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The Noom Wellness Coach has helped users lose over 20 million pounds, has everything you need to eat well, be active, and stay motivated. Noom has an easy-to-use, color-coded food logging system that helps you learn what’s healthy and track meals quickly. Noom has an exercise tracker with real-time GPS and pedometer to record all your activities, inside or outside or you can log activities after the fact putting in the activity, duration, and intensity. My favorite part about Noom is the coach which sets unique daily food and exercise tasks to help get to your goal.
Get instant access to exclusive fitness content, the best workouts in your city andVIP invites to all of our exclusive BurnThis events. The Coach gives you daily tasks to help create positive lifestyle changes for long-term weight loss.
I have a heart rate monitor with a chest strap and I added my exercise manually to see if it was accurate to my actual calorie burn and it was within 10 calories.
My quest for excellence, discipline and holistic training paid off in 2002 when I won the NYC middleweight thai boxing championship. Breaking through self-perceived limitations will enrich your mind, body and soul and ultimately, your life. These tasks guide you through a scientifically-backed weight loss plan that provides informational articles, fun challenges, a daily Noom score to track how you’re doing, activity reminders, plus easy and convenient food and exercise logging — the keys to successful weight loss. When you first sign up for Noom it prompts you to answer a bunch of questions to set your overall goals.

With Noom I have lost a pound in a half in one week (which was the goal it set for me) and I FEEL happier, more energetic and confident and I’m so excited for new goals and accomplishments every day! Motivated by the knowledge that two of my former students had become international champions in their own right, I turned my drive to teaching with the belief that kick boxing could benefit anyone regardless of age, sex or socioeconomic status. You can set your workout schedule weekly with whatever you want to do and optional reminders. It not only asks you your weight, gender, how often you workout, and how active you are every day but specific goals you want to set. With an uncanny focus on meticulous details and an ability to evaluate clients’ specific need and desires, I readily developed customized full body workout solutions that garnered a loyal following. It’s the easiest and most efficient weight loss app on the market for so many reasons. This part of the app gives you the option to scan your item in, quickly type it in, or Dial A Meal (shown in photo above) which you can use if you’re more advanced and know what nutrients your food contains. There’s also a widget that shows you your weekly calorie burn which I have found quite motivating.
Some of daily goals it has set for me have included taking photos of my meals for a whole day, find a few small ways to incorporate exercise outside of my regular routine, eat one meal containing more than 50% green, and reading numerous relevant and accredited articles focusing on nutrition, exercise and overall wellness. Affirmed by an explosively growing base of clients, I opened the first Punch Fitness Center in 2007. I’ll take you through some of the basics that I’ve pulled from their site along with my own review below!

What makes Noom stand out above all other weight loss apps is the meal analysis feature and how visual it makes your food choices. With every challenge, every meal logged, every workout finished you earn points and move up levels! I have the Pro Version and it’s well worth the extra $4 a month but the free app is great too! My favorite part of the exercise tracking is after you add your workout and calorie burn it automatically puts some of the those calories towards your daily intake.
This app promotes you setting and accomplishing small goals every day and living a healthy and happy life! Also, you can access your food log, exercise log, daily weight in, and waist log all on one screen! Kashi), yellow (eggs, lunch meat, low fat milk, cheese), red (candy, ice cream, whole milk, fried food). Your choices really change when you see what the ideal portions are and what you are actually eating.

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