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It really just started out as a personal log of what I was learning about craft beer along with a place some of my friends could go to.
Another bit of advice that is somewhat related: focusing on your view count paves the road to Madness. I don’t really focus on the state of blogging and just really do my own thing, but I imagine that as long as there are people who have a camera and want to write about the food they eat or the drinks they drink, then blogging for that type of thing will be around and remain strong. I’m torn between the bartender in the 1983 video game Tapper or Lloyd from The Shining. DisclaimerThe opinions in this blog are the sole opinion of the authors and in no way reflect views of Binary Bits, LLC.
The role of the bartender began to change with the digital age, or in some ways, go back in time. We have comprised a list of 30 classic, unique and baffling, yet surprisingly tasty whiskey cocktail variations. Perfect for Saint Patricka€™s Day, or any other day of the year, Jamison is a traditional and favored Irish whiskey. Many have experienced the classic Old Fashioned, but the Fruity Old Fashioned takes on an entirely new flavor.
Though similar to the Fruity Old Fashioned, the combination of mixed berries, like blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry, combined with bitters, whiskey and sugar, makes this great for sipping on a hot afternoon over ice.
There are plenty of versions of whiskey sour, but this one offers a unique flavor by combining maple syrup, with amaretto, orange and lemon juice, topped off with Rye whiskey. The word punch just inspires images of a party, and this drink is perfect for any spring or summer gathering.
We would all like to be able to call our favorite drink medicine, but most often, no one will fall for it.
The Fourth Down Whiskey Cocktail is another one of those drinks that might make one raise an eyebrow, however the taste will encourage another. From pretending they are on a diet to saying alcohol gives them migraines, a study found non-drinkers use excuses to get out of drinking as they feared being perceived as judgemental or 'holier-than-thou''Drinking can be a big part of workplace culture, and being viewed as an outsider for any reason can hurt you professionally,' said the study's lead author Dr Lynsey Romo, of North Carolina State University.'In our study, we interviewed successful professionals who don't drink,' Dr Romo said.
Some workers would buy a drink and then not drink it, while others said they had to get up early the next day.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Then when you're rough you just want to eat more sh*te for the next three days to get over your hangover. If you want to get all sciencey about why alcohol is a sure-fire diet ruiner, it's because when your body is trying to metabolise all that ethanol in your liver, fat burning is essentially switched off. But it's so hard to go teetotal, especially with summer coming, Euro 2016 on the horizon and just the fact that come Friday you're ready to dull your senses into submission with as much booze as humanly possible. If you are going to insist on drinking when you're trying to get in shape, just remember not all alcoholic drinks are created equal.
Things like red wine, which contain powerful anti oxidant resveratrol with anti-ageing, anti-cancer and anti fat storage properties effects, is infinitely better than a pint of booze-laden energy drink. Recently we looked at three types of alcohol which are the best if you're trying to eat as clean as possible. But it looks like there could be one drink above all others that will limit the damage on your diet.
You probably won't get the same satisfaction as downing an ice cold pint of lager - but it will still do the trick, and you won't bloat up like airship after eight of them.
It has about half the calories of a normal margarita - as little as 65 calories if you have one shot. Normal tequila often contains high amounts of refined sugar - unless it is distilled from agave, which has no added sugar.
You won't get the same insulin spikes, fat storage won't be as high and the lime juice also helps blunts your body's insulin response.
Good tip on only consuming water after consuming alcohol, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Read MoreLatest Posts The Ultimate Hangover Cure FLAWED: The Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen Diet Plan The Meal Timing Myth?
Join On Tap and National Geographic Museum for a Taste of Greece on Wednesday, July 20, from 7 to 10 PM.
With the recent rise of local restaurants serving up trendy poke bowls and tiki drinks, it's safe to say DC is getting into the tropical spirit. A number of DC restaurants and bars will be celebrating le quatorze juillet with plenty of parties, wine and food specials.
Sign up to get weekly drinking news, bar reviews, events and more sent directly to your inbox! Just like its unique and delicious cuisine, Peru has a whole host of adult beverages that are popular with the natives, but will make a surprising change of pace for most tourists looking to try something new. The blog also feature some reviews, event run-downs, helpful tips, and food recipes with beer as an ingredient. Many of them were contacting me asking the same questions, so I thought putting helpful tips for them up would be a good idea. I see a lot of bloggers who write twaddle and focus on being a famous blogger that gets put on exclusive lists. I think the big reason is that people have this view that non-alcoholic beer is supposed to be crappy, which is just wrong.

