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At our support groups you will find a welcoming and friendly environment designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Discover how you can lose 50, even 100 lbs with the safest and most effective surgical weight loss procedures. Women all over the United States are reaching their weight loss goals all while staying in the comfort of their own home. Challenge groups are an amazing tool that the company has put together for maximizing your success. Started with Focus T25 (first pic and two middle pics) Last pic is now with Chalean Extreme. Lost 15.2lbs, 22.5 inches in the first 30days and on Day 60 she had lost a total of 30lbs and 39inches!

They are not spending money every month on a gym membership or for once a week group classes.
Not all challenge groups are the same, some are longer than others, and some do not require exercise.
We offer frequent support groups to our patients that will allow you to learn, grow and connect with other bariatric surgery patients. You can learn more by registering for the next support group or simply contact us at our office. They are getting up earlier in the morning before work, staying up 30 minutes later before bed, or squeezing it it between breastfeeding and taking the older ones to scouts. If you would like more information about this group please fill out the application below or send me a message and we can chat!

Support groups are specifically designed for patients who have already had either gastric bypass, gastric sleeve adjustable gastric band surgery such as LAP-BAND®.
However you look at it, the weight is being lost, the confidence is being built and the women are HAPPY! It also provides help with clean eating meal plans, recipes, workout tips, health tips, mini assignments to keep you actively engaged in the group and a network of women just like yourself who are all working towards the same goal. When I was at my heaviest weight and let my unhappiness defeat me, I had never heard of a challenge group or clean eating.

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