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As you know, refined carbohydrates cause insulin to be secreted into the blood and when insulin is high then fat loss is inhibited. Oatmeal is a wonderful cereal for people who are looking to lose fat because it absorbs slowly (especially steel cut oats) and is very high fiber. Some of you may be wondering about how this cereal compares to Fiber One, a cereal on the market that contains just 60 calories and 14 grams of fiber. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whether you have it as a healthy cereal to start your day or as a mid-day snack between meals, WonderSlim Cinnamon Crunch cereal hits the spot. OUR GUARANTEE: We're so certain you'll be pleased with the quality of these products, we gladly offer our 150% Satisfaction Guarantee on all purchases. Corn Meal, Soy Protein Concentrate, Evaporated Cane Syrup, Soy Protein Isolate, Rice Flour, Barley Malt Extract, Soy Grits, Whole Oat Flour, Wheat Gluten, Brown Sugar, Sugar, Salt, Soybean Oil, Malt Syrup (Corn Syrup, Barley Malt Extract), Cinnamon, Natural Flavor, Caramel Color, Mixed Tocopherols (To Preserve Freshness), Soy Lecithin, Sodium Ascorbate, Iron, Niacinamide, Zinc, Vitamin A Palmitate, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Thiamin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Baking Soda, Calcium Carbonate. Start your day with a serving of WonderSlim Cinnamon Crunch cereal and a half cup of skim milk to get 12 grams of protein power for just 130 calories. This is generally continued for a period of 15 days and those on a strict cereal diet are likely to lose weight during this time. Therefore, instead of an elaborate lunch, which may often supply 500 to 700 calories, you are just opting for a diet that is hardly 150 to 200 calories. Since the cereal diet basically prescribes the consumption of cereals, you will have to devise ways to make it interesting. However, you must remember that the cereal diet is not a long term dietary regime and must be followed for short intervals when you want a quick fix weight loss plan. In order to maintain the ideal weight after following the cereal diet, you have to resort to a daily workout regime and a balanced diet.
You may think you are following a healthy weight loss regimen but be warned that some so-called healthy foods may actually prevent your weight loss.
Let me guess what you do the minute someone tells you that you look like you’ve gained a couple of pounds. Of course, there is always a chance that you approach your weight-loss project rationally and try to eat only healthy foods and exercise regularly.
The first thing many people do when trying to reduce calories from their diet is replace white bread with wholegrain bread or brown bread. Most granola bar fans swear by the product and can’t stop raving about the high fibre content and energy boost they get from consuming granola bars and cereals. Firstly, avoid any kind of processed food even if it is labelled ‘healthy’, ‘sugar-free’ or ‘organic’. These tips will not only help you lose weight, you’ll end up feeling lighter, happier and more energetic! The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune. However, the article is more catered for the western super market where there is more of this stuff..
I’d say this is a decent guide to eating healthy but not necessarily a great guide to losing weight. Unless otherwise stated, all content is copyrighted © 2016 The Express Tribune News Network.
Consuming cereal as part of a healthy balanced diet with moderate physical activity can help to achieve weight loss depending on your cereal choice.

