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Think of the challenge as the best value personal trainer, dietician, meal planner, chef and motivational coach that you have access to every day Рwithout the high cost. On the 28 Day Challenge, EVERY MONTH you receive 28 Days of FAMILY FRIENDLY meal plans (all of which are customisable if you want to swap meals around to suit you or your family), daily exercise plans and daily motivation. There is a recipe hub of over 1000 exclusive challenge recipes so you never get bored and every challenge is brand new so you never get bored. You pay monthly from the date you join and can cancel at any time Рthere are no lock ins and no minimum periods.

Get daily support from The Healthy Mummy Motivating Mum team in the  private support group who run Q&A sessions all day and are there to help you succeed.
The Bub Hub"The 28 Day Challenge has been created in conjunction with the best nutritionists, postnatal exercise physiologists, midwives, and most importantly, mums! Word Of Mouth"Finally a realistic, achievable and affordable weight loss program for busy Mums. Belly Belly"Affordable and achievable for busy mums who'd love the support of a positive community and want to get healthy.

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