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When it comes to losing weight, picking the right exercise for your situation is absolutely vital.
Like all exercises, you should partner with your doctor and talk it over before beginning a program. Always keep your head up – Many people tend to drop their head when they are walking either from being tired or from bad form.
Keep your back straight and tall – This helps you to prevent any strains in your lower back and will force you to keep solid form throughout your stride.
Use your back leg to push – Many people tend to throw their stride foot forward rather than push off their back leg when fitness walking.
Take quick, short strides – These are more controlled and will help you to generate safe speed as opposed to long strides that will risk injury. Keep those arms moving – If you look like you are walking with your arms tied to your sides, you are doing this all wrong. Power walking is a wonderful way to boost your weight loss program and it is generally safer than most other programs.

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Once you get the okay from your doctor, power walking can become a strong part of your exercise program. Back problems are no vacation and you should always stay upright and focused when power walking. Your arms should move vigorously back and forth in stride with your legs so that you are burning even more calories and increasing that heart rate.
If you do it right and stick to a regular fitness walking routine, you can certainly drop some pounds in an efficient and safe fashion.
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Some can even walk a bit faster than the norm and that can benefit them via cardio and additional calorie burning.
When you are walking from a source of strength you will double the benefits of your walking exercise. This is called power walking or fitness walking and it has become a very popular weight loss exercise in recent years. He now spends his life chasing his two twin daughters and loving his incredible wife while chasing the book in his head. Studies show that an increase in walking speed can actually improve your heart health as well.

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