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Warmer weather means wearing less and ditching the long pants for shorts — are you ready to bare your legs? Bodyweight exercises need to be part of your program if you want to get build muscle, burn fat and improve your overall athleticism. But I’m not just talking basic pushups, sit ups, air squats and high rep calisthenics.
We’re talking about really working hard on high tension, advanced bodyweight exercises that can only be done for somewhere between six and fifteen reps, on average.
The nice thing about these is that they’re very natural and can usually be done pain free by most people. Safety and ease of use is all well and good but what does it matter if the exercises don’t get you jacked? Old time Iron Game legends always said that dips and chin ups were the two greatest muscle building exercises anyone could do.
Definitely in contention for the single greatest exercise on the planet, chin ups build the lats and biceps better than anything else. To maximize size and strength development everyone should do at least fifty total reps per week of some sort of chin up variation. But as an adult I have grown to love rope climbing and know that it is awesome for true functional, relative strength. Some type of inverted row variation, either on a bar, rings, or ropes should always be included for mid back thickness and strength. To target the upper back musculature (teres minor, rhomboids, rear delts) you want to have your elbows directly out to your side when rowing.
Few people will ever master the muscle up but if you take the time and have the dedication it’s very impressive to be able to pull off. It’s been said by high level gymnastic coaches that the ability to handstands is one of the most important things you can develop to improve your overall athleticism.
Once you are able to hold a handstand with your feet against the wall for 60 seconds you can start progressing into handstand pushups.
Some of the variations I use most often in training myself or clients are the steep incline suspended pushup (with your feet in the straps), regular suspended pushups on rings, divebomber pushups and one arm pushups. If you do them straight up and down on parallel bars they will blast your triceps better than just about any other exercise. The big knock on bodyweight training is that it does nothing for your traps to give you that yoked look. Aside from walking on your hands, any type of crawl is awesome for full body strength and athleticism.
I suggest incorporating them into your workouts at least once per week as a finisher or a warm up. This is technically not something you’d do inside of a gym or garage, but to leave it off the list seemed criminal. Find a good hill that has at least a twenty degree incline to it and is anywhere from 30-100 yards long. Pistol squats develop every muscle in the lower body along with great balance, stabilization, coordination and athleticism.
Even if you have the strength to do them the first time out your connective tissue won’t be prepared for the stress, so please take the necessary steps to work up to them, slowly.
While pistol squats take care of most of your lower body needs you may want to include some hip extension work to make sure you have all your bases covered.
Set up two benches, put your upper back on one and one foot on another with the non working leg bent and up near your chest. After you can knock out 15-20 reps with perfect form while keeping your hips stabilized and not hyperextending your lower back I’d throw some chains or band resistance over your waist. Almost everyone gets humbled the first time they try this movement because they can barely get a single rep. This exercise is awesome for developing core strength and mastering it will do you a world of good and have great carryover to numerous exercises and physical activities. This is an advanced abdominal exercise so work your way up to it slowly over the course of several months.
Those with healthy spines should aim to work towards the point where they can bridge backward from a standing position to the floor and back up again. Once you’re capable of doing a back bridge you should strongly consider working your way into neck bridges, both the front and rear versions. This is far from a complete list and is only a fraction of the bodyweight exercises I use regularly. If you liked this post and know someone else who will it would mean the world to me if you could share it with them. Jay Ferruggia is a fitness & lifestyle consultant who has helped thousands of guys get fit, get their shit together and start living awesome lives. Even if you don’t want a thigh gap and just want to slim down your inner and outer thighs or make them smaller, trying to find good advice can be overwhelming and pretty tricky. Because the exercises I’ve just listed above are surefire ways to getting the exact opposite results of what most women want.
You see, losing fat or bulky, muscular thighs to contour a feminine and svelte body is a fine art. But the average gym personal trainer does not know a single thing about contouring the feminine physique that many WOMEN truly want.
I would advise not giving any merit in the statements of those who have never succeeded, much less attempted, to do what you want to do. Of course, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and just as some people take unhealthy and extreme approaches to reach their weight loss goals, there are equally a large number of individuals who opt for the healthy and safer techniques.
The truth is, technically, any woman can get a thigh gap if they lower their body fat and get skinny enough. It’s called stubborn because the fat seems to want to cling on in these areas while easily melting away in other areas. The trick to achieving a thigh gap, or just a slimmer, more proportionate lower body then, is to obliterate the stubborn body fat.
