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So, if we know what we’re doing that sets us up for failure, why don’t we take action? The food that is convenient is often toxic; this is learned by strolling the aisles of the grocery or stopping at a fast food joint while running errands. Just because you have a fridge full of leftovers doesn’t mean you can’t be creative while cooking-as-you-go. Spiralizers will make your veggies more fun and readily available to pair with just about anything else. Bonus: a legitimate excuse to buy yourself presents! Chop, spiralize, or food process your favorites so they’re ready for quick sauteing, roasting, salad-making, or just plain snacking. Shredded chicken can also become tacos, or you can throw it in an omelet for a protein-packed breakfast. Put the dressing at the bottom, layer sturdy vegetables on top, and cap it off with the leafy greens.
Jars are inexpensive and handy for packing food and storing it; get your hands on a few, and make easy meal prep *gasp* even easier! The best method of storage by far are large, plastic bags that can lay flat and be labeled. Parchment paper in between items of food make it easy to remove one or two at a time, and it’s also safe for the microwave or oven making reheating a breeze. Take into account everything you need including your typical snack foods and kitchen staples. Shop at a market that you know like the back of your hand; if the broccoli is on the other side of the produce section than the apples, put it first on your list. Meal prepping can look like a complicated, huge, confusing mess at first, but once you get a routine down, its becomes any easy task that can save you loads of time during the week.
Now you can take all of your protein out of the fridge to thaw in a large sink of warm water while you preheat the oven.
As everything finishes cooking,  use a scale to portion things out into the containers for each day. Well, paleo meal prep takes time which is something many of us don’t have much of to spare.

The latter two have quick cooking times while being very hands-off, much like a slow-cooker.
When you have food at your disposal ready for quick cooking like steaming and stir-fry, you won’t be tempted to choose pre-packaged food out of convenience; your fridge is already full of it. The flavor from roasting or slow-cooking one of these is untouchable with a few fresh herbs and sea salt. These recipes also tend to involve the least amount of effort put forth. Make sure that you follow the order mentioned in the beginning to prevent the base of your salad from getting soggy.
The easiest foods include ground meat dishes like burgers and sausages, savory and sweet muffins, stews and curries, and homemade sauce.
Gather up herbs and spices both fresh and dried that will complement each other well and work in all of the dishes on your menu. By following recipes exactly, we tend to run up the bill on ingredients like spices that are easily replaced by what we already have handy. Your sides and proteins will all come together well which means you won’t be eating the same thing every night.
While it’s good to reference the recipe throughout the process, it’s important to read the recipe before you begin! Another hard feat to tackle while transitioning to paleo is the new rules of the grocery store.
Pre-packaged items should be limited to cooking fats, coconut products, nuts and seeds, spices, and non-dairy milk.
Not to mention it will help you keep on track because all of your meals will already be prepared!
I usually cook for 5-6 days at a time which means, before I start cooking anything, I grab a pen and paper to list out what  to pull from the freezer to thaw.
I have a handy-dandy combo steamer from costco ($25) that lets me steam rice and veggies at the same time. While everything is thawing in the sink, take out all of your pans and line them with tin foil or spray them with olive oil so they are ready to go. After all the food is in its tupperware, snap the lids on and stack them all in the fridge to grab and eat during the week.

With the slow-cooker, you can use the oven for dishes that need to be spread flat or a meal best cooked in a glass baking dish. One of the most common complaints about leftovers is the monotony – choose a versatile protein and get creative.
Canned fish, boiled eggs, and portions of batch-cooked meat will pull a salad together with ease; there is no longer an excuse for sad desk lunches or ordering out. I simply pin the instructions to the board and rotate them out as I work through each dish. Some dishes are better with a marinade, and some ingredients work best at room temperature. We embark on a journey excited to absorb all of the new information at our disposal only to be discouraged by the vastness of it all. Including how many servings of veggies to cook, and how many servings of starchy carbs to prepare. When everything has thawed, place the it on the cookies sheets and add your preferred seasonings. Having food already prepared in your fridge is beneficial to anyone, even those of you who work from home. You may run out of a side dish before the week is over, but you can create a new one based on the protein you do have. That way, when you get into the kitchen the next day, you’ll be ready to focus entirely on cooking. This is especially true for those of us who tend to face the unexpected; staying late at work, an event with the kids, getting stuck in traffic, etc. From the list to the store to the kitchen to the table, this comprehensive guide to paleo meal prep is the key to your success. If you need ideas for freezer meals, check out our roundup of The Best Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes.

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