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Today we share another inspiring weight loss success story that highlights SO MUCH of what makes the Grace and Strength Lifestyle’s Diet and Weight Loss Program incredibly unique and different from anything else out there. Often clients come to us with significant amounts of weight to lose – sometimes 100 or even 200+ pounds.
What is not visible at an outward glance is the more significant transformation that occurs on the inside of our clients. Fill out this quick and easy form for a FREE evaluation and consultation with one of our lifestyle coaches. Author InfoThe Grace and Strength LifestyleThe Grace & Strength Lifestyle is a Christ Centered Weight Loss Coaching Service.
After initially inquiring about the program and speaking to Jenna, I still couldn’t make a commitment.

Finally, the light bulb came on and I realized that I couldn’t continue to ignore my declining health and happiness.
I have learned that not only am I an emotional eater, but exactly which emotion (anger) triggers me to run to the kitchen. I have learned, for the first time in all my dieting experience, what it’s like to REALLY be in control. After the weight loss, their stories are often remarkable because of the dramatic outward transformation that is so easily visible to anyone looking at their before and after picture. The Grace & Strength Lifestyle Diet uses a Biblical approach to weight loss and health that goes far beyond the number on the scale.
He has changed you inside and out~ and I love that I not only had the opportunity to coach you, but to also gain a beautiful friend though this process!

One of the things I’ve learned is that I truly am a foodie, and that it’s perfectly okay to love food…real food.
Now, I realize how truly delicious and nutritious an apple is, or an avocado, or spinach, or Brussels sprouts…I could go on!
My poor coach put up with so many questions and doubts and arguments from me! As we say in the south, Bless Her Heart! I really am a changed person… not only in outward appearance, but spiritually, emotionally and physically RENEWED!

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