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That was pretty interesting because as always, I eat two meals at the weekend and usually expect to see a big increase on Sunday and Monday. So not seeing that increase in weight made me suspect I’d experienced the whoosh effect with water weight that I have so often seen.
Although I’ve included the measurements below there has been only one change since I last measured myself two weeks ago. I’ve lost a quarter of an inch from my waist, which is encouraging, but being honest here, it could easily be an error in measuring. Again, honestly, I have to accept that there hasn’t been a great deal of progress pver the last four weeks. At the time of writing this I’ve already eaten a large Big Mac meal with coke and a McFlurry!

Eating one meal at 5 pm worked really well while I was home with the kids (during my stay at home dad days), but since they all started doing after school clubs and other sports in the evenings, we eat much later. As a result I tend to overeat at my main meal.
I’m planning on returning in the middle of July which gives me just over three months to lose the weight and get fitter and stronger. Sometimes the biggest part of this is about becoming a conscious eater and learning to make choices that support the need to eat foods you enjoy, balanced against the benefits of eating foods that provide nutrition and promote health. My name is David and I've created this site to share my experience with the One Meal a Day Diet -- I've lost over 30lbs by limiting my main intake of food to the evening meal. I’m excited to see your progress and I will be using your blog to encourage myself to stick with it. I find it more difficult to wait that long, but there’s much less chance of me eating just before bed.

And now I'm documenting my progress as I close in the holy grail of flat abs -- I believe that diets are won and lost in the mind, so I'm also greatly interested in exploring the mindset required for successful weight loss.
Thank you, David, for your courage, as well as, the others for helping me identify and giving me hope.

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