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Specifically, overweight and obesity tends to raise total blood-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, as well as lower HDL-cholesterol levels. However, weight control is a powerful weapon in the struggle to reduce the risk of these health problems. What’s more, you do not necessarily have to lose large amounts of weight to reap the benefits. After giving birth to your beautiful baby there are so many things that can distract you from taking care of yourself. Post-Pregnancy Weight LossWe know that post-pregnancy weight loss can be difficult to achieve. If you’ve tried every fad diet out there, used every machine in the gym, gone on long walks after work, and anything else you could have thought of, you might still have trouble. While you may have used every piece of gym equipment out there, have you used it correctly? When a doctor helps supervise your weight loss, you may think that something is odd about that, or you may feel embarrassed.
Get ready for a fully Customized Weight Loss Program based on the results of your lab tests, how quickly you want to lose the weight and your everyday time demands. This Modified Profast program includes regular foods from an approved list, some meal supplements and delicious protein shakes. This program incorporates a well balanced, controlled calorie diet that allows you to lose weight utilizing all food groups. Metabolics maintenance plans will help you keep the weight off once you've reached your weight loss goal. Complete medical weight loss evaluation through a series of office and lab tests analyzed by our physicians. Healthy food alternatives, including profast supplements and injections to ensure you are getting proper vitamins and minerals. Reducing your current weight by just 10% can make a huge difference in the way you feel on a daily basis.

People who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop serious health problems, including: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some types of cancer.
If you carry excess weight around your waist, your chance of developing metabolic syndrome increases as well.
Losing weight helps lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, and it may even raise HDL cholesterol. Studies have shown that even modest weight loss can lower blood-cholesterol and triglyceride levels and improve conditions related to high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s just a fact that in our modern day society, the ideal man or woman is toned, fit, and slim, while a vast majority of the country is in fact overweight. It’s not easy losing weight on your own, and when it feels like you’ve done absolutely everything possible and still failing, it’s even harder to continue going on your own. But have you ever had a medical professional look over your diet and try to find some plan that works for your body? The results may vary, but you’ll still find a healthy way to lose the weight you want, and with the care and support you deserve.
We have taken care to arrange the distribution of calories, particularly carbohydrates, to facilitate the loss of fat weight, retention of muscle mass, and appetite control. For those of us with a few extra pounds to lose, it may be a long and difficult process that gets put aside every so often.
Many people aren’t actually sure of what sort of plan they should be following, or whether they’re doing it properly.
If you have issues keeping a good iron level, for instance, we have a way to keep you healthy and working towards your goal. Having someone else encourage you on has been proved to help you more than heading forward on your own, and for good reason. Your program will be custom tailored from one of the metabolic programs below, then it will be adjusted accordingly by the doctor to insure the safest and greatest chance for steady weight loss. After all, when you don’t see much of a change on the scale, it can be very easy to give up, or to say that you’ll try again some day.

For a while, something may seem to work, but if you’re not consistently making progress, you may peter out. We provide encouragement and emotional support as much as we offer medical advice, and we’ll always be there for you when you stumble or fall.
With someone else reminding you of all the things you’ve accomplished, and that you don’t have to give up because you messed up one day, you’re more likely to keep walking forward, rather than giving up! We have our staff check you out, finding out what foods you prefer, and how you’ve been reacting on your previous diets to find a nutritional diet that will suit you. Breaking your diet, or skipping the gym, or even skipping a good night’s sleep just once doesn’t have to ruin all you’ve accomplished, and we’ll be there to remind you of that.
With a good diet, you’ll feel better about every day, enjoy your meals, and be encouraged to continue! We’ll help you go over a personalized exercise plan suited to your body’s limits and what you can handle, and show how you should be encouraging your body to keep going. Statistics show that the more support you have, the more likely you’ll continue onward with your goals and reach the weight you’ve wanted to be at. This is impractical to all since these interventions are inaccessible to many type 2 diabetics.
We’ll help you balance anaerobic with aerobic training, and show you how to maximize your calories burned. On the other hand, while commercial weight loss programs like Weight Watchers may be more accessible, many diabetics, particularly those in other countries than the US, cannot afford it. If you ever have any questions about it, we’re just a phone call or appointment away, and we’ll help you change any part of the plan if it needs it!

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