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Since the beginning of January, I have started teaching my own Zumba classes here in Brantford Ontario Canada. Then, there’s my pilot project, which is my testing and launching pad called the Brantford Zumba Dance Party, which takes place on Wednesday nights. With a deep breath and a prayer I happily began teaching my official first Zumba class, totally cold turkey. Now this may not sound like anything particularly news worthy but just 18 months ago, the person teaching them Zumba use to weigh close to 300 pounds and couldn’t get through a 3 minute dance routine without heart palpitations and the onset of angina sweats. I provide motivational weight loss counseling, interactive health and wellness seminars and workshops.
ShapeFit is a health and fitness company dedicated to providing the best exercise, nutrition and wellness information and resources to help our visitors get in shape, stay fit and live a healthier and happier life!
After being trained by the master of them all, Kelly Sloat from Art In Motion Dance Studio, I was encouraged greatly to pursue a dream of mine to get back into teaching fitness and become a Zumba Instructor.
On Monday nights, I do a scaled down version of Zumba combined with what I call THINfit for my THINspiration weight loss crew. I took a chance on this class, as it was completely JUST Zumba for an hour, and at another dance facility here in town, called Harmony School for the Performing Arts and Academy of Dance. No preps, no routines rehearsed (other than my Elvis one) and went by the seat of my pants and nobody was the wiser.

And what’s more paramount is that many of the women I am leading, are also embarking on their own individual health and wellness journeys and seeking validation and motivation through my plight and coming to me as a source of inspiration. I obtained my certification license on December 2nd, 2011 and had the absolute highlight of my Zumba love fest when Kelly asked me to demo a song on Wednesday December 28th, 2011 at her studio. I’ve had quite the colorful life in the Elvis tribute artist world and profession and when it came time for me to choose my coming out song, I knew exactly where I was going to go, to the KING himself! We do the basics of the dance moves and incorporate some old style 80s Aerobics while maintaining the fundamentals of Zumba and the music. They had been looking to add Zumba into their itinerary and when I heard they were looking for a teacher, I cautiously applied to the job. When I looked out and saw the happy yet red faces staring back at me and the pleasant good-byes afterwards, I knew I had hit a grand slam. I'm a fitness and Zumba instructor along with being a health and wellness blogger and an online weight loss and fitness author. The ladies LOVE it and are becoming quite well versed in the songs and movements and really jamming out to the Latin beats and the sexy moves. I sent out word on Facebook and Twitter that I was starting this class, never really knowing exactly how many I was going to end up having on the dance floor.
And what has transpired now is an up swell of the numbers growing in attendance, as word is getting out.

I used to be one of them, I used to be the one that needed the push to get going and I found that from Kelly and Lauran at AIM.
They are a high-spirited group of women who are there to educate themselves to lead healthier lives and gain some insights into how to enhance themselves through basic natural weight loss and exercise.
During our first week, we were overwhelmed with 26 women who just kept walking in and taking a spot on the dance floor.
That is cause for celebration and also caution due to the fact that while we’re happy where we are, it does look as if we might need to start looking for a gymnasium to house the bodies. What a beautiful come full circle story that I can continue to pay it forward to these people by returning the favor to others. I knew a few but most of them were strangers who had heard through the cyber grapevine that I was leading a Zumba class and had come to be Zumbafied! What a blessing for me to be up there leading them through Latin dance and funky rhythms while spurring them on with big eyes and a smile as large as Memphis itself. So, with an Elvis dance moves career behind me and a definite knack for doing things outlandish, I put together a 3 minute in your face, high intensity, invigorating Elvis Zumba love routine.

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