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Rehabilitation for companion animals is the new standard of care for treatment of many conditions that limit an animal’s mobility. Manual or manipulative therapy involves the therapist applying hands-on techniques to achieve beneficial movement of joints and muscles. Exercise is the mainstay of rehabilitation for most conditions, and is also vital for conditioning  healthy pets. Therapeutic ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to stimulate tissue beneath the skin’s surface. This modality uses electrodes and a low electrical current to stimulate nerves at the nerve-muscle junction, causing the muscle to contract. Water exercise, whether in the pool or treadmill, is an important component of rehabilitative therapy to facilitate movement and speed recovery. Buoyancy: Exercising with less stress on joints decreases pain and facilitates effective exercise, especially for overweight animals or those with joint injury. Pain relief: Warm water has a soothing, compressive action that improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. Metabolism: Exercise in water burns 5 to 10 times as many calories as exercise on land, thus increasing cardiorespiratory endurance and aiding weight loss.
Core strength: Swimming challenges balance and coordination and strengthens abdominal and back muscles. Immediately following surgery, supplements should make up a large portion of a patient’s nutrition.
Rehabilitation accelerates healing and helps maximize return to normal muscular or motor function.  Injury, surgery or immobilization can lead to rapid muscle loss and joint stiffening.
Some techniques that we use are: massage, trigger point therapy, passive range of motion, stretching, and joint mobilization.
Molecules within soft tissue cells absorb this energy and transform the electromagnetic energy to biochemical energy, and as a result cell metabolism is increased and tissue repair stimulated. This is a method of deep heating which increases blood flow and reduces swelling and edema. It can be used to increase range of motion, stimulate atrophied muscles or relax muscle spasms. Ademas, debemos destacar que, pese a que todos conocen la importancia de beber agua, se desconoce la relacion que esta puede tener con el proceso de adelgazamiento.

Stephen Boyce, a Knoxville bariatric surgeon, has created a multivitamin specifically with the post-bariatric surgery patient in mind. New Life Powder Multivitamins are powder supplements that are easier to swallow than traditional pills or capsules. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to serious medical conditions such as anemia, osteoporosis, bone pain and fractures, encephalopathy (brain dysfunction), and paralysis. Our Office is located at: Physicians Plaza 1, Suite 305 Turkey Creek Medical Center 10810 Parkside Drive Knoxville, TN 37934.
Manual therapy works together with other approaches used in the rehab program to increase circulation, reduce pain and improve function. We’ll have your dog negotiating cavaletti rails, weaving around cones, and climbing stairs and ramps.  We develop essential core strength and balance via wobbly boards, physioballs and trick training. Laser irradiation has been linked to changes in nerve conduction and blood flow, production of new blood vessels, and increased metabolism of pain-modifying molecules.
Heat therapy is used later in the healing process to increase blood flow and flexibility.  Heat is especially soothing to arthritic patients. Muscles relax, which is also soothing for dogs with arthritis, neuromuscular disorders and cancer.
Pero, ?como hacer la dieta del agua?Gracias a la dieta del agua, puedes obtener diferentes beneficios, como el de tener tu cuerpo bien hidratado: tu piel mejora de forma significativa, notaras que tu energia aumenta, tus musculos cansados lo agradeceran, se reducira el estrenimiento, disminuiran los dolores de cabeza y la sensacion de hambre. As a practitioner of bariatric surgery for over 20 years, he understands the serious nutritional deficiencies that patients who undergo significant weight loss procedures can develop. Using New Life Multivitamins, patients can expect to spend about $27-$30 per month for their vitamin and mineral supplementation – about 30% less than what they would spend on other bariatric brands on the market for the same content of vitamins and minerals. New Life Multivitamins are the only bariatric supplements that meet or exceed the recommendations of the ASMBS, OS, and the AACE. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University and earned his medical degree at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Changes in nerve input and transmission caused by the manual work are thought to underlie its effectiveness. We use standard physical therapy equipment and also teach clients how to improvise at home. We use therapeutic laser extensively to reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Aun asi, es probable que al empezar con esta dieta notes pocos cambios, pero con el paso del tiempo, tomando agua notaras excelentes resultados. Along with New Life Bariatric Vitamin Supplements, New Life also offers protein supplements through their website at the cheapest price available on the Internet. Patients are able to mix a scoop of the powder into a few ounces of water or add the powder to a protein shake or yogurt and receive all the necessary daily vitamins without the hassle of a pill. Protocols may incorporate any of the following modalities depending on your pet’s condition and needs.
Postoperative healing, aging or arthritic dogs, and orthopedic problems particularly benefit from this “bodywork”.
It is especially useful for treating wounds, inflammation, arthritis, and acute tendon and muscle trauma. Boyce has designed his line of New Life Bariatric Supplements – supplements that are created with pharmaceutical grade, bio-available compounds. Boyce, a practitioner of Knoxville bariatric surgery, says that using New Life Bariatric Supplements is often times less expensive than eating food. Teaching you a home exercise program is an important aspect of therapy.  Our overall goal is always to decrease pain and increase mobility.
Laser therapy with our Cutting Edge Class IV (pictured lower left) or our Class 3B (pictured lower right) therapeutic laser is offered for appropriate conditions. Boyce’s line of New Life Bariatric Multivitamins were created for his patients specifically to offer them a more affordable, effective, and simple way of getting the nutrition they need both before and after surgery. Por esto, el consumo de agua tambien debes hacerlo con moderacion, no es recomendable beber demasiada agua en poco tiempo.
Ademas, debes tomar en cuenta que esta dieta del agua, asi como cualquier otra dieta o plan alimenticio, requiere de la previa consulta con el medico, especialmente para evitar complicaciones en tu salud.Asimismo, no olvides que todos los datos que compartimos en OnlinePersonalTrainer cuentan con un caracter puramente informativo, y en ningun momento sustituye las recomendaciones de un medico, nutricionista o experto de la salud.

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