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EXERCISE OF THE WEEK Spicy Food Can Speed your Metabolism ? Experience a life changing transformation, you will be educated, inspired and LOSE KILOS at Chi of Life weight loss and wellness health retreat Qld Australia. Our weight loss and wellness program empowers participants with knowledge as we take you on a journey to healing and a better way of living.
Learn about good food, what it really means to eat healthy and discover the powers of superfoods and detoxification. We do not offer one size fits all program like other weight loss retreats as this only produces inconsistent results between participants. There is not one diet that suits everyone, you will learn what diet is right for your body and have a personalised eating plan for your metabolic nutritional type. We are the only retreat that provides meals for your personal metabolic nutritional type during your stay.
Long term successful weight loss results needs to start on your foundation inside out, you need to know if you have digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, lymphatic congestion, colon toxicity. All participants in the program receive a live and dry blood analysis with Australia’s leading pathologist and wellness consultant.
The Chi of Life team has been hand picked to bring you the best of the best in their fields of natural medicine, master NLP and elite fitness trainers. You will be supported by a team member who has been where you are now and understands what it is like to be obese having herself lost 80 kilos and still on her journey. We restrict the number of participants attending to only 1-8 people, so we can FOCUS JUST ON YOU you are never lost in the crowd. Because we keep the program strictly to a small group  we can deliver to you a personalised program and customise a program to your medical condition or injury and fitness level. Our 20 day program tackles the big underlying issues around weight loss and emotional eating or over eating with a master NLP therapist. Variety of exercise options to choose from no matter if you are unfit or a gym junkie you will feel comfortable to exercise at your level. This  is a live-in residential program and you will have hands on education with our chef in our kitchen, eating in restaurants will not give you the skills necessary  for when you go home.
Quality food, we do not skimp on the quality and only the best of the best organic ingredients are used.

Fun filled exercise activities with loads of variety, you will be able to choose the best exercise option for you.
Chi of Life health retreat is suitable for all men, women, shape, sizes and fitness levels. No matter where you are right now Gwen and her elite team of trainers can help you get to where you want to be. Weight loss Bootcamps, Weight loss retreats, fat camps, weight loss camps and fitness boot camps, offer  you quick results that don’t last and you soon find yourself back on the weight loss merry go round . Some people detox for weight loss, others for health energy and vitality where losing afew pounds is a bonus. During the two week detox programme we have time to look at your relationship with food, emotional eating patterns, sabotaging beliefs, creating a new healthy identity for achieving your target weight and for lasting weight loss. A juice fast and raw food programme is a naturally low calorie diet, 100% vegetarian, no animal foods or animals fats at all and it's absolutely jam packed and brimming with vital nutrients.
So the great news about losing weight through a detox programme is that its a healthy way to lose weight. Also, while focus is away from food, and all the ways we use foods, for emotional fullfillment, when we are stressed, to avoid certain feelings, even for pure enjoyment that we sometimes can't get enough of, when we remove food we get in touch with ourselves at a deeper level, we learn about ourselves and have the chance to heal and change parts of ourselves we have been avoiding and suppressing, leading us to deeper spiritual awareness, healing and new ways to satisfy our soul. Whilst there are no guarantees of how much weight you will lose, if you have it to lose, most people will drop 4-5 lbs per week, about 2 kilos per week. Another great thing about going away to a health retreat like this is, you don't even have to try. You focus on your healing, relaxing, learning, getting your health, energy and zest for life back and enjoying your retreat. We can help you work on your relationship with food, and your beliefs about being able to reach your target weight, and maintain your natural weight, so that you can continue a healthy lifestyle and continue your weight loss when you return home if you wish.
This happens in our workshops using EFT and EmoTrance techniques for releasing our emotions and beliefs, and through optional one to one healing that you can book with an experienced practitioner. Maintaining your target weight and keeping the weight off is about making permanant changes to your diet and lifestyle.
For some of us, making permanent changes in eating patterns or increasing regular exercise is alien to us. Creating a new identity so that our natural tendencies are to eat and live healthily means we have to change our beliefs about ourselves.
Again that we have powerful tools of EFT and EmoTrance to help us make these important inner changes, and the workshops give us the opportunity to identify the areas within that we want to change.

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about these retreats and for all your booking enquiries.
Al Sayadeen Village is small hotel situated in the beautiful Mezina Bay, close to the port and 15 km from the main town of Nuweiba, Sinai Egypt. Chi of Life wellness retreat is a serene and private escape out of your normal stres filled enviroment where you can retreat from the world and just focus on you.
We specialise in:  obesity emotional eating mindset hormonal imbalances chronic fatigue anti-aging stress anxiety high blood pressure high cholesterol. You may just want to lose afew kilos, or you may have more to lose, and want to kick start your weight loss programme with a detox retreat, a healthy weight loss holiday! We have planned the menus, the exercise programme, (yoga, swimming and a bit of dancing), so you don't have to think about anything.
Have fun…You don’t have to train like on the T.V weight loss shows and you don’t have to be yelled at and have your spirit broken, or crawl through mud or perform punishing drills.
The hot pain of betrayal ripped through to her core, she was devasted, future dreams shattered, self confidence at an all time low. We almost have to create a new identity, a new you, who enjoys various forms of exercise so that its easy integrate into your lifestyle, who enjoys healthy eating and doesn't over eat becasue the inner programming is differnt.
So if we dont change these old limiting or sabotaging beliefs and replace them with new helpful beliefs, old patterns can re-emerge. Changing a life requires willingness and a light that can guide the new path and that’s being the greatest achievement for Live In Fitness -Weight loss retreat  for over 20 years. Chi of Life weight loss retreat is fun filled with amazing fitness adventures, find what you love so you can continue exercising back at home.
We specialise in rapid weight loss and life coaching to address underlying issues for long lasting results.
Not too long ago, one of our residents who actually documented her progress with LIF on her blog. She lost 63lbs and it was a great satisfaction for everyone that beyond the lost weight it was also a radical lifetime experience that would have an impact on her daily routines after the retreat as she documents in her blog.

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