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We’ve collected the World’s Greatest Weight-Loss Recipes into one simple, easy-to-use program that teaches you how to swap out your favorite restaurant meals for simple, delicious meals you can make in minutes–download now!
SAVE 1,628 CALORIES and $6.74 with an incredible blender drink that tastes just like Smoothie King’s popular Hulk. Now you’re ready to strip away fat, save hundreds of dollars, and cook your way to a perfect, lean and chiseled physique.
Everyone knows that green smoothie’s are healthy, quick, easy and a good way to get fruit and veggies in your diet. Discover a delicious Mac & Cheese recipe that beats the best restaurant fare in America!

You’ll save more than 1000 calories and $9 every time you indulge yourself with this recipe. There about a million healthy green smoothie recipes for weight loss out there and they are all very similar. Thank you for all the hard work and information that has gone into your blog, website, etc. One for leafy greens that get away in a centrifugal (spinning basket) and one for fast production (centrifugal). I hope you enjoy them and they help you lose weight and get a little more healthy food in your diet.

Below each recipe title is a short list of the fruits and vegetables in each to help you know the difference between them so you don’t have to search through all of them to see all the ingredients.
You can certainly choose your favorite ingredients and come up with your own favorite smoothie recipe, but I think these recipes will give you some great ideas and a standard recipe to start with. LOL I am diabetic for 45 years, Systemic Lupus for approximately 7 years and chronic pain for 12 years from an accident that I had where I should have lost my left leg.

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