As a quick and variable breakfast option, cereal is frequently a favorite for busy Americans. Regular eating habits, including daily breakfast consumption are associated with healthy weights.
Dietary fat content is also an important consideration when examining if a particular food will be beneficial for weight loss. When watching your weight, choose a high-fiber cereal and pair it with low-fat milk.To stay full longer and consume fewer calories top cereal with berries.
This does not mean that we are the sworn enemy of carbohydrates, only excessively refined carbohydrates like bread, pasta, cake, candy and cereals. When the body is in balance, it loves to burn carbohydrates because they are a very clean burning fuel. As soon as you see the entertaining combination of shapes and textures, you’ll know that this is no ordinary high protein cereal. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
It is mainly followed by people looking for a short term weight loss or those willing to shed a few kilos before an event.
It is considered to be a very effective way of losing weight because by consuming a low calorie cereal for breakfast and lunch, you are considerably reducing your daily calorie consumption. When you are starting the diet, you can opt for special low calorie and low fat cereals that are particularly suited to the needs of people trying to lose weight. Since you are considerably reducing your calorie intake throughout the day, a dinner consisting of healthy portions of chicken, fish, egg or vegetables would be beneficial. Gradually, you can introduce other foods to your healthy diet plan after the first two weeks are over.
However, be warned that some so-called healthy foods may actually prevent your weight loss. What they don’t realise is that although wholegrain or brown bread has a lot of nutrition and a good amount of fibre, it is baked and hence, not very healthy. Think of it this way, it’s like dabbing a tissue paper over a pizza slice before eating it; all it does is remove the excess oil from the top but the calories in the pizza are still intact.
Both white brea and brown bread are basically carbs which have 4 calories per gram – so calorie wise brown bread has as many as white bread.
There are two issues fruit juices are stripped of fibre that is naturally present in fruit and hence not as nutritious as fruit.
Depending on the cereal you choose and what you pair it with, it can along with a healthy balanced diet and moderate physical activity help you to achieve weight loss.
Consuming cereal as part of a balanced breakfast supplies the body with needed energy from carbohydrates called glucose.
Cereal can aid in weight loss when chosen wisely and included as part of a lifestyle program that include a balanced diet and moderate physical activity. One-quarter cup of oatmeal contains approximately 150 calories, 27 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of fiber.
That means that you would be able to burn off a single serving by walking for 22 minutes, jogging for 9 minutes, swimming for 6 minutes or cycling for 9 minutes. The Trader Joe’s formula is made with absolutely NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or additives.
He currently practices in Baltimore, MD, where he owns and operates a wellness center and natural foods restaurant.

The diet basically consists of eating a low fat and low calorie cereal for the two most important meals of the day, breakfast and lunch. These kind of cereals are very good for the body and will help to keep your stomach full for longer durations, thus, curbing food cravings considerably. This would keep you full for quite sometime, but, if you do feel hungry in between breakfast and lunch, have a fruit or a cup of boiled vegetables. Now, you have to provide your body with the essential nutrients from whole grains, dairy products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Substitute your granola bars and cereals with oat meal (not instant) which is not processed. They are targeted towards athletes who burn a lot of calories a day while a normal person works out for maximum an hour or so in a day (if at all). Organic junk food may be lower in calories but still has enough of them to slow down the weight loss process. More importantly, they do contain high level of sugar (which is not added sugar by the way) but the fructose present in the fruit itself.
Amanda is a Master of Science candidate in nutrition and currently operates a nutrition counseling and consulting practice called Recipe for Health in Atlantic Canada.
Glucose is the main fuel for many parts of the body and without it our bodies ultimately rely on other sources that can alter metabolism and weight status.
Low fat milk (skim, or 1 percent) has components that aid in satiety, decreasing body fat and aiding in weight loss. To burn that off, the average person would have to walk for 42 minutes, jog for 17 minutes, swim for 12 minutes or cycle for 17 minutes. His mission is to help folks to live their health potential so that they can pursue their passions with confidence and endless supplies of energy! You’ll immediately enjoy a burst of hearty cinnamon flavor and encounter the pleasant crunch factor that makes munching fun. Again substitute your snacking options with fruits or vegetables during the period after lunch. One glass of orange juice has close to 10 tea spoons of sugar (of course size of glass does matter). Choosing a cereal higher in sugar can lead to extra calorie consumption throughout the day as your body will processes this carbohydrate quicker. Those who consume low-fat milk are more likely to succeed with weight loss and maintenance than those who fall short of meeting daily recommendations. The Fiber One contains corn oil, aspartame (Nutrasweet), colorings and a good bit of the fiber is actually fortified into the cereal from guar gum and cellulose.
This low-fat cinnamon cereal also makes a great topping for non-fat yogurt and other treats. All packed juices contain a certain amount of sugar and artificial flavouring, no matter what they claim and hence, they are not really pure anymore. Versatile, fun and delicious – yes, WonderSlim Cinnamon Crunch is truly no ordinary cereal.
So if you are a diabetic,whole wheat bread ( or for that matter any complex carbs) will not lead o a sugar spike in the same way as white bread or added sugar.

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