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Pin281 Share1 +1 Tweet Stumble YumShares 282I’m way late today so I apologize for that! Subscribe to our newsletter and get our popular KIDS PRINTS SERIES all in ONE easy download! I think we really have become obsessed with calories and portions to the point that we are stressed. Our body has no idea why the stress is caused it only knows that certain hormones are signalling “trouble” which tells hypothalamus to slow down metabolism.
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Starting a new good habit is not always easy so really knowing the ‘why’ of weight loss is important. In this context, by all means, check out the review of 3 week diet program which has proven to reduce weight by 23 pounds. That can be as simple as a journal to write down what you ate all day and what exercise you did (or will do).
Whether running from a bear, watching an accident happen, severely changing your eating habits, getting tense over a deadline,… your body just knows that you have danger and will respond accordingly. Calories matter but if we are freaking out over the fact that we over did our fat (or whatever) calories, well, our bodies respond by slowing down our metabolism.

Motivation is the core of all most steps, success or failure depends on this variable and which can have lasting effects, to live a healthy and happy life or contrary.

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