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A newly discovered hormone could lead to a drug that can raise the body's energy conversion and minimise the risk of type 2 diabetes – without exercise. Who wouldn't mind shedding the kilos without having to go to the fitness centre day after day? Therapeutic potential in humansSo far, the conversion of white fat into a kind of brown fat has only been shown in mice.
Combating obesityIt is already known that energy conversion increases following a period of exercise. Brown adipose tissue burns off energy by producing heat and possibly increases energy consumption in general, thereby keeping weight down. Unexpected findingDanish researchers have taken muscle biopsies and blood samples from healthy volunteers who exercised for ten weeks as part of another study at the University of Southern Denmark.
Potential effect on type 2 diabetesFactsA biopsy is a tissue sample which is taken to investigate the tissue's microscopic composition.
The research in mice also showed that besides increasing energy conversion, elevated levels of irisin in the blood after exercise led to weight loss, and improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Exercise better for health than dietary changes Diet outweighs exercise in fighting child obesity Weighing up the causes of obesity Can wild animals become overweight? Excavations of Denmark’s biggest castle show that an overlooked king, Knud VI, played a much bigger roll in its history than was previously thought.
The primary benefit of fat loss using green tea for weight loss is that you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects similar to what you can get if you purchase those fat loss products such as slimming pills heavily promoted in the market today.
Therefore, in preserving one’s wellness as well as shedding fat from your body the best alternative is to begin taking green tea for weight loss.
Basically, green tea is prepared by gradually steaming the leaves of Camelia sinensis, which are picked as soon as they are desiccated. The remarkable benefits that green tea for weight loss offers not only decreases the stored fats from your body but provides you with a number of health benefits as well. Aside from health benefits, most people are fascinated with green tea for weight loss because of its cooling effects on the body.

The advantages of green tea for weight loss are not restricted to helping people to lose extra weight. For thousands of years, Green tea was used in many parts of the world, not only as a beverage but as an herbal medicine. No certain amount of green tea for weight loss is agreed upon by nutritional experts for what they believe is the standard for losing weight. But this is the first time that research has revealed the existence of the hormone irisin, which appears to play a major role in changing energy conversion.Increased energy conversion means eating the same amount of food, but gaining less weight from it. Children have plenty of brown adipose tissue, but in adults most of it is converted into white adipose tissue. This suggests that irisin might also reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and could perhaps be used to treat the disease.Research is now focused on whether these effects can be demonstrated in humans. Mainstream options for weight loss might be on the top of popularity list and probably what you have in mind. While green tea is one of the various kinds of tea, its benefits and effects for weight loss makes it distinctive. Also, millions of people now prefer green teas since it offers numerous benefits such as helping them keep fit in a safer way. With the present day’s medical and scientific advances to further investigate the wonderful benefits of green tea for weight loss, this alternative has gained a worldwide appreciation. However, if you are not into spending longer hours in gym or if you are afraid to try extreme dietary plans, then you could also try taking green tea to lose weight. It is a fool’s way to be slim whilst risking getting a negative health condition as a side effect. Other green tea ingredients include theophyline, saponins, theobromine and epigallocatechine.
Green tea regulates the discharge of glucose that boosts up with the intake of high calories. It helps you burn more calories thus reducing your calories before they even changed into fat.

In contrast to white fat, which acts as an energy store, brown fat produces heat through oxidation. It would just result in gaining less weight than would otherwise be the case.Irisin is a peptide formed by cleavage of a protein coded by the gene Fndc5, which is expressed in increased amounts in muscles after a period of exercise. They have now shown that increased formation and secretion of irisin into the blood could explain this effect of exercise. Boiling green tea leaves also helps in protecting the nutrition and preventing its transformation into derivative substances.  The prime substances found in green tea are antioxidant substances. These ingredients are essential in combating health conditions and other conditions such as thermogenesis or the production of too much heat in the body. Of the green tea ingredients, epigallocatechine is considered as the most vital factor for green tea for fat loss.
There are also studies that show green tea as a prime inhibitor to reduce the chances of several conditions in the cardiovascular system such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  It also helps in lowering blood pressure.
This is apparently the number one reason why it belongs to the top consumed drinks in the world today. A study in Japan revealed that a person who takes 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day could help in avoiding cancer. However, if these antioxidants do begin to undergo the oxidation process, it could reduce its green tea for weight loss. This is primarily because of the property of this substance in increasing the levels of noradrenalin.

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