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Singapore, like other countries around the world, has been affected by economic downturn and slow recovery. High intensity workouts are not for everyone, but you do need to become more active if you are sedentary. Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase.
Last night I was in Target shopping for Christmas gifts and a birthday present for one of my daughter’s friends.
I somehow found myself in the stationery section yet again, looking at the cute to-do lists.
Seemed perfect for my type of planning…writing things down on random scraps of paper or sticky notes and putting them somewhere I’d be sure to look the next day. I was about to put that sticky note to-do list pad in my cart when I realized it was $6.99. So I put that notepad back on the shelf and started thinking of ways to make my own for much less $.
This morning I went online and found some really cute & colorful to-do lists to print out.
Invincible Inc has a super useful blank to-do list template with sections for each day, the weekend, this month, and eventually.
And here’s a vibrant colorful weekly to do list of my own that matches my 2015 monthly calendar printables. Sometimes I like a simpler format to keep track of all the things I need to do related to a specific project, like Christmas decorations to put up or spring cleaning items.
About Latest Posts Follow meLena GottI'm a CPA turned SAHM of 3 little ones ages 2, 4, and 7.
What to Wear for Bladder Leakage After Baby #2This is a sponsored post via the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.
10 Things I’ve Sold by Accident Online as a BloggerOne of my favorite things about being a blogger is the ability to recommend my favorite products and services to my readers and get paid for those recommendations. This website contains endorsements for products and services, which means when you click on a link from this website and take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for an offer, WhatMommyDoes may receive a commission. Once you have decided to take control of your fatty stores in the body and reduce them as much as possible you should do it in a safe way. There is a huge variety of diet plans and programs available and having a little insight in the method will reveal whether it is safe or not. Among the wide variety of diet plans, a less caloric yet having essential carbs, protein, fats and minerals diet is what you need. Exercise is always the best way to burn the fat, don’t get prepared for a marathon but a 30 minute walk, some cycling, little swimming and jogging will help you around. Weight Loss Pills and Weight Loss patches are also available but before using any of them you must consult your doctor. Obesity is always harmful but while going with a diet plan one should know the healthy weight that must be kept.
The safe ways of losing weight will not bring the results rapidly but they don’t harm your body. Everybody want to lose weight quickly but evidences and researches have shown that people who adapt safe ways to lose weight, loses their weight gradually and steadily but never exposed to any side effects.

Not only a safe plan modifies the diet and eating habits but it brings healthy life style and positive changes in the body. Quick weight loss programs are risky they can cause many physical and mental problems and on top of the list is, the malnutrition that is very harmful for all vital organs of the body. The side effects of unhealthy diet plan are so harmful that they back off the fewer benefits associated with them. Dieting doesn't mean to starve but it should be adopted in such a way that a body must get all necessary and sufficient elements, the metabolism and energy level must be maintained and you should be able to enjoy a healthy life staying in shape.
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There is another important reason why people are going crazy over losing weight and that is the health aspects of being overweight.
If you want to get rid of fat, you will need to change your diet and start eating healthy foods that have a low calorie count as well as being nutritious at the same time.
If you have said yes to any of these things to yourself or experienced any of these frustrations you need to do something, Now! Motivating Health has a proven weight loss system that will profoundly change your life in 10 weeks. Exercise as the sole purpose for weight loss can quite often see weight gains through a condition called exercise induced hunger.
Also the Emotions of some of those around us, quite often family and very good friends (People who love us) are just as important to manage and ignored by every other weight loss program available. The Positive People – These are the people who are completely invested in you and your goal and really want you to succeed. The Subconscious Sabotages– These are the people who tell you you look fantastic, we support you, we know it’s important to you blah, blah. The easiest way to start is to pick up the phone and give us a call on 02 43650123 or direct on 0423 721 941. Receive more weight loss & other health information through our regular blog posts, some of which may interest you, some may even be controversial. If you already exercise but still have issues with too much weight, then working out harder or even smarter may make all the difference in putting your body into the calorie debt it needs on a daily basis to lose weight. Thanks for supporting my blogging adventures!606shares Share on Facebook Pin to Pinterest+What's This? I found one I really liked – it was one of those notebooks with different sticky note to-do lists.
That’s how I usually keep track of my to-dos in my daily planner, but each week I have to copy over any undone items to the next week.
You can either fill it out on your computer, then print it out or print it out and fill it out by hand. I found this super adorable weekly printable to-do list in one of my favorite color combos – shades of blue and green. Note: the link to the pens below contains an affiliate code which will result in WhatMommyDoes receiving commission for any purchases. I write blogs posts about my favorite things, say, the best books I’ve found to encourage my kids to eat veggies.
A person must know how much he should weigh and there are many tools available for this calculation. Always select a diet program keeping in mind that body wants to get rid of the excess fat not the essential proteins, vitamins and carbs.
And it’s no wonder when everywhere you go, you are judged by your looks and shape, rather than talents. These foods are incredibly high in calories and when you consume these foods, the extra calories that are not burnt off have no where to go except to be deposited into your body as fat.

We are experts at what we do, we live by our own principles and we enjoy what we do. You should take a few minutes to read through this whole page and then give us a call.
So if weight loss is your goal and your current gym or personal trainer has not included the Motivating Health – Weight Loss Detox Centre Two stage weight loss plan, which includes our emotional management component, you are being misled about your chances of successful & lasting weight loss. A big part of the success of our program is the fact that we address how our emotions impact us on both a positive and negative level. We’ll keep you informed and educated and entertained with relevant and up to date health & exercise information.
Wilson Ray keeping your life up with more useful tips, like education guide, business solutions, marketing ideas and more. It depends on what type of person you are as to what type ofA weight loss programs are likely to be the most effective for you personally. Of course, healthy foods from all of the food groups are best because your body needs micro and macronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti oxidants, etc.) to lose weight fast.
Join me as I write about fun kids activities, family finances, and losing 50 lbs after baby #3.
Purple’s my fav color so you don’t have to twist my arm too hard ?? Just let me know, and thanks again! Your physician will help you in this regard or you can use BMI (body mass index) that will give the pound range for the specified height and gender.
Even if you are an MBA, if you have a fat belly it can hurt your chances of getting a decent job. To name a few, heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problems, you name it – each one of these has its roots in obesity! If on top of this you are getting very little exercise, it is a perfect recipe for becoming overweight in a very short amount of time. You will find that within a week or two you will start to feel noticeably better.Visit this site for more information.
The biggest detriment to losing weight is not understanding that a permanent lifestyle change is necessary and that a simple rule of calories is at the heart of all successful programs designed to help you lose weight. The simple rule is for your body to burn more calories than you are taking in to lose weight. If you are more sedentary, then a calorie reduction program that includes extra snacks would be helpful. It may not be right, but that’s the way it is: slimmer people get better and more attractive jobs than their fatter counterparts.
If you start consuming less and exercising more you will stack the balance in your favor and start seeing the pounds fall off. You can either do this by eating fewer calories (a diet), or you can do it by burning more calories with increased activity.
If you are always on the go, then an activity-based program that allows you to eat more may be helpful. To some people this means a regular diet of burgers with chips and a large soft drink to go. Those in between need to find a program that meets both food intake and activity output somewhere in the middle.
Overweight people hardly get much respect from their colleagues or even society in general; it is sadly often the case that everywhere they go they are taunted and ridiculed. This is because activity builds muscle that requires more calories to sustain itself than fat.

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