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Notably, earlier this year Under Armour acquired Endomondo for $85 million in an effort to ensure its digital business has a strong international footprint.
Last fall a small study conducted by researchers at Arizona State University found that the Lose It! Our MissionAs one of the few and most experienced weight loss teams in Lebanon, Advanced BMI is composed of highly trained and qualified professionals who are committed to giving you a better life.
Our extensive experience with different medical and surgical weight loss procedures began in Canada where Dr. With over two thousand surgeries performed , Dr Nagi Safa’s mission is to help you reach your goals and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Provide the safest and most advanced technologies available by using the laparoscopic and the single incision laparoscopic approaches to perform surgeries and minimize recovery time and pain. Help you reach your goal weight by maintaining regular follow up with you before, during, and after your weight loss surgery and to ensure you are on the right track by performing regular blood tests and consultations. Provide nutritional advice before and after your weight loss surgery to help you lose all of your excess weight and reach your goal without compromising your health.
Provide psychological support and counselling when needed to help you adapt to your new healthy lifestyle and your new body. About the TeamAdvanced BMI Weight Loss Surgery Lebanon Team includes, weight loss surgeons, endocrinologists, a gastro-enterologist, an experienced nutritionist in weight loss nutrition, an expert physical trainer, a psychologist who understand the challenges of long-term weight loss, and a bariatric surgery clinical coordinator with extensive experience helping patients get through the process of weight loss surgery.
Definition of Morbid ObesityMorbid obesity results from the excessive accumulation of fat that exceeds your body’s skeletal and physical standards.
2- The environment: having easy access to plentiful, processed food and inability or lack of desire for vigorous physical activity. 3- Psychosocial issues: being abused as a child, depression due to taunting which precipitates more eating. Morbid obesity damages the body through its metabolic, mechanical and adverse physiological effects on normal bodily function.
Cardiovascular Diseases (heart and blood vessels): Congestive heart failure, Coronary artery disease, ,Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Left ventricular hypertrophy, Venous stasis ulcers, thrombophlebitis. Endocrine (metabolic diseases): Insulin resistance, Polycystic ovary syndrome, Type 2 diabetes. Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary (liver diseases): Gallstones, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Musculoskeletal (diseases of bones and joints): Carpal tunnel syndrome, Degenerative joint disease, Gout, Plantar fasciitis. Obstetric and gynaecologic (diseases of the female reproductive system): Foetal abnormalities and infant mortality, Gestational diabetes, Infertility (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome POS), Miscarriage. Pulmonary (diseases of the lungs): Asthma, Obesity hypoventilation syndrome, Obstructive sleep apnea, Pulmonary hypertension.
Our ServicesAdvanced BMI Weight Loss Clinic Lebanon offers a wide array of medical and surgical services and procedures designed for significant weight loss.
When you are overweight or obese, the social consequences can be very disturbing and serious. Negative attitudes towards overweight people are generally known as bias and stigma, because these adverse attitudes affect our interpersonal activities and interactions in such a demeaning way.
Stigma may show up as verbal bias, such as teasing, ridicule, derogatory names, stereotypes, or pejorative language; while physical stigma shows up as grabbing, touching, poking, or other similar aggressive behaviours. Approximately 5% of the stomach is separated by the use of special stapling tools, and this creates a new, small Gastric Pouch. The patient eats less and feels full sooner due to the small Gastric Pouch – the by-passing of a portion of the intestine ensures that the person’s body is only able to absorb a portion of the calories consumed.
The stomach is sewed by making one or more large folds, which reduces the volume of the stomach by up to 70%, thereby reducing the capacity of the stomach. Potential reversal or conversion to any other procedure is possible after undergoing this surgery. However, the digestion process and nutrient absorption happen in the same way they used to happen before. It is highly useful as you will not feel hungry for a long time, making you involuntarily have excellent control over your appetite. What is the Gastric BalloonThe gastric balloon procedure is performed by the Advanced BMI specialists using the BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB) by Allergan.
The concept is simple: create volume in the stomach in order to rapidly induce a feeling of fullness.

