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We have collected 36 amazing celebrity weight loss transformation pictures to inspire and motivate you.
Being a celebrity can mean having a lot of money, and with a lot of money, comes the option to get a personal chef or a personal trainer to oversee their whole transformation journey, this option mightn’t be available for everyone, but these transformations still show that they have put in a lot of time, effort and dedication into bettering themselves and their bodies. Be sure to share and save your favourite transformations on your social media and send us anymore celebrity transformations that have inspired you! A tiny little movie called Guardians of the Galaxy has probably made its way to a theatre near you and you're possibly toying with the idea of watching it. Married in 2009, Chris and Anna each had a dead bug collection before they met and they have since combined their collections. The pair have also co-starred with one-another on two occasions; in 2011's Take Me Home Tonight and in the, quite horrendeous, Movie 43 where they play a newly-engaged couple.
The top left picture is a selfie that Chris Pratt took during the filming of Zero Dark Thirty, where he played a Navy SEAL. And if that wasn't grueling enough, Pratt had to lose 60 pounds when he was cast as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.
The reboot of the loveable 80's television show, currently being produced by the Weinstein Company, is also rumoured to star Danny McBride. Hopefully you know a little bit more a bit Chris Pratt now because with the lead role in upcoming dino-romp Jurassic World and a number of other equally huge acting gigs, Pratt is here to stay!
Kim Kardashian is determined to lose her post-pregnancy pounds following the arrival of her son, Saint West, on December 5. Now that Saint West has arrived, Kim Kardashian is determined to lose those post-pregnancy pounds.
Colette Heimowitz, the vice president of nutrition and education at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., is working with Kardashian directly, and in an exclusive interview with the Inquisitr, Colette revealed why Kim chose the Atkins diet.

The reference to 40 in the name of the plan chosen by Kim refers to how many grams of net carbs dieters can eat, added Colette. Kim Kardashian used the Atkins diet after having North West, and now she’s chosen it again to shed her post-pregnancy pounds from Saint West. Although the plan is low carb, dieters can choose from every food group, carbohydrates, protein, and fat, as long as they calculate their carbohydrates. Kim gets extra credit for being so candid about her weight gain as well as her determination to restore her pre-baby body.
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They may have millions of fans who look up to them, so it is great that they are showing an example on eating healthy and working out and getting their body to a healthier place. We Aim To Bring You The Best Articles, The Latest Interviews And The Most Motivational Galleries. The 35-year-old star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians also used the Atkins low carb diet for her post-pregnancy weight loss after having her daughter North in 2013. From her top pregnancy weight of 190 pounds, Kim shed 17 pounds with breastfeeding and dieting initially. As for how fast Kim will lose weight, the amount varies from person to person, added Colette. Atkins 40 is designed for clients to lose weight at a healthy pace as opposed to a quick fix, as this program is more of a lifestyle change vs. As for Kim’s comment about Harvest Trail bars, those treats constitute her favorite diet food, according to Colette.

Breakfast is rich in protein, such as turkey sausage and eggs for breakfast, but it also can include a carbohydrate such as a thin slice of whole grain bread.
Kim shared that she feels she’s weighed 10 pounds extra the past few years, so the KUWTK star decided that now is the time to achieve her best body, reported Yahoo TV.
And although it’s hard work, Kardashian also revealed that she find happiness in the process of shedding pounds. They can be ridiculed when they gain weight or have unflattering photos printed in magazines for people to judge. Fans of American sitcom Parks and Recreation have cherished Chris Pratt for a while now but one thing's for sure; if you didn't know his name before Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll definitely know it after! Turning to Twitter to post her choice of weight loss program, Kardashian revealed that she’s chosen the Atkins diet. Since then, Kardashian has shed some additional weight but wants to reach her final goal by using the Atkins approach. We wanted to show 36 celebrity weight loss transformations where they did things the right way, lost weight and proved the doubters wrong. A sample lunch might include a cheeseburger with a low-carb fajita wrap, a few veggies, and half an avocado, while dinner could offer steak, veggies, and one-half of a small baked potato.

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