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You can either help or hinder your fat loss by simply changing what you eat for dinner and when you eat your dinner at night. One successful technique is to create a minimum fasting window of 12-14 hours, most of which will be during your sleep. This technique will also help ensure that the weight comes from your fat stores and not your lean mass. By making some simple adjustments to your dinner and managing your sleep will create the perfect scenario for a lean body. Getting these two working well will not only burn fat but it will make feel so much better the next day. Sugary and processed foods as these raise insulin and puts the breaks Human Growth Hormones which encourage fat loss and lean muscle. Large amounts of alcohol will prevent the body from tucking into the fat cells for fuel while it burns of the booze while you slumber.
Caffeine interferes with blood sugar regulation and sleep which can increase hunger hormones the next day. Chocolate and sweets are high in sugar and will raise blood sugars and prevent the release of powerful anabolic hormones that encourage lean muscle growth and fat burning. High carb meals means going to bed with high blood sugars that can increase the chances of waking in the night with low blood sugars and blunting any weight loss effects.

Avoiding bright lights and late night TV will also help your sleep patterns and metabolic hormones.
So in order to burn fat you need to manage blood sugars and anabolic hormones throughout the night. Switch all the processed and beige starches at night to colourful alternatives such as sweet potato or squash in limited amounts.
Ensure adequate lean protein as this will fill you up and give you the essential amino acids for lean tissue repair and growth plus encourage fat burning hormones. Use good quality fats such as coconut oil as this is crucial to producing beneficial fat burning hormones such as testosterone. A large serving of salads and vegetables will provide extra fibre to sustain blood sugars and increase the feeling of fullness giving your body sustained fuel throughout the night. Swap your after dinner coffee to a herbal bed time tea that contains herbs such as Chamomile or Tulsi. Making the above changes will only be of benefit if you can ensure some good quality sleep of about 8-10 hours. If sleep isn’t an issue then a couple of squares of dark chocolate can satisfy any cravings. Jill is a fat loss coach working with serial dieters specialising in the science of hormonal fat loss.

Just a few simple changes and you can turn yourself into a sleeping fat burning engine and lose weight while you sleep! Berries are low in sugar, high in repairing antioxidants and can curb your sweet tooth leaving you satisfied. These contain stress lowering adaptogenic herbs to calm the nervous system and therefore allowing your body to optimise fat burning.
If you struggle with sleep or it becomes compromised then you might want to consider eating closer to bed to ensure you sleep right through.
Stress can impact this and therefore If stress is an issue then I strongly advise using some meditative techniques before you go to sleep. While helping to pioneer on-line fat loss programs and fat controlling cookery, she became fondly known as The Fat Controller, penning the phrase #beigedeadfood to help people recognise processed food. Preparing what to eat for dinner to lose weight in advance will make it even easier to lose weight.

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