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Your Ultimate Nutrition and Wellness was founded in 2009 through training professional athletes in each sport.
We have developed an exclusive nutrition line, not just for the professional athlete, but for the everyday working person so they can live a healthier life. Our mission is to educate our clients to make health conscious choices through a multidimensional approach to health and wellness.
Along with our client programs we have certified personal trainers to help with flexibility, body contouring and resistance training.
Your LA Monthly Diary enables you to easily track your daily food choices, and features weight loss and motivation tips to help you stay focused and lose weight fast.

Welcome to our blog which will keep you up-to-date with health and lifestyle tips, and nutritional adviceReady to get started on your journey to a healthier you? With many years of combined experience and education our team has developed the best comprehensive program for our clients through alternative medicine and continued support to help them reach their health and wellness goals. It starts with Step #1 the Ultimate Weight Loss Kit, Step # 2 is the Ultimate 8-Day Detox Kit and Step #3 is the Ultimate Weight Management Kit. Your Ultimate Nutrition works with Naturopathic Physicians that maintain only the highest medical principals through our doctor supervised programs for our patients to achieve ultimate health. When putting the proper nutrition and exercise together you will receive the ultimate health benefits.

Read the client starter information to learn more..Are you a hypnotherapist wanting to include the program in your practice offerings? While he may have been talking about another company, like them we offer nothing but the best products to help you achieve your individual potential.

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