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Every week when dredged leg day comes around again, you have to make that one big decision. So many people avoid squatting not due to the weight, but due to how hard they are on your breathing. When you work your legs hard, your body has to adapt and grow to cope with the ever increasing demand your progression requires. When you can sit down in a heavy squat with your back up straight and legs at 90 degrees, your core will be as strong as your legs and your mid-section will be as tight as drum! Are you looking for a safe and effective weight loss training program for your child? Does your child need to be motivated to exercise? SMD Health and Fitness offers a safe, specialised and unique child fitness training program that has been designed to help kids get motivated, increase strength and lose weight, whilst having a lot of fun in the process. Our program is also educational by teaching kids the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping active. Our team does everything it possibly can to ensure your child feels immediately comfortable and safe in our gym.
We are one of the few gyms in Newcastle to offer a program like this without any lock-in contracts, memberships or joining fees. As far as my fitness goes, I did notice that from late summer to just recently I did relax my meal plan more than usual.
After the last HFC event in May of last year I weighed in at 182 pounds with a 32” waist and felt great about what I accomplished during the competition,and the transformation that I had just completed!I also like to eat all foods, and thus here we are now, which by the way I weigh 199 pounds with a 36” waist!
Potassium: You can find a lot of cheap yet quality variations, this is the one I take Potassium.
Triple flex: I use this to support my joints — being a very active 55+ guy I put alot of stress on my joints and use Nature Made Triple Flex to keep me moving! Last but not least on this work out is my triceps (back of arm) my favorite body part to work out.
I do 3 sets of Tricep pull-downs on the machine with as much weight I can do with good form.
Next I turn my body 180 degrees and do overhead Tricep extensions with the rope and do 3 more sets. Warm up with Elliptical Trainer I ussually put it on manual for 10 minutes at level 9, to burn fat I like my heart rate in the 145-150 range and a great way to warm up my legs.
Next I do 3 super-sets (do curls and then ext ions with no rest between) of leg curls and leg extension on the machines.
Next I do the leg press (or slide) ( I don’t do squats anymore because a I a disc issue) I start with a 45# plate on each side and add a pair of 45?s after each set. Elliptical Trainer, set on manual for 30 minutes at level 9, to burn fat I like my heart rate in the 145-150 range.
For biceps I do various DB curls, 30-40# range, some are standing DB curl, some are seated 1 arm concentration curls, I like the French curl bar (Bent bar that ez on your wrists ) I like to finish with a couple of sets of preacher curls on the machine.

Elliptical Trainer, I put it on manual for 30 minutes at level 9, to burn fat I like my heart rate in the 145-150 range.
I'm passionate about fitness and health and sharing what I have learned the hard way with those that are willing to listen. Squatting with a Swiss ball against a wall, keeping you back straight and head up is also a great way to introduce yourselves to the squat for the first time. You should be able to feel the weight transfer through the entire leg as you move towards the ground. Eating late at night, indulging in late meal snacks such as ice cream, cereal, and cookies just to name a few of my vices became more consistent.
I like letting myself go and enjoying the “good food” the world has to offer, I also enjoy the dedication, determination, and hard work it takes to make the body transformation that I have been doing for the last several years!
My goal with be to create a meal plan that will burn the fat and at the same time feed the muscle. I am doing 30 minutes for each session and will slowly ramp up the time as we go along; currently I’m doing four 30 minute workouts every week,I am combining the P90X workouts with my free weight workouts.
If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to complete the contact form below! Now in my late 50's I know first hand that age is not an excuse to being healthy and looking great! A 90 degree squat with your legs shoulder width apart will initially recruit you quads at the front. Even with the lightest weight on you back, your breathing becomes harder and your diaphragm compressed.
Due to the fact Squats incorporate so many muscle groups, your body will be forced into a growth overload.
When I see someone performing squats with good form in the squat rack, I instantly think, ‘Good on you, hope that hurts tomorrow’! This means that the types of exercises we choose are based on your child’s needs and abilities. Our child weight loss training program is cost-effective, flexible and has been priced to fit into your family budget.
2013 was a great year for me on many levels and I looked forward to 2014 being even more productive and fulfilling.
During that time I only did cardio about once a week and kept my weight resistance training somewhat consistent. Many weight loss programs focus on losing the weight (fat and muscle) The HFC way is focused on losing fat and either maintaining or increasing your lean body mass (muscle) during the process. I’ll perform some variation of squat each week as part of my quad workout as I believe that squats are the answer to complete leg development.
Width of legs, angles of feet, position of bar on your back, head position and the angle of your back when in the seated position are all things which we must consider.

Squats can only help in those areas, so if you’re having trouble, get someone to assess your form and make the corrections so you can incorporate squats into your weekly routine. As you move downwards you’ll find that your glutes and upper hamstring will become tight, giving you the ability to change direction and burst upwards once you have hit parallel. Once you start going through the reps your heart is trying to pump enough blood to your legs to perform efficiently. The hormones your body will produce from a big squatting session will not only contribute to your leg development, but also be distributed through your body, helping you to recover better from the rest of your resistance programme. Your lower back, Abs, upper back, Traps and obviously your legs are all key in performing the squat. It was strange because I realized I can become addicted to sugar just like millions of other folks all around the world. A 90 degree squat will incorporate the whole leg, from calves to hip flexors at the front and at the back. As your legs demand more blood, the rest of your muscles and organs become drained, which is one reason why we feel sick after squatting. If you have a weak lower back, you’ll probably find that you’ll fall forward as you lower the weight.
We’ve trained kids of all shapes and sizes, from kids who are overweight to children who are adverse to any form of physical activity.
I craved sugar especially after diner, and it became normal for me have that snack at night on a regular basis. Using a medium to high rep range is a great way to build legs, burn calories and become super fit. A set of 20 squats sure splits the men from the boys (or girls from women) and will always leave you feeling pumped and exhausted. I have a passion for real food, organics, GMO labeling, Young Living essential oils & green living. It really depends upon how long it takes you, your intensity and your current weight and such.
There are apps that will tell you how many calories you burned based upon the type of workout and your weight and such. We eat fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, dairy, meat, and even indulge in the occasional ice cream (We buy Edy’s natural with nothing artificial in it).Let me know if you have any other questions! Sure it’s nice, but depending upon the age of the kids, they can watch or even try and do it with her.

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