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Gastric Bypass Surgery Support GroupThe Gastric Bypass Surgery Support Group is a community of patients, family . The UC Health Weight Loss Center collaborates with the UC Health Daniel Drake Center for our fitness component. Many weight loss patients consider cosmetic surgery if they experience loose skin on their body – mainly on their face, legs, arms or abdomen.
Are you trying to lose weight, and you want to start a fitness program to help you reach your goals. In the end, you know as you are getting healthier, you are losing that weight, you are reaching your goals -you will become a more confident and happy person. Support GroupsThere are many important aspects of recovering from surgery that is best gathered from someone else who’s 'been there'. Our support groups are closed meetings, only available to patients who have had surgery or those patients who are scheduled to have surgery and have been prepared for support group by our support group leaders. The Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, TOPS, Chapter 41 women enjoy a recent meeting at the Westminster Presbyterian Church.
Every Wednesday, a group of about 25 women meet at the Westminster Presbyterian Church for their weekly Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, TOPS, meeting. But the get-together is much more than just a weight loss meeting, it’s a place where women come to support and encourage each other in all aspects of their lives. There are 91 TOPS Chapters in Colorado alone, and the Wednesday morning group is Chapter 41. For the Chapter 41 ladies, roll call is a time when each member opens up about her week and the ups and downs of losing or maintaining weight. But for the big for weight loss winner of the week, she is rewarded with a gift, claps and cheers from her fellow TOPS members.

Gastric Bypass, LAP-BAND® System, DS and Other Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss .
That’s why we offer quarterly support group meetings and exclusive program offerings throughout the year. Find out how we customize nutrition plans uniquely for your needs to prepare your body for long-term health and weight success. UC Health Drake Center offers a variety of fitness packages exclusive to Weight Loss Center program participants.
Find out about UC Health’s comprehensive cosmetic surgery program that can help reduce the cosmetic effects of weight loss. My husband works hard in his day job, last thing he wants to do is workout with me after work.
The Chapter 41 women realize how tough it can be to lose weight, so when a fellow member has a big week, there’s no jealousy, just admiration.
Then you run to your family, your spouse and say, I can’t wait WE are going to do this together.
Or consider an online support group like our drop a size, KickStarter group, there is power when you simply can check in with people.
I refuse to cook a separate meal for the family, but maybe I can make a dish and leave off a few ingredients that can be added at the end by those who want it. My favorite, especially if you are just starting is a book called the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Your family will notice those changes, and for that they will love and support you even more.
You and your thoughts, what do you do to keep motivated even if your family doesn’t join you?

Each TOPS meeting begins with a private weigh-in followed by a roll call when each member reveals if they’ve lost or gained weight and also allows members to share any success stories or struggles.
Or maybe you are a little nice and ask, and simple say will you do this fitness program or go to the gym with me. Respect their opinion, but just make a plan for your self to reach your goals and stick to it! Maybe get in the habit of making a salad before the meal for the family, and make that your main dish. Leave your thoughts, ideas in the comments below or join me at – Heather Buchman on Facebook.
Make a smaller portion size for you of one item in the meal, but up the sizes of veggies you make for yourself. After finding out that I was pre-diabetic, dealing with chronic back pain and hypertension, I made the choice to have the gastric sleeve (VSG) weight loss surgery. You’d be surprised if you google an ingredient you like how you can turn it into a healthy recipe your entire family will enjoy (and may not even realize how good it is for them.) Make sure to grab my free meal planning tips to help get you started. Soon, it will become a habit and everyone will know, it’s your time to workout, and not to bother you. Things like painting my own toe nails, sitting Indian style or taking long walks without getting out of breath and having to have my inhaler on standby.

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