Advantages of the Gastric BalloonThe BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon (BIB) program offers many distinctive benefits over conservative diets and weight loss programs.
Diet Plans for Gastric Balloon and Weight Loss SurgeryThe Advanced BMI Nutritionist is highly specialized in weight loss surgery diets.
State of the Art TechnologiesAdvanced BMI Weight Loss Center in Lebanon offers surgeries through SINGLE PORT INCISION. DISCLAIMER: Bariatric surgery does not provide sustained weight loss results without appropriate follow up with a specialized team and lifestyle modifications.
Dr Nagi Jean Safa, Bariatric SurgeonCertified Weight Loss Surgeon – Former Surgeon at the University of Montreal – Author of books about weight loss surgery. Dr Nagi Jean Safa has dedicated his professional career to the treatment of morbid obesity. Therapeutic diets for patients cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, food intolerance, etc. Special diets for infants, children, pregnant and lactating woman, vegetarians, athletes, etc.
Low Calorie Diet ProgramResearch shows that the very low calorie diet with prepacked food is a successful weight loss method. Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition ProgramThe Advanced BMI Nutritionist is highly specialized in weight loss surgery diets.
Special Program for DiabetesPatients with diabetes and insulin resistance have unique vulnerabilities related to glucose metabolism. Liposuction & Laser LiposuctionLaser Liposuction at Advanced BMI is a minimally invasive procedure that uses powerful laser technology for fat removal and skin tightening in selected areas.
Tummy Tuck and AbdominoplastyThis is one of the most widely performed procedures following weight loss in Lebanon. Body Lifting & Body ContouringAt Advanced BMI, we master all the body lifting procedures.
Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifting, and Breast ReductionThe main goal of breast reshaping is to get better shapes and proportions. Diet After Weight Loss SurgeryDrinking and eating behaviours will need to be changed following surgery if you are to be successful in reaching your goals. Arnt these all need to do is show up at the gymnasium world Well being Organisation World Health Group.
Around the same time Under Armour also acquired MyFitnessPal, which doubled its user based from 40 million in 2013 to 80 million in early 2015, after launching internationally. We are your weight loss partners and are here to make your transition to a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible.
We will provide you with the necessary information in detail about different weight loss surgeries (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric plication, gastric banding) so that you may choose the most suitable for you. Each seminar provides prospective patients with information about weight loss surgery and the Advanced-BMI Weight Loss Programs. In the medical field, we define morbidly obese patients as those with 35 kilograms or more of excess weight than their ideal body weight. The blend of a genetic predisposition to gain weight, and ample and easily accessible processed food have resulted in the obesity epidemic in North America and the world.
People who follow traditional diets and exercise routines often lose weight temporarily or don’t lose it at all, even after several attempts. Obese and overweight people are often subjected to stigma and bias, particularly suffering negative attitudes in areas of their lives such as employment, education, medical, interpersonal relationships, and mass media. Other physical stigmas include seats or chairs in public places not big enough to accommodate larger people, medical equipment too small for obese patients, or shops not carrying larger-sized clothing. Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is also known as parietal gastrectomy, or simply Gastric Sleeve or the Sleeve Surgery in Lebanon.
The laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is conducted by the introduction of a laparoscope through small abdominal incisions.
The most effective technique is to complete a hand-sewn gastrojejunostomy, instead of using the stapling tools. Gastric Plication is a laparoscopic procedure, in which Dr Safa initially makes five small incisions in the abdomen. A silicone adjustable gastric band and an adjustment port (two medical devices) are implanted into the patient. The surgeon makes use of this adjustment port to administer a saline solution, which is commonly used as IV drips, into the gastric band.

Therefore, thanks to the balloon, the patient eats less and loses weight without frustration.
Taking part in the program will give you the education and support to change your lifestyle habits and have a better chance for long-term success.
She will tailor a special plan and follow up program for every patient undergoing bariatric surgery, including the pre-operative and post-operative phase, and will guide the patient through the process of surgery. He is a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeon (Weight-Loss Surgeon) at the Advanced BMI in Lebanon and at the Sacred Heart Hospital of Montreal, and holds an academic appointment at the University of Montreal. We take care of our patients after the weight loss phase, and help them get rid of the excess skin in all parts of their body.
Your eating habits must be altered and improved to ensure there is no enlargement of your new band pouch, sleeve pouch, or gastric pouch.
The company's app currently counts 24 million users in the US and Canada, but new markets, including Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand are among those that could go live this year. Just last week Lose It!'s app was mentioned as an integrated feature in the Apple ResearchKit-enabled app, GlucoSuccess, developed by Massachusetts General Hospital.
Teague told the BBJ that since the company is profitable it has no plans to raise additional funding. He then brought his expertise to Lebanon where he has been performing the gastric sleeve, gastric plication, gastric bypass, gastric banding, and many other surgeries to treat obesity and its comorbidities in Lebanon and the Middle East. Our team will describe details of the surgical procedures, our comprehensive program, the medical effects of untreated morbid obesity, and the lifestyle changes that accompany weight loss surgery.
A video camera is connected to the laparoscope, so that Dr Safa has a perfectly magnified view of the internal organs – all displayed on a television monitor. This newly formed Gastric Pouch has an outlet which is attached to the small intestine to enable the food to empty directly into the lower part of the intestine, therefore by-passing the stomach.
Surgeons who choose not to use the hand-sewing gastrojejunostomy method due to its technical difficulties will be left with no choice but to make larger Gastric Pouches so that the instruments will fit, enough to be able to create the anastomosis. The silicone band is placed in the upper region of the stomach in a way so that it divides the stomach into two connected chambers: a main stomach below and a gastric pouch above it.
Furthermore, he is involved in the training of residents and surgical fellows on how to perform advanced laparoscopic obesity surgery.
This operation removes the excess of skin and breast tissues and thereby moves the nipple to a higher position. Following these instructions rigorously will prevent a lot of the vomiting and pain experienced by patients who are lax in following these specific recommendations. The company's branded weight scale is among a handful of partner devices for sale on Jawbone's recently launched digital health store.
He also disclosed that the number of users who pay for Lose It!'s $39.99-a-year premium service is now in the "hundreds of thousands", up from tens of thousands a year ago.
Weight loss surgery has proved to be the most efficient solution to persistent obesity and weight loss difficulty.
During surgery, which takes almost an hour, Dr Safa creates a tiny, banana-shaped stomach by removing approximately 85% of the stomach. Gas is inserted into the abdomen to provide expansion, and the whole operation is conducted ‘inside’ the abdomen. Any digestive juices produced by the pancreas, stomach, duodenum and gall bladder are directed by the Biliopancreatic Limb into the common channel in a ‘Y’ shape hook-up, thereby giving this technique its name – Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.
The band creates a stoma which plays a key role in slowing down the rate at which food flows from the gastric pouch to the lower stomach. Throughout his practice, Dr Safa performed more than two thousand laparoscopic procedures, including Roux en Y gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, gastric plication and many other abdominal surgery procedures. Following the sleeve surgery, weight loss results from eating less due to the much smaller stomach. Another contributor to weight loss is the fact that the part of the stomach which produces Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, is removed.

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