To add insult to injury, women also have three to five times more lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that stimulates fat storage in their lower body than their upper body. If you’ve been overweight all your life, you might think that the girls who have always been sensible about their diet and exercise have it easier, but think again. It’s painfully clear the deck has certainly been stacked against us women, but before you go cursing the gods, just remember that the predisposition of women to store stubborn lower body fat is said to be for the protection of our reproductive organs, and it’ll all come in handy one day as our bodies will be able to nourish itself during a pregnancy, if that is a goal.
What else will determine how easy it will be for you to target and eradicate lower body fat or if you will like the majority who lose fat from everywhere else first and from their hips, thighs, and buttocks last?
In fact, scientists have discovered that the difference in fat distribution among women have a basis in the region and climate from which an individual’s ancestors have come. It is thought that the body stores more fat in particular locations for those individuals who have ancestry in hotter climates because it would be more efficient this way than covering the entire body with layers of fat, which would affect the body’s internal thermoregulation and make daily life unbearable.
For those individuals whose ancestry comes from cooler climates or Eastern European countries, the body fat distribution tends to be more even so as to insulate the entire body to bear the bitter winter months.
Having said all this, it would be irresponsible for me to advocate lowering your body fat into the dangerously unhealthy range, typically in the single digits for women, to achieve this look and therefore I obviously do not recommend that you do. Naturally, you may be wondering just how lean or what weight you will need to be to reveal the results you want. The only reason you don’t see more women leaning out this area of the body without struggling is not because women are incapable of doing so, but because interestingly enough, hardly anyone is offering the real solutions to the problem.
Based on my clients and what I read on the message boards, I would purport that the majority of women don’t want bulky, thick legs or find them sexy or appealing. The first thing we need to do is figure out your unique problem so that we can address it appropriately. Thus, to effectively slim down your thighs you are going to want to focus first on one thing, either losing fat, or losing muscle in the thigh region.
Whether or not you have hips that are wide set or narrow, you may have noticed that the inner, and possibly outer, part of your thigh is squishy to the touch and takes up a lot of mass.
We’ve established your issue is having too many fat cells and adipose tissue, so I’m sure you want to know just how you should go about obliterating those fat cells. Your main plan of action will be to reduce your overall body fat first through copious amounts of the right cardio and some resistance training, adopt a diet plan which will put you in a Calorie deficit (a Calorie is a unit of energy contained in our food that provides fuel for our muscles), and then, once the fat starts melting off revealing your muscles you can further stretch and tone the muscle underneath if you so desire. I have to caution you against the prevalent mistake of endless leg-lifts and floor work where you focus on resistance training your legs because doing so will not be enough exertion of energy to get your heart rate up, which is non-negotiable when it comes to burning body fat. The other thigh gap inhibitor for women, a major source of contention, is an over development of leg muscles. These areas, especially when covered with fat, create a look that most women want to avoid due to its masculine like appearance as well as other negative byproducts, such as not being able to fit trendy styles of clothing with the prime example being the skinny jean. If you want to be sure muscular thighs are your problem, tense your leg and try to pinch at the skin all around the thigh region, including the quads, back of the thighs and outer thighs. To reduce muscular thighs and legs, you will have to drastically reduce the lower body resistance work and strain you may be used to putting your legs through when working out and opt to do other forms of exercise. If you are addicted to working out, like me, you may be wondering what you are supposed to do to really feel like you’ve gotten a proper workout? You will still be working out and maintaining your muscles, but in other areas of the body.
As said earlier, to achieve the actual result, you need to have the right knowledge and right practice. Fat is not an enemy to human being if it is maintained at a proper level for the body’s regular need.
Why men have harder time to reduce their belly than women is because, before menopause, for young women the fat deposition is around their hip and the fat concentration is less around the belly.
Cardio Exercises: Cardio exercises like running, skipping, dancing, walking fast are all good for your heart. Push-ups are one of the best exercises that one must not fail to do when you are really concerned about staying fit.

Crunches: Doing crunches with consecutive repetitions will directly benefit your tummy in trimming it. Sit-Ups: This might sound simple, but is very effective when done along with the above other exercises.
Follow the above exercises at home on a daily basis without skipping any of the sequences given.
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Stronger abs and back muscles help your balance, so you're less likely to fall or get injured. Here's a yoga sequence specifically designed to tone the inner thighs so you'll feel confident slipping on those short skirts and bikini bottoms. I’ve used them to rapidly transform the bodies of professional athletes, models and entertainers.
If you want to build a badass body, with functional strength, power and mobility you need to make bodyweight exercises a staple in your workout program.
Doing them on rings is safest as it allows for the most natural movement but is also significantly more difficult. The cool thing about inverted rows is that they not only train the muscles of the upper back but you also get an isometric workout for the lower back, glutes and hamstrings during each set. This can be done upside down in the handstand position or it can be done in pushup position with your feet in the Power Wheel or on furniture sliders.
