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Proponents of raw foods propagate consumption of fresh and processed foods of plant origin . There is only one scientific study which deals with the impact of diet with raw foods on the body . Except for improving  immunity, raw foods showed good results in diabetes and cardiovascular disease , which is a logical result of the diet without refined sugars and animal fats . Morning breakfast: Every day start with warm lemonade, grapefruit or fruit shake or pudding.
It took me a long time to figure that out though, which is why I decided to write this page and share my story. It never once occurred to me that I might be deficient in something, something really obvious that would satisfy my supposed 'sweet-tooth'. I started eating more fruit when I went vegan, and gradually increased my intake of fruit and vegetables as I started learning more about permaculture, health and nutrition. Suddenly, my skin started glowing, I stopped having mood swings and depression, migraines decreased, my brain started working in high-gear and basically my life started changing. I started off doing high-raw, did a few all raw detoxes, a fast here and there, and then embraced eating all raw for periods of up to six months. The one thing that has remained constant is my weight, which ranges between 49 kgs (108 pounds) and 54 kgs (119 pounds), irrespectively!
While I can't really say that I lost a whole heap of weight on raw (because I never had too much to lose after embracing ordered eating) I was, and still can be, what is commonly known as 'skinny fat'. I gained more sculpted muscles - you have to put all that energy somewhere - lost some of the stomach fat (I used to get asked if I was pregnant!) and the love handles and got better skin, clearer eyes, more focus (zero brain fog) and much more (check out raw food diet benefits). But if weight loss is the only reason you're keen on going raw, I have to offer you a word of caution. The most important thing about the raw food diet (and the word diet is a misnomer) or raw lifestyle, is that it is one that is primarily about HEALTH. If you start out thinking you want to eat mostly salad and treat yourself to one piece of fruit a day (diet mentality), this lifestyle is not for you, because you are going to get thin but you're also going to get sick. There is no raw food diet weight loss that is sustainable or long-lasting unless you combine it with healthful living.
Which means ENOUGH WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, ORGANIC RAW fruit and vegetables to give you good nutrition and suficient calories to sustain your healthy functioning, combined with exercise, sleep and natural sunlight (for the essential Vit D). Weight loss on the raw food diet is about an abundance of fruit, which will satisfy your hunger, fuel your daily exercise (and your brain) and leave you fitter and more productive than ever before. I love this book on weight loss - okay sure it's written by my sister, so you might say I'm biased - but truly, in my personal experience this stuff works. Get all the knowledge you need to succeed in reaching your ideal weight in a sustainable, easy and fun way!
Freelee went from depression, digestive disorders, systemic candida, acne and weight problems to a thriving athlete and picture of raw food health when she embraced the banana girl diet - a high-carb, low-fat raw vegan diet. Michael has lost over 30 pounds (13.5 kgs) of fat on a fruitarian diet and significantly improved his running performance.
In July 2012 he ran the 135 mile Badwater ultramarathon and then THREE DAYS LATER ran the Vermont 100 Mile! They are 'healthy' fats in comparison to fried foods and fatty meats, but unless used in moderation (half an avo a day and a handful of nuts or flax seeds), they can slow you down and make you fat. It causes you to binge and purge, endlessly trapped in a vicious cycle of loathing and despair.
At the height of my fitness I was eating between 2000 and 3000 calories a day and working out for 2.5 hours 6 days a week.

