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Weight loss programs at Northeast Urgent Care Clinics & Deerbrook Family Clinic include Phentermine Rx, which involves an evaluation from a physician, a discovery of your personal goals and assessment of your health.
Fat burning essential amino acid injections, including B12, will be given to increase your metabolism to assist in the weight loss process. We offer the most comprehensive, safe, and affordable care in the Evansville Tri-State area. Provide counseling on diet, exercise, and appetite management with weight loss supplements for losing weight. What Makes Our Program SuperiorOur program is very comprehensive and helps you from all different directions including Medical, Nutrition, Exercise and Behavioral aspects of care.

This also helps to reset the hormone center, so you will not gain weight as easily in the future, as long as you follow a proper diet. Your first visit will consist of a complete history and physical exam by our physician who is a member of American Society of Bariatric Medicine. Injections cost $20 per shot, only $10 on the day you see the doctor, if given with Phentermine Rx. You will also get blood testing for diabetes, anemia, cholesterol, thyroid testing, and EKG if warranted. You will be given dietary and exercise advice including weight loss tips, behavior modification strategies, and FDA approved medications to help your lose weight.

Quick weight loss with sustainable results can be seen with our weight loss program using different approaches including weight loss supplements.

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