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Celebrities battle their weight just like the rest of us and a select few have gone head to head with the bulge and won. From some of your favorite actresses and models, to one of the biggest entertainers of our time, check out who took their weight loss to the extreme for better or for worse. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street. Rob isn’t the only Kardashian who is shedding the pounds.Reality television star Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted flaunting her recent twenty-five pound weight loss! The five-foot-10 reality Kardashian has lost weight from strenuous daily workouts and a strict high-protein diet. Khloe also had to come to her sister Kima€™s defense when critics bashed Kim for her pregnancy weight gain.
She is a Certified Personal Trainer who has years of experience in Entertainment Reporting.
Putting her two passions together fitness and celebrity news, she created a unique concept, blog and show called a€?Fit With Fallona€? that educates and inspires individuals to get fit in an entertaining and fun way. Many people feel that they cannot successfully lose weight unless they join a gym or a health club.
If your body lacks the ability to do high levels of exercise, then it stands to reason that when you push it too far, it is going to rebel by fighting against what you are doing.
This leads you to reduce and eventually stop what you are doing, leaving you with the thought that you have failed again. If you don’t like exercise, then the best way to approach it is to make it fun, and not as if it was some kind of punishment.

A weight vest can be worn comfortably under your clothes, and acts as resistance which forces your body to burn more calories.
Technically this is not an exercise to lose weight at home, unless you have a large swimming pool, and if that is the case, give me your address and i’ll come over for a dip. Seriously though, swimming is a great exercise for burning calories, as it is a whole body movement.
If you really want to get slimmer then clean up your diet and engage in some simple exercises to lose weight at home.
She is an American actress and former model who is also known as the wife of actor John Travolta.
Well, according to the actress, she usually does sporty activities together with her husband, John. A gym has the advantage in that you may meet people who are in the same situation as yourself, and this can help to keep you motivated. You can either join a dance school and get professional tuition, or you can purchase a DVD relatively cheaply and follow the steps in the comfort of your own home.
Many people that like to walk to try and lose weight sometimes feel a bit awkward walking fast in the street.
It really is an under rated piece of exercise equipment, but can provide fantastic results if used regularly. The more of your body that you can engage in moving means that your body has to burn more calories. Once you can do a high number of reps, then you need to make it harder by carrying some sort of weight.

There is not much point in putting in the effort and time to exercise if you are not watching what you eat. She started to appear on screen in the year 1980, particularly portraying the role Wendy in an episode of Hawaii Five-0.
Too many people fail in this, and the main reason is not that they are lazy or they have a lack of motivation. When you exercise your legs, your body has to use a lot of energy, and this means a lot of calories. Her breakthrough came in 1983 when she was cast on For Love and Honor, playing a major role Mary Lee for about 12 episodes. The main reason why losing weight seems to be a never ending goal is that they try to do too much too soon. Many people that have been overweight for a number of years may have issues with joint pain, and swimming addresses that concern.
The same year, she also experienced her first film project which was on the action-crime-thriller film 10 to Midnight. Soon after, she was eventually seen portraying lots of acting roles on movies including Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, Love at Stake, The Experts, Waiting to Exhale, From Dusk till Dawn, Jerry Maguire, Broken Bridges, and a lot more.

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