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Before people invest their money and stick weight loss patches on with the hope they may be a miracle panacea for weight loss, it’s important to consider what health professionals, the FTC and the US Food and Drug administration have to say about their effectiveness. The ingredients in patches usually consist of a combination of natural ingredients like hoodia gordonii, seaweed and a stimulant, which purportedly control hunger and boost metabolism.
Consumers should be aware, however, that there is no evidence the patches work for weight control, and they could waste their money, says Xavier Pi-Sunyer, director of the New York Obesity Nutrition Research Center at St. The main issue with weight loss patches, say experts, is they have not proved effective in rigorous clinical trials. Since 2004, the FTC has filed several legal actions in federal courts alleging violation of federal truth-in-advertising laws by companies marketing diet patches as weight-loss aids.
According to the FTC, consumers should not count on any weight loss product that goes on the skin–especially weight loss patches. Consumers of weight loss products like the patch and supplements should be aware that although the FDA has certain responsibilities to monitor dietary products after they become available on the market, federal law does not require dietary products to be proven safe and effective before they are marketed to the public.
Bogus promotions and advertisements for health products are everywhere, yet consumers respond to these ads and infomercials and spend billions of dollars every year hoping to find a cure for whatever ails them.
Before buying and using any dietary supplement or product, always check with a health professional first.

Marketers of Weight-Loss Patch to Pay More Than $110,000 for Violating Previous FTC Settlements. Accompanying the benefits of the berry as a weight loss solution, its nutritional content poses as an essential anti-aging ingredient that fights against cancer-causing agents. These days, our lives are busy, and we will take anything that can make them just a little bit more convenient. Many other ingredients of weight loss patches are comprised of natural extracts and other organic compounds.
Except dieters stick them on and should have fewer food cravings along with a boost in metabolism.
In general, patches are typically applied once a day to the body anywhere there’s a a clean, dry, hairless place. Some clinical trials show that taking the ingredients in pill form helps with weight loss, but even in pill form evidence is lacking and results remain unclear. Prausnitz, director of the Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta in Johannes’s article.
Shrewd marketers take advantage of consumers mostly by exaggerating the claims of their products.

The companies who sell the patches say active ingredients that promote weight loss get absorbed through the skin.
No concrete evidence exists that proves the ingredients get absorbed into the body through the patches. In addition, says Prausnitz, a substance must be low in molecular weight and be oily to effectively pass through the skin, and it may have a different effect when taken orally in pill form.
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