If you are not used to crawling do WAY less than you can handle at first and give your body time to get acclimated. It’s like a pistol squat only the leg is bent behind you instead of straight out in front of you.
The range of motion is far less so this is often a good first progression into pistol squats. Drive your heel into the bench and lift your hips all the way up, while consciously contracting your glute.
I first became aware of this exercise while studying the Westside Barbell Club methods and the writing of Louie Simmons. Or you can do these with your hands on furniture sliders, a barbell or suspension trainer handles.
I suggest going through beginner and intermediate level ab progressions first for a year or so before even attempting these. For a complete, fully detailed body weight only training program that will build a strong, jacked physique, check out Body Weight Body Building.
Don’t get me wrong, you may lose weight and even some fat, but your body composition will, frankly, be all wrong for the aesthetic you want! They pay them for their services so the trainer can give them them a body that sells sexy and feminine. I’m not talking the newbies who are just starting out who may not be the model of health.
According to some “experts”, a thigh gap is unattainable unless you have wide set hips, which are genetically predetermined and cannot be altered. The impossible is limited to what we have seen and I have seen what these experts say is impossible.
Keep in mind, that there are also so many varying degrees of thigh gaps and a plethora of different aesthetic looks when it comes to the ‘gap’ that one could be trying to achieve, that asserting such a blanket statement is frankly, laughable. Obviously, if you have narrow hips and strive for a smaller gap, your goal can be more easily attained than if you have narrow hips and strive for a larger space between your thighs. Fat cells have two types of receptors: Alpha-receptors, which inhibits the breakdown of fat, and Beta-receptors, which stimulate the breakdown of fat. Can you now see why these areas are typically the first place in which women gain weight and the last place they lose it? Even women already average to thin in their upper body will more than likely still need to lower body fat before the stubborn fat is targeted and affected. For example, in hot countries, such as those within Africa or in the Mediterranean, women tend to store fat in the buttocks, hips and upper thighs, while individuals from certain Asian countries tend to store fat around the belly area.
I believe that cold thermogenesis also has something to do with why those who are exposed to cold store less fat and I will cover that in more detail soon. Without the excess fat on your inner and outer thighs, voila – your thigh gap will magically appear. That being said, I repeat, a major factor in whether or not you can get the aesthetic look of either an ever so slight part between your legs or a wider gap is based on the fat on the inner part of your thighs combined with your bone structure, so if you find your body fat getting too low for your taste through natural means, my chapter on outside hacks will be right up your alley. Both narrow and wider hipped women can achieve this aesthetic with varying degrees of effort based on their goals.
It may not be as wide as someone with the genetic predisposition, but if you shed enough of the fat, you will notice that your legs won’t rub or touch when standing in a comfortable stance or walking, and there will be a space, albeit small if you have narrower hips, in between your legs.
I have no idea why this is, but I suppose it has something to do with the dearth of fitness experts being men and their training goals and problem areas being starkly different to women.
I know all too well how frustrating it can be to have a legitimate problem and follow bad advice that only exacerbates it, or seek the answers only to find yourself being told that you should want “strong” legs and that “muscular thighs” are sexy.
Given the chance to slim out this trouble area, even if a wide gap is not achieved, they would be perfectly content. The two roadblocks to achieving the thigh gap are, as we’ve touched upon, fat (adipose tissue), and to a lesser degree muscle. There are different techniques one should follow depending on the immediate goal you are trying to achieve.
All too often, the first conclusion many women come to when they are unhappy with the size or all around mass of their thighs and legs, known as the circumference, is that they have too much muscle. Pinch all around the area of your thigh including the upper, middle, sides, back and lower. Diet is going to be a big part of your journey to a thigh gap, and I will have some great tips in the diet section of the book for you. Doing this will only lead to the build up of muscles underneath the stubborn fat and that muscle will push the fat out further creating bulky, swollen looking legs.
This is typically a problem in women who dabble in bodybuilding, have played sports that are taxing on the leg muscles, like soccer or gymnastics, or log a lot of hours in the gym using heavy weighs and resistance training with very little to no cardio. Particularly when it comes to jeans, while fatty thighs can be squeezed into the popular fabric, muscles are more compact and do not move as easily. If you are not able to pinch or jiggle a lot of skin, then you can safely determine that muscular thighs is your issues. It may be hard to resist the urge to cut back on training, especially when you get a high from feeling the burn in your legs, but you will have to do it to get your desired result.
