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The graph shows just how much the average American exceeds the recommended daily calorie intake.According to WebMD, women should consume about 2,000 calories per day while men should have no more than 2,400. Also in the top three countries is Italy, where local cuisine like pasta, pizza and bread no doubt contributes to the fact that residents here consume 3,660 a day.The infographic also shows just how much physical activity it takes to burn 200 calories, with some surprising results.
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But before you stop to buy your next cup of Italian-inspired coffee or a burger in a box, you might want to check how many calories they contain.
Did you know, for example, that consuming these two items could wipe out more than half of your daily calorie allowance?
Add a muffin and a milkshake to the order and you could have your full quota, even if it’s still only lunchtime.
The government wants us all to think more carefully about what we eat, to stem rising obesity rates.

It’s asking fast food and other restaurant chains to put calorie and other nutrition information on menus. McDonald’s is on board and is this week installing calorie-content displays for every item of food and drink that it sells in all of its 1,200 restaurants. Calories are a measure of energy, so the number of calories tells you how much energy is in the food. The average adult male should consume no more than 2,500 calories a day, and women no more than 2,000 calories a day, according to guidelines.
So, if you go to Starbucks for a coffee and pick an Americano, which contains 17 calories, you will still have lots of your daily calorie allowance left for meals.
If you are feeling peckish at the same time and decide to buy a Fairtrade chocolate chunk shortbread to go with your hot chocolate, you’ll hit half of your quota for the day as a woman.
Similarly, go to McDonald’s and buy a large cappuccino and a grilled chicken and bacon salad for your lunch and the calorie count will be 285.

If this pattern continues for weeks or months on end, it is easy to see how someone starting at a healthy weight could become overweight or obese. Sam via the secure online patient portal to evaluate your progress and discuss treatment plans. But opt for a Big Mac with large fries and a milkshake and you’ll have consumed 1,450 calories.
One way is to make sure you keep track of what you have consumed and compensate if you need to by having a lean salad in the evening instead of a calorie-rich meal. You can cancel by phone or email any time, but we ask that you cancel at least five days prior to the renewal date.

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