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After initially inquiring about the program and speaking to Jenna, I still couldn’t make a commitment. Finally, the light bulb came on and I realized that I couldn’t continue to ignore my declining health and happiness.
I have learned that not only am I an emotional eater, but exactly which emotion (anger) triggers me to run to the kitchen. I have learned, for the first time in all my dieting experience, what it’s like to REALLY be in control. Author InfoThe Grace and Strength LifestyleThe Grace & Strength Lifestyle is a Christ Centered Weight Loss Coaching Service.
Not only are you going to be inspired by her success, but you’ll also be blessed by a little bonus at the end of her story. As I sit down to write this testimony about the last five months of my life I can’t help but be in awe of how fast it seems to have gone. All these excuses and more would constantly consume my thoughts as soon as I would start feeling convicted about the way I was eating or taking care of my body.
As all of these things started coming together in my mind early this spring I knew I wanted to make changes, but I had no idea what they would be.
When I came across a Facebook post from an old friend of mine proclaiming how God had been changing her from the inside out, and that she’d never felt closer in her relationship with God, my ears perked. It took us a few months to be able to actually make the leap of faith financially to invest in my health this way. Even though I started with that physical goal as one of my biggest priorities, I soon learned that the numbers on the scale were not what was bringing me joy. What an amazing thing to realize that just as my Savior suffered like I do, he is the one who my comfort should flow through!
Beautifully said and you are more beautiful inside than you are outside (is that possible?) Your faith and the change in you caused me to ask questions about Grace and Strength, but your guidance and patience with me started me on the same journey. A study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that women who do an hour-long weight-training workout can burn an average of 100 more calories in the 24 hours afterward compared to if they hadn’t lifted weights. If you strength train three times a week, that’s an extra 300 calories a week and 15, 600 calories per year!
Often women who incorporate resistance training into their workout regime opt for lighter weights and higher reps. Weight training, like cardio, is not a one size fits all, nor do you have to train the same way each time. If you’re new to weight training and need a professional assistance, Here is an article that will help you choose your right personal fitness trainer. Recognized for his expertise, dedication and ethics as well as for his personal charisma, Fares continues to positively change lives with his specialized understanding of fitness and nutrition and how they apply to overall health and well-being. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. One of the things I’ve learned is that I truly am a foodie, and that it’s perfectly okay to love food…real food. Now, I realize how truly delicious and nutritious an apple is, or an avocado, or spinach, or Brussels sprouts…I could go on!

I have always been someone who refuses to do fad dieting, or even tried and true programs that I see other people using. When I saw her picture and saw the external benefits of what God was doing in her heart, my jaw dropped. We knew we could not afford the program up front and that we would be paying it off for a while.
My weight might be in the range I am comfortable staying in for the rest of my life right now, but it won’t stay there without work and self discipline. Everything is permissible, but not everything is constructive.” -this was a big one for me at the beginning of the journey! Anytime I wanted something I would consume it or find a way to consume it as soon as possible.
Yes, you are beautiful on the outside, but more importantly, the inner transformation makes the outside shine even brighter! This type of workout certainly has its place for functional movements that make us stronger for everyday activity, but studies show that women who lift heavier weight with less repetition can burn more energy and experience a greater metabolic boost after exercise. Consider alternating sessions of heavier weights, less repetitions, and slower movements; with sessions that use lighter weights, higher repetitions, and move at a faster pace, for optimal results.
Fares is a certified personal trainer who holds multiple specialty certifications including Sports Medicine Specialist, Technical Aspect of Weight Training, Lifestyle Fitness Coaching and Certified Sports Nutritionist. My poor coach put up with so many questions and doubts and arguments from me! As we say in the south, Bless Her Heart!
I really am a changed person… not only in outward appearance, but spiritually, emotionally and physically RENEWED!
He continued to just send prompts here, a friend there, a message in this way and that way, and sometimes even bigger attempts at wake up calls.
Even when they’re successful for a while, Those programs that people seem wildest about usually seem to be the ones I see people yo-yoing on the worst. But I also realized that was just one more excuse Satan wanted me to use to prevent me from making the changes I was convicted of needing to make. It was the assurances and joy I was receiving through Christ and His Word, and the comfort of knowing I was learning to replace my bad habits and addictions with God honoring replacements. The lack of self discipline that I struggled with before I started is still what I struggle with daily.
While food in and of itself is not a sin, that does not mean that everything I was eating was beneficial! For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.
I was going through this, in part, to learn more about him and what He desires to be in my life and that made it all worth it!
I now have to figure out how to keep myself accountable rather than being accountable to a program.
I just love how you not only fought with everything you had in you in the natural but you added in the spiritual as well….what a fight of faith!!
It was also the sweet moments I was blessed to be able to have with countless women who’s hearts were crying out for the same changes they saw God making in me.

My eyes were opened to the reality that what I eat and drink matters spiritually as well as physically!
I have begun identifying the areas and items in which I struggle most and, with God’s help, I’m formulating a plan to control them in my life!
I am encouraged by the scriptures that were chosen and will use God’s Word to give me strength. I don’t have the time or money to give for something that will only change my outside for a while. Not only a God who saves me for eternity, but one who saves me daily from the struggles and temptations I face.
If we are comforted, it is for your comfort which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings.
Of course I will still be able to enjoy things I used to enjoy, and I will still get to enjoy foods to celebrate on special occasions! The desire to see God glorified in their lives, and to see them get to take this journey too, that motivates me and keeps me accountable. And my hope for you is firm because we know that just as you share in our sufferings so also you share in our comfort…. Without a doubt, or any hesitation, I know that God is the only thing that brought me through this and will continue to sustain me on this path. The difference is that now I can see that food is not the only answer to every area in my life. But I realized, why am I waiting for the worst case scenario to happen before I make a change?!
I just wanted to feel healthier and prouder if who I am in Christ and to develop a closer relationship with Him. Just as He tells us to take up our cross daily and follow Him, letting go of foods I was craving was my cross in those moments! I wanted Him to show me who he meant for me to be, what He intended for me to consume and why.
We need to die to ourselves and our temptations and embrace the pain and be frustrated by what sin does to our bodies. I wanted to learn more about why I am addicted to food and why it had become an idol in my life.
But I have the promise that as I walk through the sufferings, I will also walk in the comfort of Christ himself! More than just the physical promptings were the yearnings and desire to grow spiritually and be closer to God, who I knew wanted a deeper relationship with me. When I was finally honest with myself I knew that food had been in the wrong position for my entire life.
I just knew I didn’t have the closeness and dependency on Him that I should have had by that point in my life.

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