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Low-carbohydrate diet (also known as Low-carb) is dietary program which restricts carbohydrate consumption. Beautiful and sparkling Victoria’s Secret Angels also follow Low-carb diet along with exercises to have perfect body. The formula for this diet is “low-carb, high fat, high protein.” People who go on a low-carb diet have to cut out all foods that contain carbohydrates.
The big issue is that the majority of people eat a lot of carbs and usually they cross the upper limit allotted to them – that is, the specific amount that they should eat to stay healthy and gain health benefits from carbs. The idea of a low-carb diet focuses on reduction of carbohydrates to a bare minimum level for getting lean and losing fat.
In a low-carb diet, the maximum carbohydrates consumed should be in the range of 50-150 grams daily.
Yams and potatoes: Yams and potatoes are a great carb sources but they are seriously a no-no for low-carb. Beans: Beans are extremely nutritious food but they seriously don’t fit into a low-carb diet plan. Pasta: Pasta is a great source of complex carbohydrates but it’s not suitable for a low-carb diet plan. Oats: Oats are a great breakfast food although 100g of oats provides 66g of complex carbs therefore not  in the scope of a low-carb diet. Breakfast Cereals: The majority of breakfast cereals contain more than 50g of carbohydrates per 100g serving. Let’s talk about products that have an additional entry on the label called “Sugars”.

For most of us, we would just see the carbs in the product and would eat it, but here’s the biggest catch.
This kind of diet is suitable for people who want to lose weight and control their weight easily.
The body stores the excess glucose, raising blood sugar level quickly and leading to increases in insulin levels and adipose tissue.
Besides, foods they can eat as much as they want are those that contain high protein and fat.
People who go on a low-carb diet just have to follow the strict diet principles for the first two weeks. The main importance of carbs is to refill the glycogen stores and give the body the energy required for functioning properly – the body uses carbohydrates as the first fuel type. The lack of knowledge about carbs being stored as fat and only good for bulking cycles has given them a bad reputation among gym goers and athletes. The whole idea of a low-carb diet is to consume as fewer carbohydrates as you can and intake more fats and proteins.
It can be included in your low-carb diet as a 100g serving has 4.6g of protein and only 9g of carbohydrates. It packs a large number of nutrients and a 100g serving has 2.8g of protein and only 7g of carbs. This fruit is important because it keeps the body hydrated, although watermelon is a sugary fruit, so should be consumed occasionally.
One more thing to be noted is to make sure the diet does has all the essential vitamins and minerals in it.

100g of yams contain 28g of carbs and 1.5g of protein, whereas 100g of potatoes have 17g of carbohydrates. 100g of cranberry fruit contains 11g of carbs but the dried and sweetened version contains 85g of carbs and 65g of simple sugars per 100g serving. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that dissolves into the blood very fast and fills the glycogen stores. Low-carb diet is not only very effective and popular all over the world but also a treatment for obesity and diabetes. After that, they can bypass those rules one or two days a week of they feel hungry for foods containing carbohydrate. These are mainly vegetables and fruits – but not all fruits and vegetables are the same. That’s why it is always advisable to read the labels and measure the portion size to be eaten to meet your goals.
That’s why it’s always advised not to eat processed foods as well for the very same reason. Low-carb diets are considered to be the perfect dietary program and frequently becomes people’s diet for a lifetime because it not only helps them to lose weight and maintain their fitness but also good for their health.

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