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Most people think of yoga as relaxing and calm, but there are many poses that get your muscles quivering and your heart rate up, which can make for a big calorie burn. Utkatsana (Chair Pose): Stand with legs hips distance and sit back as if in an imaginary chair.
Extended Side Angle: Stand in warrior two pose and drop your elbow that is closest to the knee down to rest upon the knee. Triangle Pose: Standing with legs about two and half to three feet apart facing forward, turn one foot out to the side.
Downward Facing Dog: This is a great pose to stretch the hamstrings which often become tight during pregnancy, as well as stretching the lower back which also can become tight. Waking up doesn’t have to be something you do begrudgingly after pressing the snooze button nine times. If used wisely, the few minutes between being in dreamland and getting up can boost your best mood, kickstart your commitment to eat well, and increase your likelihood to work out that day — all while you’re still in bed! Whether your exercise form is yoga or not, studies say that if you wake up in a way that stimulates the body’s blood flow, balances the hormonal system and detoxes you, you’re more apt to continue those healthy habits all day long. My students love this next sequence, for its ability to do all of the above, plus shake off sleep and promote more energy and alertness, while maintaining a calm, centered mind. Beginning to move mindfully before the mind’s resistance gets involved is a magic bullet — before the other eye opens, you’ll already well on their way to an endorphin-filled morning, and a more focused, fit, and self-confident day. Start to work the kinks out of your low back and begin your cleansing inversions as you draw your knees back beside your ribcage.
Take the pillow from behind your head and bend your knees to lift hips and place the pillow underneath.

Remain in the pose for one minute, then slowly roll to stand, reach overhead for a full body-stretching inhale. For a transformative [and quick] morning workout, have my Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga: Power Hour DVD cued up and ready to go.
I would have never thought of doing yoga in bed in the morning, but it makes complete sense. I love this yoga routine it really helps me get up and ready to go to school at 6 in the morning.
Experts and enthusiasts share their experiences, how-to's and answers on living greener, getting healthier and living a more fulfilling life. It can be something you want to do, a crucial 5-minute window of opportunity that changes your whole day for the better.
Studies, schmudies … my clients say that doing this sequence (or not) is often what makes them decide to continue on with their morning workout, or to skip it. Press your hips towards the mattress, so your seat doesn’t lift up, and draw the knees down with fingers around the big toes, outer feet or behind your knees. Wrap your right elbow over your left, bend the arms and touch left fingers to [or towards] the right palm. Reach your right arm into the air on an inhale, and keeping the spine long, exhale and begin to spin your chest, right shoulder and head to the right. Make fists and place them in the opposite elbows (Bent elbows and fists trigger your body to release tension in the back muscles). I found your blog through twitter and it’s definitely inspiring to see suck good posts on yoga.

I wanted to share with you all of my favorite poses that have benefited me greatly, and hope you can find them just as beneficial to you and your pregnancy.
I do this moving meditation around ten to fifteen times, and on the last squat I will hang out here for about five breaths, or whatever fees good on that day. Rest one hand an your lower belly and one over your chest as you begin to take slow, deep breaths through your nose.
Gaiam, the leading source for fitness, wellness and green living solutions, will send you special discounts plus the free Gaiam Life newsletter with expert advice on ways to live healthy and happy. Keep a long spine, and after a few breaths, try rounding the spine, chin to chest, to stretch the upper back. Inhales maintain the length of your torso, exhales help you to gently spiral through the heart and neck as you tone and spark your energy.
Repeat the same thing on the opposite side, but changing the front leg to the back and the back leg to the front and twisting in the opposite direction.
Retain the inhale for a few beats, then let your exhale happen naturally as the hands fall. BTW: This is a great pose at work, or anytime you’re feeling an energy crash and want to get back on track! At the end of your exhale, contract around your navel to gently press the remaining air out of your lungs.

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