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Since having Ethan I have struggled to lose those last few pounds, I did really well on my Mutu System but have lost my way over the last few months.
Now I don’t need to lost much, probably no more than 8lbs so after talking through with an initial consultant my weight and desired weight loss I eagerly waited for delivery of my food.
I will admit straight away that I have never stuck to a diet for more than 2 days & that was the special K diet! I received breakfast, lunch dinner and 1 snack for 14 days along with a measuring cup, getting started guide and a shopping guide. The meal planner was really easy to use and to be honest after the first few days it became second nature to follow the meal plans on a day-to-day basis. Each day I had a different variety to eat, all I had to supply was the dairy products with salad for lunch and the vegetables for dinner. I really enjoyed the food that came with the diet and after my body got over the initial shock of the portion sizes I found that I was really enjoying the meals.

The only thing I really had a trouble with was making a different meal to my family, we’ve already made it a big thing of eating together. Overall I lost 3lbs in my first 2 weeks which in comparison to what I intended to lose this is really good going.
I had honestly felt that this diet was a fantastic way to lose weight healthy but also mentally. We assume that all persons using our products to achieve a Weight Reduction are using them responsibly, have read our plan guidance notes and are receiving constant monitoring from their Doctor or Health Practitioner. I have been through phases of cutting food & drinks out of my diet but never stuck to a set meal plan so I was worried! During this we discussed the meal plans for the first week, what would I be trying to achieve and any fears I had… yes that would be loads.
The support you get is fab but you also learn so much about portion control and food that I have taken so much away from it.

This plan works as a diet food delivery and consultant appointment via the phone to help you get your mind in the right place to help with the diet. They supply a huge portion of your food for the week with just the fruit, veg and dairy to get so if you spend around this a week on a shop for one then its no more expensive than going to a few weight loss classes, If like me you have a small family on a tight budget it could stretch the pennies a bit far. Therefore only use as part of a MRP with Medical Consultation;Medical advice is always advised before embarking on changes to your normal eating habits but especially when following a very low calorie, low sugar, low carbohydrate & restrictive diet. It is strongly advised if you are taking any medication have any medical or health issue, you contact your doctor for advice before commencing any changes to your eating regime.

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