After all some of the bodies largest muscles are in the lower body and account for the biggest opportunity to burn calories. It is the desire of both men and women to have a flat stomach without any belly fat that shows up huge in size. So, it is important to know how we tend to get these unwanted or not-desired belly fat around our tummy region especially. In women these adipose tissues with fat cells are surrounded on thighs, buttocks, hips and breasts. The sit-ups can be done either extending your hands straight forward or supporting your hips by placing your hands on your hip. The new Microsoft Windows 10 platform builds upon the legacy of windows and makes some subtle but powerful changes that will surely benefit users.
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We may not identity the lost amenities as of now but it is going to affect us in the long run. The best choices are activities that don't pound your joints, like walking, bicycling, swimming, and strength training.
You'll want to get back as much as you can of your "range of motion." That's the normal amount joints can move in certain directions. Dairy products are the best sources of calcium, but other options are green, leafy vegetables like broccoli and kale. Carry bags on your arms instead of with your hands to let your bigger muscles and joints support the weight. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. What about some of the freaks you see on YouTube who only train outside on the bars in parks like Tompkins Square in New York City? And by perfect reps I mean starting from a dead hang and pulling up so that your chin clears the bar. It’s also one of the best abdominal exercises you can do and will put crunches and sit ups to shame. It’s essentially a combo of a pull up and dip so all of your upper body muscles get worked during it. Once you can do more than twenty perfect reps I’d start increasing the difficulty by adding isometric pauses for up to 3 seconds in the bottom position.

They’re like a fountain of youth, keeping your fast twitch muscle fibers in peak shape and melting ugly bodyfat. As you get stronger and better at skater squats you can stand up a low box while doing them to increase the range of motion. When you do start doing roll outs they should be done on your knees with a shortened range of motion.
If you’re not already doing so add a few of these exercises to your program today and work your way up to the highest level of each. Besides that fact, I see the very same instruction given to men (and some women) who purposefully want to get bigger, gain muscle mass and look as masculine as possible.
I mean, they do that all day long to get the masculine, hard looking (and very attractive) bodies they sport. Therefore, they say it is worthless to try and achieve the goal of sleek, thin thighs unless you are born with the bone structure.
The fact is, trying to get a thigh gap is highly frowned upon and discouraged as it is unfairly linked with women and girls who idolize and want a thigh gap so badly that they are willing to go to extreme lengths, such as chronic exercise coupled with starvation or some other form of eating disorder to achieve it.
The way most women’s bodies work is that when they lose weight they tend to see the results in their upper body (arms, face, back and abs) way before the weight starts to come from the lower body (hips, thighs, butt, legs). Before you can touch the water in the deep end, you first have to get rid of the water in the shallow parts. Hopefully you are starting to realize why the best defense is offense when it comes to accumulating fat in the lower body.
Genetics is your DNA that was inherited through genes passed on by one or both parents, and it mostly determines the pattern of weight loss.
For now, I assure you that although genetics and hormones may not be on your side, you don’t have to resign yourself to settling for an unsatisfactory body composition.
And if it’s any consolation, by the time you lose the stubborn fat on your inner and outer thighs and hips, the rest of your body will look absolutely amazing. Should a woman with narrow set hips have the fat along the inner part of her thighs surgically removed via liposuction, it would result in the effect of a thigh gap, just as the narrow hipped woman who diets to get her body fat low enough that the fat from this part of the body melts off. I say all of that to say, narrow hipped women, don’t give up hope like the ‘experts’ advise you to!
I’d even venture to say most of the fitness ‘experts’ are unwaveringly focused on building up the body, and gaining more muscle as opposed to contouring it and dare I say, losing some muscle. On top of that, it seems that any advice seeking for actually wanting to deliberately lose muscle is met with chastisement. The good news is that I understand your frustrations and the physique you are trying to sculpt, so you can rest comfortably following my directions. Fat takes up a huge amount of mass, while muscles, especially if there is a large layer of fat over them, creates a thick, bulging look that is not conducive to the thigh gap.
If you are able to gather a lot of skin in between your fingers relatively easily, fat is the culprit. The way you train will also be of major importance, especially if you have been training the wrong way or haven’t been training at all because you’ve been trying to avoid building up more leg muscles, a common ideology and practice typically among beginners and novices.
These women are already pretty fit by most people’s standards with average to below average body fat, but despite their active lifestyle, find their hips and thighs proportionally out of sync with their upper body.
Thus, women who are battling muscular legs find themselves having to purchase bigger jean sizes that may fit the thigh area and leave a lot of room in the waist or are baggy in the groin. Also, if you tense your legs and a very defined curvature can be seen in your quadriceps and hamstrings, it is likely that you will want to focus on losing the muscles in your legs primarily, and put fat loss in the back seat.
