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If ’ ready finally lose weight ’ll love story follow diet gurus lost sheep… ended . If there’s one dietary change that alone can help you lose significant amounts of extra weight, it is increasing your protein intake. Regular exercise is great for health, what you may not know is that not all exercises have the same effect on belly fat. Contrary to popular perception, training only the abdominal muscles through exercises like crunches, does not lead to reduction in belly fat.

According to a study, participants trained their abdominal muscles for 6 weeks, but none recorded any reduction in the fat around the abdominal and the measurement of the waist of each was the same as before.
On the other hand, many studies have shown that aerobic exercise brings about significant reduction in abdominal fat. In one study, participants who consumed more quality protein had less fat around their belly. Not only this, one study showed that participants who did aerobic exercise did not gain fat around the belly after losing weight.

In other words, aerobic exercise is important for those whose focus is not only weight loss, but weight management for the long term.

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