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Parimita Chakravorty is an author, blogger, features writer and a communications specialist. Her book ‘Look Stunning At Any Size’ has been well appreciated and received by the readers.
Currently, she is part of India’s leading IT brand and takes care of their internal communications.
Parimita is also working towards bringing awareness about Endometriosis in India; a silent epidemic which is consuming a lot of lives. Steamed Idli and plain Dosa with sambhar is rich in nutrients given that it has been prepared with fresh items.
Shawarma roll with humus, salad and pitta bread is healthier than a Frankie where the bread is deep fried and comes with an oily gravy. Go to any sea-face or a beach and you will find hawkers selling roasted maize, diced tender coconut pieces along with coconut water and seasonal diced raw mango pieces with some masala over it.
Maharashtrian snacks like Kanda Poha, Vegetable Upma are much healthier than Saboodana vadi, Vada pav, etc. Apart from being Ahmedabad’s Health Minister’s daughter and maintaining her appearances at many charity shows and health seminars, she has her academic plans in place.
She manages a page ‘Endometriosis India Files’ where patients discuss their condition and diagnosis. You will find here a variety of food and various cuisines from different corners of the world.
Each medium Idli packs 40 calories approximately, a plain Dosa has around 80 calories and a bowl of Sambhar has around 200 calories. Plain Kathi roll with roasted chicken, vegetables and chill, mustard sauce is much healthier than other varieties.

If given a choice, go for these dishes instead of the oily ones like Samosa Pav, Bhajiya, etc.  Though, Misal Pav has been crowned the tastiest vegetarian dish of the world but it is laden with calories. Though, it might not be very healthy to eat from such vendors but this food is definitely low in calories and will help you with your weight-loss. Chopped peppers, boiled beetroot and potatoes, raw tomato and onion slices make this wholesome sandwich which is grilled and then served with a chutney.
Be it a local restaurant or a five star property, you can find your food fix easily to curb your cravings. If you eat a plate of Idli (2 idli) or plain Dosa (1 dosa), then you consume somewhere around 300 calories which is decent enough to maintain your calorie intake for the day. Steamed momos are filling, thanks to the fibrous vegetables along with meat and the refined flour wrapper is too thin to be too bad for you.
Though many believe that the yolk increases cholesterol if eaten regularly but on the contrary it has many healthy vitamins and essential fats. Try to restrict your snack to only two Tandoori legs (each leg around 160 calories) or 4 small pieces of Chicken kebabs which will be approximately 300 calories.
One small katori sprouted moong salad with onion, tomato and lemon dressing has around 65 calories where as one plate watermelon has around 60 calories. The small conical packet consists much more health benefits than a pack of potato chips of Rs. Ask for brown bread and go for sweet potato minus cheese and butter and it is a great snack below 350 calories. The weight came back in no time.” So the learning for her was that crash diets do not work. I have done MBA from Nirma University, and Bachelors in psychology in St Xavier’s college.” She wants to travel the world and help more people to reach their weight loss goals.

An episode at the ice-cream parlour where she was assumed as the mother to her toddler niece left her disheartened. Alternating my workouts with tennis sessions and eating controlled portions of food helped me start losing weight again.” As the body gets used to a certain type of activity, it accommodates itself and barely feels any strain in repeating the activity. But if you are on a path to eating healthy to lose weight, then eating Vada Pav or Pav Bhaji laden with butter is not going to help you. Make it interesting by making a chaat with finely chopped onion, tomato, green chili, lemon juice and masalas. So you need to make smart choices which will be convenient for you, easy on your pocket and light in calories. In 2012, when she finally reached her goal weight, she made a video of her weight loss journey and within two weeks got over a lakh hits. I was not only able to help myself but could help others too.” She also started an FB page where she shared her story, diet plan and other tips to ‘Look Wow!’ “More than 5 lakh visitors have benefitted from my tips. The more weight I lost, the more confident I became.” People didn’t take her quest for weight loss and fitness seriously. I also hold inspirational seminars to motivate more people to achieve their goals.” Well, she is a certified Reebok trainer so you can take her weight loss tips seriously.

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