I will delve deeper in the upcoming chapters, but you don’t have to worry about your workouts becoming so easy they become ineffective. You will also still be incorporating lower bodywork in your workouts to burn extra Calories, however the moves will be more geared towards cardiovascular training and less hypertrophic. If you have the right knowledge and desire to achieve a flat stomach the results are very much possible. These fat storage are used by our body whenever there is insufficient presence of calories in our body. Push-ups strengthens your core muscle and when its being done, almost every muscle-group from neck to toes are engaged and gets benefited.
Bend down (without bending your knees) and touch your left-leg toe by your right hand and touch your right-leg toe by your left hand. How to reduce your tummy fat naturally all depends on the effort you take and right knowledge you have. Currently being tested by Reliance, the network quality will be at par with what other service providers will be offering to consumers. If your joints already ache, it might help to wear braces when you do activities like tennis or golf. A physical therapist or certified trainer can show you what moves to do and how to do them. Omega-3s may help keep joints healthy, as well as lower inflammation, a cause of joint pain and tenderness in people with RA. Talk to your doctor if you want to give supplements a try, so you know about what's safe and what might affect your medicines or health conditions. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Remember the size of Mike Tyson’s legs after he got out of prison, where he did thousands of bodyweight leg exercises every week? You have to do that without kicking your legs, climbing an invisible ladder and rounding your upper back. I also was dressed like Howdy Freakin Doody and had an awful 80’s feathered hair cut. To progress into doing the dynamic movement I recommend starting with isometric holds (and that may be all you ever need).
The ability to do 15-20 really picture perfect reps without jacking up your lower back is pretty impressive. Of course they conveniently omit any indication of how one would know if her body were indeed properly structured, since it is difficult to tell when carrying an excess load of body fat. It is completely possible to make a huge difference in your shape and tone your physique through exercise, diet, and a few well-placed hacks. Perhaps the incredulous idea that women have brains and are entitled to decide for ourselves how we want to look will squarely hit these trainers in the jaw when they start losing business for shabby results.
Yes, I know for a fact that everyone is capable of thinning out their inner and outer thighs. This test will determine if the bulk of the mass on your thigh that is preventing you from having slender legs are due to fat or muscle. If you’re still not sure, flick that area and if it jiggles loosely and moves around easily, again fat is your problem. Finally, your main focus will be on your diet and what you consume after your workout to prevent anabolism (muscles getting bigger) and encourage catabolism (muscles getting smaller).
Why is it very much possible to achieve the results naturally is because, the natural structure of our body isn’t meant to be with huge tummy.
Moreover, these fat cells form a cushioning or padding around the internal organs and acts as an insulator. It helps to strengthen your internal parts of your stomach that helps greatly in reducing your tummy.
In addition to the above physical exercises, it is more important to keep your mind stress-free.
Reliance Jio, the telecom arm of Reliance already has plans to enhance its optical fibre network for providing seamless connectivity to prospective customers. Do a light warm-up first, like walking for 10 minutes, to loosen up the joints, ligaments, and tendons around them. You may need to avoid activities that put too much stress on your joint or use a brace to stabilize it. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. Your hamstrings will get bigger and stronger, your knees will feel better and be more bulletproofed against injury, you’ll run faster and jump higher. Much to many women’s chagrin, the female body wants to store fat for childbearing purposes – even if you have no intention of bearing children in the near future. If you have wider set hips, it will not be necessary to get as lean as those with narrow hips because the gap will be apparent even with a little more fat padding due to your bone structure. If you are still not convinced, if you have a lot of stomach fat and cannot see the cuts in your abs, or if you fold your arms at the elbow at a ninety degree angle and your bat wings wiggle and jiggle, you don’t need to focus so much on how to lose muscle but on how to target your body fat. With the below instructions, you’ll gain the knowledge and insights on how to reduce the tummy size using easier methods that can be done at your home itself. However, in women after menopause, fat cells get accumulated around the belly region causing belly flab. Additionally, the results would be productive if it can be done early in the morning but other times are fine too. Now, bring your hands and support your neck (and head) with hands under and lift your upper extremity (getting up) without lifting your legs or folding your knees. Deep worries and stress can lead to irregular and inappropriate hormonal changes which leads to fat accumulation.
Take the progression very slowly and expect to take two years to work up to straight leg variations.
If you can follow these regular practices at home – you can visibly see the results and can have a trimmed stomach with no belly fat. Doing this not only helps you to burnout the fats but helps efficiently to trim and tone your tummy.

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