headaches and swollen tongue. No wonder wheat is in everything now!  And no wonder we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, etc! You have certain us to enroll in in your website, however just where may i uncover typically the Rss?
People who are allergic to wheat probably cannot tolerate spelt and should avoid it, although some wheat-intolerant people say that they are able to tolerate spelt.

I am still quite distressed by a radio program I heard last week in Humboldt County, CA, on a station from Ashland, OR. Modern bread bought from a shop can contain I think it is more than 40 chemicals, while sourdough is the flour, a natural yeast and a pinch of salt.
I did and later on It showed in my colonoscopy test that I am gluten intolerant and my intestines had been damaged from gluten and lactose intolerant too. She can eat spelt fine and the in moderation as it has a cumulative effect in small amounts.
He said, the bowel is aggravated and irritated, so apparently, the years of milk and wheat are real harm.
It is important for people with any medical issues and if your are healthy, it is important for longevity. My family and I have been happily gluten-free since 2002 and one of my daughters also has severe food allergies.
I did stop eating wheat bread and felt better but then lately I decided to try spelt flour bread made it myself at home , without yeast. If you have been tested as allergic to either, whether you have symptoms or not, don’t eat it! William Davis, spoke about his book Wheat Belly. Since then, I have strongly recommended eliminating wheat and going on a gluten free diet.
I have patients with asthma, ezcema, joint pains, reflux, high cholesterol, headaches and more that have benefited from eliminating wheat. When it was genetically modified, a shot gun approach was used to mutate the genome until the desired mutation occurred.
The weight loss you experience from a wheat-free diet will take some of the pressure off of your joints and help ease pain. That’s when the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) took effect and food manufacturers were required to list the top 8 allergens on their labels. My house runs totally on rainwater so the only chemicals I have are those dissolved in the rain from the atmosphere.

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I am distressed that not only did they give this ignorant woman air time, but that she apparently makes her living counseling people with special dietary needs.
I would say it might depend on why a person cannot tolerate wheat as to whether or not they can tolerate spelt. The best part is these improvements occur within a very short couple of weeks if wheat is completely eliminated. It’s so depressing that even with all the info, so much dangerous misinformation is still being given to people. This matters because people who take narcotics for a prescription, eat on average, 400 calories more per day than people who don’t take narcotics.
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