When I was 16 years old I'd been dieting so hectically (coffee and cigarettes for days) and taking so many Thinz (pseudo-ephedrine) that I had an epileptic fit on the floor, to the astonishment and horror of both our cleaner and myself. And by junk food I mean high-fat foods that make you feel tired and depressed after eating them.
For example kale chips covered in oil and dehydrated might be healthier than French fries, but they're not going to help you lose weight. I read a lot about raw foodists who eat mono-meals or who end up living on banana and dates. I am a leery supplement taker, having always thought that nature will provide everything I need in the right quantities. Thus I now take dried barley life powder (one day I'll get around to juicing my own wheatgrass) and regular B12 shots. If you eat cooked food, or even junk food - just try make the healthiest choices you can make. Try for that sense of discovery and wonder, that feeling of being creative and learning new things. As mentioned, the best way to lose weight (and keep it off) is to eat lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you're going to eat cooked, try keep it simple - steamed veggies and starches (sweet potato, butternut, pumpkin, gemsquash etc, and always eat with a big salad!). At the moment I'm eating a lot of lentil dishes, the occasional thai curry etc, all made myself with mostly organic ingredients.
Enjoy a large salad or raw soup (if you're very hungry snack on fresh fruit BEFORE your meal). For dressings, blend up things like tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, red peppers and herbs - you can make your own pesto too!
If you want the cooked version, do more salad served with steam veggies, add quinoa or rice (try avoid gluten if you can), use buckwheat or rice pasta, make a Thai curry with rice etc. For great advice on reaching your IDEAL WEIGHT effortlessly and case studies of people just like you that have struggled with the similar issues, get your copy of From Fat to Fabulous: The Smart Girl's Guide to Raw Food Weight Loss ON SALE NOW!
Or if you're on of those people who like the step-by-step approach, fortunately Alison Andrews has created a comprehensive programme with her husband Jaye Lentin called Raw Kickstart: The Rookie's Guide to Hot, Healthy and High Raw.
This is a series of e-guides that teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about what to eat, how to make it and share it and even what to buy! Click one of the following links and get to know more about health and wellness when you follow a vegan or raw vegan diet. What is a vegan: In this fascinating article (stacked to the brim with further readings and resources), you'll learn everything you'd ever want to know about becoming a vegan, the difference between a vegan vs vegetarian, vegan nutrition, what a vegan eats, why the vegan diet does more for the environment than anything else a person can do, and why veganism is the compassionate choice. Raw Food Health: Get passionate about raw food health and nutrition, learn how cooking food destroys its nutrients and how illness and disease becomes a thing of the past with a raw food lifestyle. The Health Benefits of Olive Oil: If you've ever thought that olive oil is good for you, or heart-healthy, or that you can eat as much good fats as you want, this article is for you. Save the Earth with a Raw Food Diet: Adopt a raw food diet and reduce your carbon and water footprint instantly, leading to a more sustainable way of living that will ultimately save the earth. The Human Omnivore or Carnivore Myth: Find out whether there is such a thing as a human omnivore or carnivore in this article. The Longevity Diet: The longevity diet gives you a blueprint for health, happiness and long-lasting life. Raw Food Travel Tips: At last, Raw Food Travel Tips allows you to travel as a raw vegan without worrying that you're going to fall off the wagon. Hi, my name is Melissa and I created this site together with photographer Christopher List to help spread awareness about green lifestyles and travel, so everyone can learn how easy it is to live in a sustainable way. I wasn't sure what a permaculture design course was about, until I read through Melissa's fantastic blog!

The link between personal responsibility and preserving our environment is becoming increasingly clear to me. The theory of this idea is based on the idea that food should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 50 degrees, because on that way are losing important enzymes , allowing better absorption of nutrients from food. German doctors have followed the health situation of the Germans who ate raw food three years . And that 54 kgs comes after months of hardly any exercise when scootering around Southern Africa.
It's also about sculpting and redefining what you have, and becoming a better person, inside and out. So download this 170-page ebook and learn how to discard the 'eat less' brainwashing and truly begin to nourish your body and mind for the first time. However, though I believe this diet is intuitively right, I encourage you to do your own research, monitor your body and try keep an open mind. If you want to lose fat and keep it off - perhaps it's time to start looking at the most natural and effortless way to do so. Add a couple of avocados or a large bag of nuts to your salad on the last day and see how well you run the following morning. Unfortunately that wasn't the end of unhealthy eating, but it was the start of ordered eating. I'm also increasingly open to experimenting with supplements, so considering vegan DHA as well. Pretend you're a scientist discovering new things, an inventor coming up with new creations, a chef discovering the joy of cooking (or uncooking). Even if you have zero time every day or you hate most forms of exercise, a 30 minute walk every day will be enough to get you healthy, and get you losing (and keeping off) that excess fat. Personally I like to stick to fruit smoothies that I drink really slowly for maximum enjoyment and digestion.
A lifestyle that is filled with fabulous health, joy and an abundance of fruit and vegetables.
Find out the truth behind the Mediterranean Diet, the effects of a high-fat meal and other mind-boggling information that will change your perceptions for good.
Explore the evolution of man, the anatomical differences between omnivores, carnivores and frugivores, and make up your own mind.
Discover the diet and lifestyle similarities between the Vicalbamba, Abkhasia, Hunza and Okinawa, who not only live to over 100, but do so in great physical and mental health.
Reading up on simple ways to be more eco-friendly in my life and travels has really helped me practice what I preach.
The key is in important ingredient in the food that nutritionists do not give much of importance, and that are enzymes – active substances in plants that participate in digestion. My sisters were obsessed with their weight, constantly dieting, and I followed their example, not eating for days and fainting regularly from lack of food. Weighing yourself and constantly obsessing about weight are your biggest barriers to success. Enjoy lots of different salads and freshly-squeezed juices, and an incredible variety of seasonal fruits! If you want to eat something savoury, go for a big salad, or add rice for the cooked version. If you're looking for clearer skin, more energy, motivation and stamina, better sleep, increased happiness and connection with nature, among others, look no further than the raw food diet.

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