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This weight loss workout plan is 12 weeks long, but depending on how much weight you want to lose, you may want a shorter plan. The best way to monitor exercise intensity (how hard you’re exercising) is by wearing a heart rate monitor. Another method of monitoring how hard you’re exercising by using the rating or perceived exertion (RPE) scale. If one doesn’t reach the goal by the end of the 12 weeks (doing advanced workout plan), do you start from the beginning or do some other plan?
Hi Lila, just click on the images of the workout plans and they’ll take you right to them!
Here are a few notes for those of you who are either trying to understand this plan or just plain copy it! Full Body Blast: This is a 30-minute exercise class at my gym that combines cardio with a weighted bar. CXWORX: This is a 30-minute exercise class at my gym that focuses entirely on your core (not only abs, but also back and upper legs). Cardio Mash Up: On my Cardio Mash Up days, I start with the most difficult cardio machine and work my way down, switching machines every 15 minutes. I would encourage those of you who are interested in doing something similar to take this template and adjust it to meet your own needs.
Include the following: At least one pure weights day, at least one pure cardio day (I have two), and at least two days of mixed weights and cardio (I have three). If you are intermediate or advanced aim for a heart rate of about 70 – 80% of maximum (see heart rate calculator). The RPE Scale is a subjective measure of exercise intensity levels and uses a scale of 1 – 10. This means to keep the workouts challenging, you need to continually increase the difficulty of your workouts.

I’ve been trying so many different workout plans and they just never stuck, so i’m excited to try this out!
I’m an endomorph according to the information given and I would like to lose 10 pounds over the next 70 days.
Since it was part of my New Years Resolution to actually write out my plan and stick to it, I created a spreadsheet document that includes my workouts. I aim to only skip one, but depending on how hard I've been pushing it, sometimes my body needs a bit more time to heal. If you're trying to follow this plan, but do not have a similar class at your gym, try this 25 Minute Full Body Workout with Light Weights. If you're looking for something to do that can simulate this class, there are a few options. They focus on lengthening and strengthening your muscles (whereas a lot of weight lifting will shorten and strengthen). So, I start on the Treadmill for 15 minutes, alternating as I please between sprints and slow jogs. You need to be able to change it up and surprise your body or you won't continue to see the great results you want! The exception to this is during the first two weeks and during weeks when your cardio workouts become longer (e.g.
I want to tone my muscles too and have a sculpted body so should I follow this workout plan?
Thus, out of the three Choice Days I build into my week, I try to skip only one, but sometimes two. First if you have Ab Ripper X (from P90X Series) or Core Cardio (from Insanity Series), you can substitute with those.
Then, I switch to the Stairmaster and try to build up my pace steadily on there for 15 minutes.

And don't forget that no fitness plan is complete without a healthy nutrition plan - you can eat through any workout you do if you're not careful! But remember, irrespective of how long you decide to follow the exercise program, once you have achieved your goal, you should still continue to exercise regularly, in order to maintain your new body weight, to maintain a good level of fitness and to improve health. Haven’t lost any weight and not looking for it, but my body does feel stronger, thank yoooou very muuuuch!!!! I really want to loose the weight and then get toned muscles but I don’t want to lose strength during the weight loss. You can typically find Yoga and Pilates classes online or via your TV provider, but here is a link you can use for free Yoga workouts. Then, I switch to an Elliptical machine and try to go at a solid but steady pace for 15 minutes. While you need to give each workout your best effort, you also need to make sure that you don’t overdo it. Just know that while it seems nothing is happening, there are a lot of improvements going on in your body you cannot see.
As your fitness levels improve you’ll be able to exercise at higher intensities and for longer. If you are using equipment in the gym you can increase the level, resistance or incline at which your are exercising.
With every workout your body becomes stronger – your heart, lungs, joints, muscles, tendons, and bones become stronger.

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