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Juice cleansing is said to have many health benefits including increased energy, clearer skin, improved immune function and the list goes on.
My friends at Liquiteria were nice enough to send me their 3-day cleanse to try out as I train (I recommend the Level 1 Cleanse). If you’re like me and you’re very active while cleansing, don’t be afraid to make adjustments. Cleanses are great if you already a pretty healthy eater and you’re looking for a little reset. Juicing for days at a time may not be for everyone, but incorporating a few green juices into your routine is a healthy way to get bonus servings of veggies into your day (keep in mind that pressing vegetables removes fiber so you aren’t getting any from the juices but you are getting nutrients). Most juice cleanses will tell you only to engage in light exercise, if at all, and offer supplemental juices or a list of foods one could eat for some extra energy if needed. So, it should come as no surprise that juice cleanses are popping up all over the city, each of them offering a similar regime — six 500-ml juices a day for two to six days, sometimes longer by request. Out of the three major Hong Kong juice cleanse companies today (the others being Genie Concept and newcomer Be-Juiced), Punch Detox is the only one that uses all-organic fruits and vegetables, sourced from Providence Family Farm. The juices arrived the night before in three grey cooler bags, which we immediately placed in the fridge to keep fresh.
Upon waking, we had a cup of warm water with lemon to wake our digestive systems before sipping on our first juice — the Citrus Punch. After lugging the other five juices to work, which were heavier than we thought, it was time for our next juice — the Green Punch (the juices should be drank every two hours, with a glass of water or tea in between). The third juice, Red Punch, was a mix of beet, ginger, orange, goji berry, red apple and carrots. By 5pm, we’re feeling a little deprived, not to mention hungry for something a little more solid. We end up not having the last juice of the day until about 8pm, and at that point, we were absolutely ravenous. They say the first two days of a juice cleanse are always the hardest, and they’re right. The juices were exactly the same as in Day 1, except we didn’t drink them every two hours as we are supposed to. We tried to compensate by drinking mugs of hot green tea in between, which felt amazing and forbidden even though it wasn’t, and that helped soothe our stomach into submission once again. Mentally, we felt more alert and focused, and if our vivid imaginations of food were of any indication, our minds were extremely clear.
Juice number four and six are swapped for less sugary options in the level two cleanse from Punch Detox. Overall, we enjoyed our cleanse with Punch Detox despite some of the juices being somewhat simple and easy to make at home (like the Citrus Punch and Coco Punch).
And, since organic produce is not so easy to come by, we highly recommend Punch Detox due to the fact that all of their juices are organic by default, unlike the other Hong Kong juice cleanse companies.
Blake Lively, Camilla Alves and our own Laura Whitmore are all advocates of the juice detox . So when my jeans recently began to feel tighter  I placed an order to have some juices delivered.
I am no Gwyneth so I started with a three day detox with fresh juices being delivered daily at 6am. As I opened my courgette and chlorophyll breakfast on day three, I was convinced that I was beginning to photosynthesize. When I took my measurements the next morning I found I’d lost four pounds and my tummy was definitely flatter.
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And trust, me after a late Friday night out, your friends will thank you as you lay poolside for refueling their bodies with powerful potions over empty calories. Next time you’re looking for a way to super charge your beverage with vitamins and minerals — try this! Teresa Marie Howes is a health enthusiast, expert skinny mixologist, avid runner and published author.
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You’re used to waking up and eating a meal, but instead you have to drink a green juice, which actually isn’t so bad. On day 2 I had a 6-mile training run (in 82 degree heat) and my energy was at an all time low. Add some fruit in, eat some raw almonds or avocado and give yourself whatever boost you need.
I wasn’t extremely hungry or tempted by the people eating around me, but I was craving something besides green juice.
You don’t want to rush off and eat a burger; think about healthy and light options to ease yourself back into your eating routine. If you aren’t ready to jump into a 3-day cleanse, you can start with a 1 day cleanse and see how it goes. The most important takeaway from a juice cleanse is listen to your body and make healthy choices that work for you. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
By only drinking fresh-pressed juices from fruits and vegetables, your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs, while giving your digestion system a break from having to process large meals. Here’s our day-by-day review of their Level Two cleanse (more veggies, less fruit) for intermediate cleansers. A mix of celery, kale, cucumber, bitter melon, parsley, green apple and spirulina, don’t let its deep green colour throw you off. A super-sweet combination, we loved the taste and slightly thicker texture of this juice, but it does tend to leave red splotches on your upper lip (so be sure to wipe your mouth in between sips)! Made of romaine, spinach, choi sum, pear, cucumber and green radish, it’s got a more watery consistency than the Green Punch and is also quite pleasant to drink.
