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After thousands of miles, hundreds of hill sprints and a handful of head-to-head clashes with the older brother, I had to face up to the truth: my improvement on the bike had hit a stubborn plateau, and my stomach was to blame. A gluten-free diet can seem challenging, especially if you love carbs and want to lose weight. You may be surprised at how easy it can be to lose weight when you eat sensibly by eating the right carbs.
Resistant starch is found naturally in some carbohydrate-rich foods, it is a type of dietary fiber similar to soluble fiber and cannot be digested in the stomach or small intestine or absorbed as glucose as most starches. RS3 ~ is formed when certain starchy foods, such as rice and potatoes are cooked and then cooled.
In conclusion, adding carbs that contain resistant starch to your diet can help with weight loss and overall wellness.
Hi, I am Kristina founder of this website, author of two cookbooks, recipe developer, photographer and an avid tennis player. From breakfast delights to sweet cravings, this book will show you how to make 60 healthy gluten-free recipes such as snacks, food to share, casual meals and much more.
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That the latest Celebrities and Athletes are using Gluten- free diets to become stronger, faster, healthier and more youthful looking.

What I am about to share with you will cover all of the above, and whether or not the Gluten- free diet for weight loss is for you or not.
Without having a medical reason like Celiac disease, there’s no reason to eliminate Gluten. I’d made many half-baked pacts with myself to cut back on calorific indulgences, but time and again failed to honour them. Many gluten-free baked goods and processed foods are high in starches, refined sugars and saturated fats, making it hard to maintain a healthy weight.
It is also important to follow a well-balanced diet and include some exercise, even a 20-minute daily walk is beneficial. My goal is to show you how to master mouth-watering meals for small crowds, large gatherings or just that intimate dinner. The hype around Gluten-free has made a lot of people change diets without any real reason to. I would say that it’s always good idea to incorporate a variety of whole grains into your diet to add versatility and balance out your nutrients. Despite sustaining a decent training volume of around 150 miles per week, my weight had crept up and my average speeds were beginning to suffer. My goal is to inspire you to embrace gluten-free recipes using wholesome ingredients, good fats and without refined sugar.

A Gluten-free diet is a difficult one to follow, especially if you have never been on a diet before. Those of you who have Celiac disease will tend to have a tougher time to absorb your nutrients into your bloodstream. Whole grains provide very important nutrients, which aren’t easy to get when many grains are cut out. But this is most likely because many high calorie processed foods were cut out of their diets. If you want to lose weight, and I mean really, like it’s a goal for you to do this and be consistent. The reality is not many people need to switch, for example only 1% of Americans need to be on a Gluten- free diet due to the fact they have Celiac disease.
The increase in Gluten- free snack (Junk) food on the market has now made it easy to gain weight when following this diet.

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