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I had been up and down with my weight for over two years and despite working out with my personal trainer twice a week I still felt like I was getting bigger and bigger. It was time for a change both physically and mentally and after trying Hypoxi and completing half my treatments before flying to Hawaii for holidays I knew it was going to change my life. I was so thrilled with my results and was inspired to change my life so in 2009 I opened my own Hypoxi studio. All in all, I lost a massive total of 93.9cm from my body and even had my results published in a feature article in the local paper!
Nicole Voorhout is not a super model, nor is she a TV soap star or socialite with a personal trainer and nutritionist on hand.
At size 24 and only 35 years old, Nicole struggled with the daily tasks of carrying the shopping up a flight of stairs, was apprehensive about finding love and deeply affected by her appearance. Nicole attended Hypoxi Studio Neutral Bay in an attempt to lose kilos from her stubborn areas and help tighten and tone her skin which had lost elasticity due to her weight loss.

So as you start setting your 2011 New Year resolutions, perhaps keep Hypoxi in mind as a tool to help you reach your weight loss goals. 21-year-old, Elaine Chong was kind enough to step forward and tell us her Hypoxi success story. My Hawaiian getaway was fabulous, I felt fantastic as my body had noticeable changes and my mind was free of hate for myself and my inability to lose weight. I did this for both myself and my mother who had recently divorced after 30 years of marriage and also needed some motivation! I’ve maintained a size 10 figure, and now eat a healthy diet and lead an active lifestyle.
Although a sceptic at first she was quickly proved otherwise “Even when my weight loss should have been slowing down, I was losing 37 cm from my hips, bum and thighs in 12 sessions of Hypoxi.
If Nicole can drop from a size 24 to a toned and terrific size 10 to take back control, there is no reason you can’t achieve anything you dedicate yourself to next year.

Elaine turned to Hypoxi to target her stomach and thigh areas, as well as for cellulite reduction. She completed two full courses where the first consisted of 12 sessions and the second with 15 sessions.
I hope through my business I can continue to motivate others to begin their own lifestyle change.
We are so proud of Elaine, and I’m sure that you would agree that she looks as amazing as ever!

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