I flip tables over, throw glasses, beat up innocent bystanders, and then burn the place to the ground while listening to some old Marilyn Manson songs. Just because I dislike something doesn’t mean that people who actually enjoy it should no longer have it. I just think that I captured the spirit of the beer really well in this shot, which was taken on a beautiful Summer day. In centuries past, the bar keep would use morter and pestle to grind fresh herbs, adding them to spirits for consumption. Commonly served on the rocks, it is made from whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters, with a maraschino cherry garnish. A Though a perfect sipping whiskey, another favored way to enjoy Jamison is with Ginger Ale. It uses Rye whiskey or Cognac, combined with Peychauda€™s Bitters, sugar, absinthe and a lemon peel, for zest, along with garnishment. This unique combination adds Fernet Branca, fresh ginger, lemon juice, mint and just enough sugar to balance the ginger spice and tartness of the lemon. Add some Angostura, or other bitters, with sparkling water, mint leaves, bourbon and orange slices for garnish, and the traditional screwdriver will never touch your lips again. A good bar keep will mottle fresh Mint leaves, with a touch of syrup, rye whiskey and a splash of cognac. Perfect for chilly evenings, this combination of melted chocolate, bourbon, sugar, milk, Frangelico anda€¦ bacon, will have you craving it for years to come. However, red plum, combined with fresh blackberries, syrup, whiskey, cointrea and fresh mint, makes for a summery sweet concoction. Any clear soda, mixed with a splash of lemon, lime and grenadine, combined with a generous portion of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
Just like traditional lemonade, combine lemon and sugar, but add lime, tonic, Cointreau, A whiskey, and a healthy dollop of apricot preserves. This could be considered a very American drink, as it combines syrup, lime, whiskey, Tabasco sauce and Montreal steak sauce.
This uniquely layered drink combines Applejack, syrup, bitters, lemon juice, Rye whiskey and egg white. To find out how much read on!What Is Alcohol?Simply put, alcohol is fermented sugar called ethyl alcohol or ethanol. I rarely drink alcohol anymore, but when I do I always go with a vodka and water mix with a splash of lemon or lime. You make some good points about sacrifice and deciding how important your goals really are to you. The Greeks Exhibit is the largest collection of Greek antiquities to be displayed in the US in over 25 years and guests are invited to this special after-hours event to get up close and personal. Also available will be sine from Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery and signature cocktails from Kimpton Hotels.
If you’re planning on visiting Peru, don’t leave the country without trying one or two of these great Peruvian drinks.Pisco SourPisco is a popular alcoholic drink in Peru and Chile, made by distilling grape wine into a high-proof brandy. But looking back and seeing a bunch of television appearances, radio interviews, newspaper features, and panel invites were a great indication that my little site had some legs to it.
It makes it all the more surprising when you look up from your computer and find out how your work is viewed. Dark but not too dark, small but comfortably populated, great music playing, wonderful staff, and a rotating tap line with quality beers.
In our modern bartending wisdom, we now have what are considered a€?mixologistsa€?, which provide similar services.
OH wait there is one more thing, some people don’t like how the ice waters down a neat whiskey so there is a solution. The most often used recipe combines sugar cubes, bitters, lemon, lime, and orange wheels, a maraschino cherry or three, splash of grenadine, whiskey, club soda and ginger ale. It is combined with sugar and then either Sprite, 7UP or a clear soda for that bubbly effect. Ginger syrup, honey, lemon, a dash of scotch and whiskey, with slices of Ginger for garnish or additional flavor, is said to sooth the sinuses and the tummy. A The combination of tart and spice mesh well on the pallet, and would likely compliment a steak dinner.
No matter what type of alcohol you consume, it all has the same effect on the body, however all alcohol is not created equal.
Beer can be one of the worst choices do to the calories and the hormonal issues with the hops.
Whilst I enjoy a social drink, by no means would I ever let it impact on my nutrition and training.
Like I always say health and fitness is a lifestyle and having a social drink is part of my life, so I needed to learn how to incorporate it into my fitness regime. Dropped off the edge of the Earth for a bit.To bad for me I live in a city with about a dozen local breweries, all of which are amazing. My whole life I have been involved in sport, through high school and my early to mid-twenties I was heavily involved in playing Rugby League and weight training. This post smashed a lot of misconceptions, made people learn a bit, and even had them interested in trying them! However, over the years there have been some unusual new flavor combinations concocted to tempt the average taste bud.

