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Food is the number one issue for those of us with weight issues.  Be sure to click below to learn how to use food to your advantage in losing weight.
Diet For Weight Loss - English - Dailymotion - How to lose weight tips, Weight loss diet-healthy diet in Hindi - quickly weight loss tips by Weight Loss Tips. If you are really serious about losing weight and have already tried plenty of diet plans to no avail, then it’s high time you switched to the so called ‘Colon Cleanse Diet’.
In addition to this, the diet plan would make sure that anything and everything harmful in your stomach and digestive tract is flushed out effectively.
Removal of waste materials from the digestive tract can lead to weight loss: Waste materials present in the intestinal tract can contribute to your overall body weight and can also contribute to those extra inches around the waist.
Aimed at quick weight loss, a colon cleanse diet would usually involve the intake of more liquids and less solids. In this method, the individual would consume more liquids and limit the intake of solid foods to a minimum.
Basic variants of this method include the Water Diet (drinking only water for 10 complete days), the Fruit Cleanse Diet (eating fruits and drinking water for a number of days), the Fruit and Vegetable Cleanse Diet (eating only fibrous fruits and vegetables for a number of days), the Fruit Juice Cleanse Diet (drinking only fresh fruit juices for about 20 days), the Green Shake Cleanse Diet (drinking juices made of water and fibrous fruits and vegetables for a number of days), and the Master Cleanse Diet (drinking only lemonade mixed with cayenne pepper and maple sugar for about 10 days).
Often practiced by a qualified (and licensed) professional, colon hydrotherapy is a cleansing procedure that involves inserting a thin disposable tube into the rectum and then pumping warm water, soap solution or colon cleanse products (like colonics of enemas) into the body.
Individuals wishing to perform anal cleanses at home can opt for an enema device that would help remove waste materials that might have collected at the lowest part of the colon, including the bowel. Individuals who don’t favor anal colon cleanses can opt for oral colon cleanses which would involve ingesting a colon cleanse product orally for a number of days.
The product would effectively break down these waste materials and purge them out of the intestines to be eliminated during bowel movements. Note: Individuals who suffer from constipation usually take laxatives to regularize bowel movements. The oxygen based colon cleanse method is similar to the anal cleansing method with the exception of one factor, the product used for the procedure.
The basic procedure for oxygen based colon cleanses involve inserting a tube into the rectal cavity. Most colon cleansers available in the market contain some form of herbal ingredient or the other in them. Herbs like cayenne and ginger are known for their antioxidant and laxative properties that aid in easy digestion and assimilation. Note: It is considered wise to consult with a qualified herbalist before opting for herbal based colon cleanses.
Though following very low calorie diets may result in rapid weight loss in the short term, slow and steady wins the weight loss race. Every person has a different situation, so the approach to losing weight depends on the individual. Ultimately, the best way to lose weight is to change the habits that are causing the extra weight. No one has control over everything, but we do have control over what and how much we eat and how much we pay attention.

