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Immersive methodology works: come to KoruCenter in Denver, Colorado to begin your long-term weight loss journey.
Colorado, the second healthiest state in the nation, is the best place to start your weight loss journey. KoruCenter has a five-pronged approach to sustainable weight loss: behavioral change, nutrition, fitness, clinical expertise, and ongoing support.
KoruCenter believes that when you’ve been struggling with weight month after month and year after year, the only true way to shake things up is to take time out of your life and immerse yourself in a program that teaches you how to lose weight through behavior modification and nutritional guidance with exercise as a necessary factor.
KoruCenter takes you outside during at least 50 percent of your time with us when exercising and teaching. We Want to Hear From You!KoruCenter prides itself on a hands-on, personalized approach to helping our clients lose weight….that approach begins when you’re deciding whether to attend our camp and extends long after you leave. About the ClientSlimU is a weight loss clinic utilizing red-light lasers to "melt away" unwanted fat and incorporating fitness and cleanse programs to sustain a healthy weight for patients struggling to get healthy. About the ProjectThe company was brand new and the center was preparing to open in a month.

Come to KoruCenter in Denver, Colorado to start the sunny months off right by shedding weight and learning how to sustain your weight loss.
We provide altitude training and the best experts in the country at this immersive residential-style weight loss camp. Achieve your goal of losing 20-30 pounds in one month through hard work and exceptional guidance.
We want our clients to not only lose weight while with us but to continue losing weight when they return home after learning the right tools from our experts! Similar to learning a language through immersion techniques (moving to the country of the language spoken), one must truly immerse themselves in a new concept and take themselves out of their comfort zone to make progress. We feel that a balanced methodology when exercising is important, and what better state than beautiful Colorado to begin your new weight loss adventure? We’re always available to answer questions you may have, whether they’re about specific logistics for your scheduled visit or general questions about our programming and philosophy. Logo and Identity were created first, and other projects included flyers, forms, announcements, booklets, and business cards.

Average weight loss was approximately 26-29 pounds and did not differ significantly between groups.
We understand that spending too much time inside at a gym can be monotonous, so we teach you how to utilize the natural environment in your exercise routine. Starting out, the primary focus was to get the info out to people and get the clinic running. The ultimate goal taking a sustainable and non-threatening or intimidating approach to your weight loss goals no matter where you live!
In this controlled experiment, two IsaLean Shakes replaced two meals each day for seven days.

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