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This is the actual dieting phase, where you need to consume 32 ounce to 96 ounces of juices.
You also need to drink lukewarm water or water at normal room temperature in between each type of juice, in order to stimulate elimination. Once your diet phase is over, you need to reintroduce the normal food slowly over several days. Jumpstart your living foods lifestyle, jumpstart a weight-loss program, or lose pounds quickly before a special event.This pocket-sized book provides everything you need to know to embark on a revolutionary two-day eating program that detoxifies your system and helps you lose weight quickly. This preparation phase is very essential because the human body reacts in different ways to sudden cleansing diets. For maximizing the absorption of nutrients in the body, you need to drink the juice very slowly. You should not include the food right after the fast, because this will hamper the body system.
However, if you want to make the juice fast longer than 3 days, then it would be better to consult a healthcare professional prior to it.

You need to cut down intake of specific food items like sugar, dairy products, wheat, alcohol, coffee, and meat, because these induce cravings, headaches, and other types of withdrawal symptoms.
The green vegetables are highly rich in chlorophyll, which help to heal and cleanse the digestive tract. If you are suffering from any existing type of health condition, then also you should consult your doctor before starting the juice fast diet.
Then have an all-liquid Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch, followed by a raw food dinner Sunday night.
This diet is actually a type of detox diet, which includes consumption of only fruit juice and raw vegetables, along with water. You can include vegetables like cabbage, carrot, spinach, and such other leafy ones to make juice. The key to this diet is that it is doable, easy-to-follow, and only requires a weekend commitment. Although it cannot be used exclusively in a diet, apple juice can be used to cleanse the body of the accumulated toxins implicitly, to get rid of excess pounds and last but not least to promote a healthy lifestyle.Apple Juice Diet for Body Detoxification and Weight LossApple juice is not only a very tasty drink, but is also extremely healthy.

If you feel hunger prangs during the fast or if you are a first time user, then you can substitute some fruit juices with broth or salad. Then all through the day, you can consume green vegetable juice, apply juice, carrot juice, and beet juice. This Detox diet lasts four days, during which you’re allowed to eat only apples, apple juice and water. Also, you can add on certain days, orange juice, olive oil and other vegetables and fruits.1.
She is a certified dietician with experience in Type 2 diabetes and menu planning for weight loss.
On the fourth day, take two tablespoons of olive oil to improve your digestion and add orange juice (morning) and a table with fruits and vegetables (in the afternoon) in your diet.

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