If you want to achieve your weight-loss goals, tracking your food intake and conducting regular weigh-ins are practical and risk-free lifestyle-based methods for losing weight. Ruth Frechman, MA, RDN, CPT, is an ACE certified personal trainer, author and past spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Beauty Tips: UrduTotkay provide you the best home made Totkay for your daily life, even beauty tips in Urdu and English as well. Don’t be misguided by the name for the colon cleanse diet is not actually a diet, but incorporates a diet with other procedures that would cleanse your body off harmful radicals, toxins and other unwanted impurities that could cause weight gain or curb weight loss.Basically, the colon cleanse diet uses plenty of liquids in the form of water, juices and other beverages to help you lose weight. And that is why they are considered extremely beneficial for those who wish to lose weight quickly and effectively. A colon cleanse diet would effectively flush out these waste materials, thereby reducing the weight associated with them and your pot belly in the process.
Based on this principle, the different kinds of colon cleanse weight loss plans can be divided into the following broad categories.
This would enable the body to flush out all kinds of unwanted waste materials from the entire body. Removal of these waster materials from the body can in turn help reduce weight (due clogged up intestines and bowels) to a great extent.
The product can be in the form of a liquid, powder or capsule which when taken orally, would help break down waste materials that might have collected in and around the walls of the stomach, digestive tract and intestines.
This in turn would keep your system clean, healthy and devoid of impurities that could lead to weight gain.
Although this can be considered as an effective way to clean the digestive tract and bowels, it needs to be noted that constant use of laxatives can lead to side effects like dehydration, bowel incontinence and muscle loss in the colon lining. In this case, the product used for cleansing the colon would be oxygen which acts as both a natural healer and an energy booster. Oxygen byproducts like ozonated magnesium oxides are then pumped into the rectal cavity and the colon. Individuals who do not want to opt for the above mentioned products can opt for herbal based colon cleansers which help cleanse the system by stimulating contractions in the walls around the bowel.
These herbs are usually available in the form of supplements that need to be taken orally for a stipulated period.
Herbal colon cleanses cannot be used to treat digestive disorders and chronic constipation.
The nutrition experts in our professional membership are ready to help you create the change to improve your life.
If not eliminated, these impurities can grow to harmful levels and cause other health related ailments like gastric and digestive system related disorders. Individuals would need to choose the plan that best suits their body conditions and constraints. Water or soap solution is then pumped into the body to improve the movement of waste materials through the bowel.
The oxygen in the product would effectively break down mucous, debris and other impurities clinging onto the digestive and intestinal tracts.

Contrary to the outcome of popular reality weight loss television shows, expecting a speedy weight loss may result in more than disappointment.
For example, try limiting sweets and treats to 200 calories a day, cutting out fried foods or only eating out once a week. A colon cleanse diet would effectively remove these impurities from the system and prevent these disorders in the long run.
Prior consultation with a nutritionist would also be considered wise before opting for a colon cleanse weight loss plan. Other alternatives to the device include coffee enemas and clay enemas, both of which need to be administered anally as well.
It would also regulate bowel movement and cleanse the system completely of impurities that can lead to weight gain or curb weight loss. As such, it would be considered safe to first test a small amount of the product on the body and then use it on a regular basis only in the absence of negative side effects.
Replace those old habits with new good habits, such as trying new fruits and vegetables or a new exercise classes.
While some people get depressed or angry to see the scale stay the same or even go up, the scale can make or break weight loss efforts. But if you consume foods with little or unfamiliar taste, the brain thinks the body must be starving (why else would you eat tasteless food?), thus lowering the set point and causing weight loss.Spice Up Your Life 2 of 7 All photosAdding a wide variety of flavorful spices to your foods can help you control portion sizes and lose weight.
Research shows that people eat less when their food tastes new and spicy (perhaps because we're forced to pay attention to it?). The crazier the blends of spices, the more novel the food will taste and the more benefits you'll reap, so don't be afraid to mix spices and go out of your comfort zone.
But according to scientists who study the hunger hormones leptin and gherlin, eating too often can mess with your body's natural signals.
A popular method is called the "No S Diet" for "no snacks, no sweets, and no seconds, except for on days that start with 'S'."Eating Sweets While Cooking 4 of 7 All photosFor the cook who loves tasting as they go, licks, sips, and nibbles can add up fast, leaving you feeling as if you've already eaten a meal before it actually ends up on the table.
To quell the tasting urge, some experts recommend sucking on a highly flavored hard candy while you cook.
The potent taste—think mint, cinnamon, or sour—will keep your taste buds busy, and the act of sucking will keep your mouth occupied.Nose Clipping 5 of 7 All photosEveryone knows that smell plays a huge part of how we taste our food—remember your fourth grade science experiment where you ate an onion and an apple with your nose pinched and couldn't tell the difference? So while it may seem a little extreme (and get you some weird looks at restaurants) clipping your nose shut during meals will help you only eat until you're full.
Although it does make your favorite foods a lot less enjoyable.One Meal a Day 6 of 7 All photosIntermittent fasting (IF) is the hottest ticket in the nutrition world right now, with reported benefits ranging from improved immunity, faster metabolism, better insulin sensitivity, lower cancer risk, and of course, weight loss. While we'd all love these rewards, not eating for 24 hours or more can feel like a marathon of deprivation.
If you typically have trouble stopping after just one sweet treat, you're better off skipping this slim-down strategy to avoid undoing any progress you've already made.

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