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A man once dubbed the world's fattest says he is looking forward to a normal life after shedding 46 stone. Former postman Paul Mason, from Ipswich, weighed in at 70st before a gastric bypass in 2010 to reduce the size of his stomach. He now weighs 24 stone but says he needs further surgery, costing up to ?37,000, to remove folds of loose skin. Mr Mason has started his own jewellery business and is working towards a life where he can learn to drive, go on holiday and find someone to settle down with.

Firefighters removed the front wall of Mr Mason's house and used a forklift to load him into an ambulance when he needed a hernia operation in 2002.
He believes he was eating 20,000 calories a day, which is nearly 10 times the recommended average.
Last July, Pauline Potter, who entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012 as the world's heaviest woman at 52st, lost weight thanks to marathon sex sessions. On Thursday the Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness magazine annual awards celebrating the extraordinary dieting achievements of 12 women.

Lucy Mack, 28, who was named Yummy Mummy of the Year, lost 11st after she was told her weight was preventing her from getting pregnant.

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