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My subject today is going to hit close to home for a lot of people but I want to talk a little about juicing, meal replacement shakes and other general liquid diets that won’t do you any freaking good in the long run.
I know plenty of people that swear by Shakeology, juice cleanses and even dated SlimFast diets to get a few quick pounds off before special events.
Some of these juice cleanses cost upwards of $60 a day to do something your body does for itself naturally. While at the Fitness Magazine Meet and Tweet last week Tony Horton (my fave) backed me up on this. As someone who is absolutely obsessed with delicious food it’s hard for me to imagine being satisfied with liquid meals. Sometimes we run out of time in the morning and a green monster just has to do when you’re in a bind. This entry was posted in Rants and tagged anti-juicing, diets don't work, healthy eating, juicing for weightloss, liquid diets are stupid, liquid diets don't work, rant on October 30, 2013 by ritacambest. December 4, 2013 by Olivia Richards Leave a Comment Liquid Diets For Weight Loss – How To Find a Safe One? The basic liquid diet will control a person’s caloric intake because all their calories will be consumed in liquid form. To the average overweight person, the concept of being able to lose a fair amount of weight with only a minimal amount of effort seems like a dream come true. If you are going to go ahead and put yourself on a liquid diet you will want to make sure that you are receiving the proper balance of nutrients. Many liquid diets are also lacking in enough fiber which may cause to become seriously constipated. If you are seriously considering going on a liquid diet, first discuss this with your physician. At your first meeting with your dietician, they will go over your diet completely with you to ensure that you will be getting enough calories and total nutrition. Before you plunge headlong into your liquid diet, you should first carefully read all the labels and especially make sure that you will receiving all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals as outlined by the USDA. You will also want to make sure that you will not regain all the weight you’ve lost once you return to eating solid food. If you are able to locate a liquid diet that allows you to include at least one meal a day in your food plan, then chances are you will have a fair bit of success with it. Because food and eating are such complicated issues with multifaceted roots of dysfunction for many people, it is important to facilitate a healthy relationship with your food.
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Eat green salads twice a day and replace one meal with a shake, juice, bowl of Kellogg’s, pill etc. Imagine how full you’d be if you ate 10 carrots, an apple, kale and all the other good for you things in those juices? Shakeology as a pre- or post-workout supplement in addition to moderately sized healthy meals?
The advertising for these kind of diets usually promise that you will be able to literally drink your way to a new, slimmer, trimmer you in no time at all.

So, the principle is a simple one: if you take in fewer calories than you burn off in a given day, you will drop a few pounds.
Research has shown that a liquid diet that also allows the person to consume some food has more success than those that are solely based on  liquids alone. A liquid diet which only gives you between 400 to 800 calories a day will most likely be significantly lacking in the proper nutrients. Some people especially pregnant women or women who are lactating or a person who is an insulin-dependent diabetic should never go on a liquid diet. They might recommend that you take a multi-vitamin each day while you’re on your liquid diet. This means that it will important to choose a diet that is not so low in calories  that it will be unsustainable and also that you choose a diet that will allow you to eat at least one meal per day. Just remember, though that you will need to at least modify some of your eating habits or you may very well see all the weight come back on fairly soon after you’ve resumed eating solid food. Perhaps one of the most effective ways is to use a liquid diet.Liquid DietTo drop pounds and trim your waistline quickly, you might be considering a liquid diet. It’s absolutely impossible to overeat fruits and vegetables because they make you full with less.
These kind of diets allow the dieter to consume a healthy, well-balanced meal at dinnertime.
To the more discerning dieter, these claims seem just too good to be true and are usually considered with more than a pound or two of salt. As well, if you are not consuming enough protein in your diet, you may lose a fair bit of muscle mass. Once your doctor has given you the okay to pursue with a liquid diet your next question should be to ask for a referral to a registered dietician. You will be much more successful if you choose a liquid diet that will teach you better, healthier eating habits along your weight loss journey. Liquid diets should only be used for any short term, after which a proper planned diet must be put into place. Most of the time though we have the time (especially when planned ahead) to whip something up quickly and leave a meal feeling satisfied. As soon as you revert back to your old eating habits, you will likely regain the weight you lost and then some.
If your liquid diet is missing many nutrients, you are at risk for some serious side effects which can include but are not limited to gallstones, hair loss and fatigue. Whatever you choose, be courageous and don’t allow yourself to become discouraged too quickly.
Ideally, you ought to go on this kind of diet after consultation with a doctor or nutritionist. By drastically reducing the number of calories you take in during a given week, your metabolism simply slows down in an effort to conserve energy. Some liquid diets are restricted to fruit or vegetable juices, or shakes, that replace all of your meals, taken three or four times a day. These are designed to replace each of your meals and the liquids are taken between three and four times per day. Not entirely.Actually, liquid diets have been around for a lot longer than the companies that now sell the ready-made shakes in easy-to-open cans.

Different liquid diets are your basic “do it yourself” diet, Some are sold over the counter while others are plans which are supervised by medical personnel and are usually delivered in a hospital setting with a physician overseeing the patient.
Rome was not built in a day, nor were all the extra pounds you’ve accumulated put on overnight. Our grandmothers and great grandmothers went on fruit juice and black coffee liquid weight loss diets more than a century ago. Before you jump on a liquid diet weight loss program, it’s important that you think about a few vital need to know facts about the subject so you can assess whether they’ll be right for you. Getting information on what works well for your goals and how to maximize efforts is always a smart choice. While lemon juice helps to cleanse and detoxify the body, and thereby, helps in weight loss, it does not provide any nutrients towards the body.
Besides, if had in a concentrated form, lemon juice can corrode the whole stomach and intestinal lining and cause harm.
Consume this in moderation and just as a part of the diet.Juice mealsYou can also add items to your juice meals to help boost your overall health. Things like flaxseed and even things like olive oil can be added in small doses and never adversely affect the flavor of your meal.
Dieting and finally reaching a desired weight should provide an education that will prevent regaining the weight. Adding these to your liquid diet takes little time and yields great results for your health.SoupsThe amount of nutrients obtainable in soups is enough to sustain your body for a lot of days.
The most important thing to remember is always to maintain a steady intake of liquids during the day.
It is important to spread out the consumption of liquids to at least 3 times a day, at regular intervals, to maintain your strength intact.WaterStudy any weight loss program and you will find that water just has to be a some of it. A birthday cake with ice cream appears for every birthday even the janitor gets a birthday cake.
It helps in improving blood circulation, helps in better digestion of the food, as well as in the natural course of things, helps with weight loss.
This ingredient has to be followed no matter what other forms of diets you’re following. However, only consuming water like a weight loss diet regime is not recommended as it does not provide any nutrients.
It might be used in a detox diet, or as part of other diets, but never for a longer period of time.Weight Loss Liquid DietConsiderationsTo guard your health while still reaping the weight-loss and fat-loss benefits of the liquid diet, you may want to consider enrolling in a medically supervised liquid diet program operated by a physician or by a major medical center. These programs combine prescription liquid diet products with medical screening and monitoring, counseling, organizations and exercise so that you safely lose as much weight as you possibly can.
Cellulite gives the skin a dimpled appearance, but it is a perfectly natural way for the body to carry fat.

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