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Inside the Quick Trim Essential Kit you will get 1 bottle of Kim’s Cleanser, 10 meal replacement shakes and program guide with recipes for low calorie meals. Oddly enough we weren’t able to find more details about the ingredients used inside Quick Trim. The interesting thing is that the original Quick Trim used to be different than what Quick Trim looks today. A group of several unsatisfied customers from USA filed a $5-million lawsuit against QuickTrim company because they were not satisfied with results they got from it (link here).
Very difficult to recommend a product that is obviously a money machine made by Kim Kardashian.
Nuratrim appeared on the market at the end of 2011 and right from the beginning it attracted a lot of attention, at least in UK. Kim Kardashian diet pills are made by Quick Trim, and Kim is one of their celebrity sponsors. She had the hardest time dropping those last 5 pounds that had been staying on her persistently. She is not the type of person to go after quick fixes, but this time, QuickTrim did a great job as a complementary weight loss solution.

Created by the all-famous Kim Kardashian, Quick Trim is a cleansing and weight loss product. During the first 2 days you are supposed to mix the cleanser with water and drink it, 4 times a day. If a product is supposed to help you lose weight, it would seem logical to see the ingredients used.
The original product contained diet pills with lots of caffeine in them and several other herbal ingredients not proven for weight loss.
To us just looks like Kim Kardashian is using her status of a celebrity so that she can sell whatever she wants to the world.
We say this because we closely followed this supplement since it appeared on the market in 2009. Glucomannan, Licorice extract, Capsicum and Green coffee extract are the main ingredients used inside Nuratrim. Kim has been one of the brand's celebrity sponsors for a while, and she swears the products have helped her keep her curves in all the right places.
However, by using QuickTrim to boost her metabolism and jump start her weight loss, she was able to easily shed those last 5 stubborn pounds that had kept her from reaching her weight loss goal.

For the last 5 days you are supposed to replace 2 of your meals per day with replacement shakes.
The only thing mentioned is that small amounts of caffeine and lactose are used inside meal replacement shakes. So if you want to continue using this product, you will have to buy more shakes (assuming that you still have some cleanse left in the bottle). Being in contact with manufacturers, we see that reorder rate of this fat burner is high, which obviously proves that there is something to it.
While we do our best to give you correct and factual information, sometimes errors (grammatical, spelling or factual) are possible.
And it looks like the lawsuit against Quick Trim didn’t concern Kim Kardashian too much because she redesigned the product and went to UK in order to promote it.

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