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As women, we are always pressed for time so I developed a collection of workout routines that combines upper and lower body for a full body workout. The great news about workouts that target the arms and shoulders is that you’ll see results very quickly. Keeping your arm slightly bent, slowly and with control raise the dumbbell up and out to your side until your upper arm is about parallel with your torso. Circuit workouts are a great technique to keep things interesting and bust boredom at the gym, and it doesn't hurt that this workout gets your heart rate up while building strong muscles!

Just a question, with the side pushup, does anyone else's arm shake uncontrollably while it's the one supporting the body? Now is a good time for a snack with some protein in it to help your muscles recover and build! Because your shoulders and upper back tend to have less body fat compared to other areas of the body, you’ll get the toned, defined look you’re working for much more easily. Learn how to do all the moves in the three circuits, and then get the printable poster of the workout here.

Your hands should be positioned under shoulders; and your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. The heart works to deliver blood back and forth in an effort to deliver oxygen to the working muscles.

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