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Man v. Food star Adam Richman, the 39 year old TV host, famous for his  inhaling nearly 5 lbs. Maybe you think these weight loss tips too old, but I strongly recommend the last weight loss secret that he can always choose foods with less calories but still satisfied his stomach. After discovering that she was intolerant to gluten, wheat, rice, grains, dairy and artificial sugars, Britanie cut these out of her diet and began to eat a diet composed of 70-80% raw food instead.

Just watch the following Adam Richman before and after photos, although he gained much weight during his Man V food series, now he successfully lost 70 pounds! Althrough he can watch and smell the other people enjoying a bunch of pizza on a recent road trip, he was satisfied with his greek yogurt with raw almonds and iced coffee. Stick with it and remember… it does NOT happen overnight, but it WILL happen if you are dedicated.

Weight loss is not easy for Adam who has already tasted so many foods around America and who has a huge stomach to fill.

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