Unfortunately for Level 2 cleansers, the Coco Punch is a simple mix of coconut water with acai berry, and while it is sweet, doesn’t do much to fill us up. We also had more energy than we thought we would on a cleanse, and even managed to squeeze in a lunchtime workout (30-minute jog on the treadmill).
The juices have now become part of a routine, and it felt good to not have to plan out our every meal. Surprisingly though, we weren’t as hungry as we were on the first two days, and we had plenty of energy to get through the day.
We experienced all that and more, but what we liked most was how it forced us to take a timeout from our regular eat-whatever-pleases-us attitude and get our healthy habits back on track.
After the cleanse, we were much more aware of what we put in our bodies (even worried, you could say), and continued to watch what we ate (if not only to preserve our new weight of two kilograms less and the flatness of our bellies).
But, unless you have your own slow juicer and plenty of time to plan your juices, buy produce and spend hours juicing in the kitchen, we highly recommend going on a commercial juice cleanse to make sure you’re getting the optimal amount of vitamins and nutrients for each day. Yes, I could have made my own but I suspected that I would blend Hob Nobs, hot chocolate and mint Aeros for breakfast. I was full of enthusiasm and though I didn’t really enjoy the taste of anything except my lunch, I smugly sipped my way through 6kg of fruit and vegetables. It’s a the happy medium you need to make your summer fun and keep you bikini ready and healthy at the same time. This is refreshing, rehydrating and will leave everybody recharged for their Saturday soiree plans.

SkinnyTinis -- All the Fun for Half the Calories was published in 2009 in hardback, 2013 paperback and will always be the original low calorie cocktail book. When deciding which cleanse you want to do, I recommend opting for one that incorporates fruit into the green juice; it makes it sweeter and easier to get through. Don’t worry about reverse the work you already put in, just make sure whatever you supplement with is healthy and natural. That night I had a big work out (a 1 hour conditioning class at Circuit of Change followed by a 1 hour swim) so I made sure to allow a few cheats before my evening workouts began. At first I was set on sticking to just the juices and allowing no cheats, but I listened to my body (and looked at my training schedule) and made adjustments where needed.
Tthe veggie-flavoured juice was watery and actually quite easy to drink, with each green balancing the other out. This savoury juice tastes more like a salsa with tomato, cucumber, cilantro, garlic, sea salt, cider vinegar, olive oil and cayenne pepper in the mix.
It didn’t help that we had restaurant reviews to write and high-res pictures of food porn to pore over at work either. This meant that we were incredibly hungry in between each juice, and while tasty and refreshing, they just weren’t satisfying.
Finally, the day came to an end and we tucked into bed early in anticipation of a solid breakfast. It gives your poor auld liver a well deserved break from dealing with nasty toxins, it can brighten complexion, increase energy and can kick start weight loss (Read Lynnie’s Glowing Green Smoothie story). This was followed by a mid morning juice of tangy citrus and pineapple or an orange concoction of carrot, celery and ginger. I struggled with the beetroot and ginger soup for lunch and looked like the human embodiment of Grumpy Cat. If you’re holding a pint glass, that can easily top itself off with 300-500 calories by the time you add all the typical sugar summer mixers. When you’re sitting poolside and getting bombed isn’t on your agenda, but a fun cocktail is — try one of these!
This is exactly what we did on Saturday and it drew a crowd of 5 fun girlfriends for an impromptu pool party. This will yield 2, but I just quadrupled and filled up the entire juice catcher and put it in a plastic to go bottle. Sure, they are tough to get through- not eating for days at a time hits you hard, but in the end you feel clean and light. If you can’t shell out the money for a cleanse, you can also create your own juice cleanse by visiting juice bars or investing in a juicer. The end was in sight so I stayed with it and collapsed at the dairy free finish line into bed.
But there is a flip side to everything, double the socialite status also equals double the  caloric taxation. I’m currently training for my 4th triathlon (which is in about 6 weeks) and I was curious if I could do a juice cleanse while keeping up with my normal training schedule.
If you are super active I recommend doing a green juice as your morning breakfast, and then switching to food, or doing a juice-till-dinner plan where you juice throughout the day but have a real meal for dinner. I had really missed the smell, the taste and the texture of food so I eat more slowly and savour it. The wider waistline in no way works with your need to be bikini ready at any moment — so what are we to do?

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