These over the top bartenders specialize in mixing and matching different alcohols, with herbs, flowers and some virtually insane flavors. An alternate version is to slice Ginger root thin, leaving the slivers in the bottle itself. Your right about the beer, every now and then is cool, but everyday after work is going to to add size to your waistline. Todaya€™s connoisseur of all things herb and alcohol, create drinks that are just beyond our wildest cocktail imagination. The most popular mixed drink of this kind is pisco sour, which includes egg whites, ice, bitters, and lemon juice. Idea is to give my body a chance to breakdown the alcohol while I am sleeping instead of digesting shitty food which most eat after an alcohol binge.
Pisco sour is considered by many to be the national drink of Peru, and no trip to the country is complete without drinking at least one.Inca WasiThe best way to describe Inca Wasi would be to call it the Peruvian run and coke. As a social drinker myself I will drink about 3 or 4 drinks over a nice meal or when catching up with friends.What that means is, when I have a social drink, I can be consuming up to 400-500 extra calories for the day.
It’s a mixed drink that combines pisco with Inca Kola, a popular soda that’s enjoyed all over Peru but is barely found in the northern hemisphere. The more you drink, the more calories you consume.Problem # 2Your body digests alcohol differently to the way all other foods and drinks are digested. Social pub drinkers are fat because they sit at the table drinking plenty of pints of beers and eating peanuts, crisps etc. The full recipe also calls for sweet wine, bitters, a slice of lemon, and a bit of chuchuhuasi, an extract from the tree of the same name that is used to cure back pain.
People who drink on a night out dance which burns calories and you may well end up burning more calories than you consumed. All of this is mixed together in a glass with ice, and is a perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. Just be sure to drink moderately – Inca Wasi can have a strong kick if you’re not careful.ChichaChicha is a drink with a long history in Peru. Any food you eat while you are drinking, is going to be stored as fat because your body is getting a continual supply of rapidly converted calories from the alcohol you are consuming.This problem is often compounded by the calorie dense food we eat when we are having a social drink. It was originally made by the Incas and used during rituals; archeological research has found evidence that mills in Machu Picchu were able to produce large quantities, indicating that it was probably widely enjoyed when that city was still flourishing. You know what I mean, pizza, kebabs, fries, fast food.We are all guilty of it, after a few drinks, the alcohol lowers your inhibition and you succumb to the shit food cravings. Today, traditional Peruvian chicha is only made in a few places, making it a rare treat that’s not to be passed up.
By the end of a night of social drinking and could have easily consumed an extra 1000 calories.
Traditionally, chicha was made from yucca, maize, or manioc root, though the modern, more widespread version is made from purple corn.CusquenaThose tourists who love to drink high end American beer at home should be sure to try a glass of Cusquena.
Beer is easy to find in Peru, and has the same range of quality that you can find in the U.S. Other popular types of beer are Cristal, popular at sporting events and parties, and Pilsen, which pairs well with Peruvian seafood. This will help you feel fuller for longer and you will be less likely to make poor food choices because you are hungry. But if you want to enjoy a high quality craft beer worthy of being held up against the best brews in the world, Cusquena is the way to go. Both of these options can be mixed with something as simply as soda water and fresh lime, which will limit the amount of liquid calories you are ingesting as both the soda water and lime contain virtually no calories. If you do this for 7 days before you have a social drink, you would have put about 700 calories in the bank in preparation for the calories you are going to consume while you are drinking.At the end of the day the choice to drink alcohol or not while trying to lose weight is up to the individual.
Personally I enjoy a social drink, my drink of choice is usually bourbon with diet coke or gin lime and soda.If you are reading this article, chances are you enjoy a social drink and are trying to lose weight. Essentially, my overall message when it comes to any nutritional or weight loss advice is, what you are doing needs to be a lifestyle.There is no point in going on a diet, eventually it will end and you will, more than likely, revert to your previous eating habits. Basically, if you are planning to drink alcohol, you need to learn how to incorporate it into your nutritional plan, with moderation as the key consideration.At the end of the day a social drink every now and then is not going to be the cause of your fat thighs or beer gut. Read more [+]4 Cities in Peru You Have to Visit6731 Views   Peru is too big and too wonderful a country for visitors to keep their travels contained to Machu Picchu and Lima. Your fat thighs or beer gut are a result of your body having a calorie surplus.The truth of the matter is alcohol is not adding that many calories to your daily intake. Read more [+]3 Tips for Making the Trip to Machu Picchu3388 Views Of the many reasons people visit Peru, Machu Picchu is certainly the most famous. Fabiola & the whole crew of Best Peru Trips really did a great job in scheduling everything from the every last detail.
All the guides really help you out and ever excursion had been an unbelievable and life changing experience!

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