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Fitness Formula Clubs’ new, comprehensive nutrition program is designed to help set you up for success both at the gym and at home. John L Coon, MD is fully certified by the American Board of Surgery and recognized as a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. He graduated from the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Chicago and completed an Internship at the Saginaw Affiliated Hospitals. Army before completing a surgery residency at the University of New Mexico Medical Center Hospitals in Albuquerque.
Following residency, Dr Coon completed a fellowship in Burn and Trauma at the University of Southern California and then took a position as Assistant Director of the University of Southern California Burn Unit at Los Angeles County Hospital for one year.

Coon then entered private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of New Mexico. In 1994, he and his wife Mary moved to Lake County, Montana to practice surgery and to open programs in laparoscopic surgery and gastrointestinal endoscopy.Dr.
Coon became very interested in obesity surgery in 2000, and took numerous courses on bariatric surgery. In 2002, after substantial effort, training and preceptorships with recognized bariatric surgeons, he began offering bariatric surgery to his patients in Montana.
He also came to believe that anyone performing weight loss surgery should do so full time and not as part of a general surgery practice.

Coon began looking for a new place to practice where he could perform bariatric surgery exclusively. After looking at several opportunities, he chose his current practice in Riverside, California.Dr. He accompanied his colleague on daily rounds, assisted him with bariatric operations, and saw almost all of his patients.

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