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69 percent of Americans over the age of 20 are either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt says the brain makes us eat and build energy reserves when food is available. According to Aamodt, diets are dysfunctional because the human brain is set to keep us at the weight it says is appropriate, even if a different body size is desired. The UCLA study “Low-Calorie Dieting Increases Cortisol,” published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine in May 2010, followed the dieting habits of 115 female participants.
Tomiyama says that calorie-restricted diets create mental and physical stress and lead to increased production of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to an increase in belly fat. A great deal of research (as well as anecdotal evidence) shows that most calorie-restrictive diets succeed short-term, but fail long-term. A frequent assumption by the general public is that weight-loss diets fail due to weak willpower, moral failure, laziness, or gluttony.
Behavioral relapses and going off the diet may be due to hunger, negative moods, emotional stress, and social pressures.
Lowered energy expenditures, because as people get thinner they use less energy just to exist.
Increased appetite, as the levels of hormones involved in appetite control change during and after weight loss. British psychoanalyst Susie Orbach says that if dieters respond to natural hunger they will reach a healthy weight. Some people who try hard to stick with a weight-loss diet but find it is not working may be sabotaging themselves by eating the wrong foods. Some of these foods, like granola and trail mix, are calorie dense and may contain excessive amounts of sugars and fats. But all this evidence is no reason to give up on “dieting.” Tomiyama says people trying to lose weight should not give up on portion control or taking care about the type of food eaten. Aamodt says the key to weight loss is focusing on an overall healthy lifestyle that includes activity, exercise, healthy habits and mindful eating.
Meet the team that continually works to make the world a healthier place – one pound and one person at a time.
We set a goal to have Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers become the benchmark of quality in our industry, and we are truly proud of what we have accomplished. An innate passion for helping others is what motivated Chuck Sekeres to create Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in 1979. For over 15 years he observed people striving to get in shape and he realized, in order for people to succeed, the support was just as important as the system. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers well-structured programs that are nutritionally sound and designed to help provide effective weight loss. Mike Zsely keeps things running smoothly at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers, providing confidence and reassurance to our franchisees and employees.
Scott joined Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in 2008 and is integral to the ongoing education, training and development of new and existing franchisees.

Linda Maksim oversees our Internet operations and is the key link to Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers online.
And a 2010 University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) study showed that at any given time about 47 percent of U.S. Much of this research points at reasons that have been hard-wired into human brains for thousands of years. Since humans have historically had to deal with food shortages and famines the body has learned to store those reserves, even though most Americans no longer have to deal with the threat of starvation. We diet, get hungry, overeat, make poor eating choices, and then gain back the weight and feel miserable. The study says that calorie-restricted diets are the weight-loss option for most people, but that it does not work, in part due to potential physical and mental harm. In 1991, Garner & Wooley showed that there was virtually no evidence that clinically significant weight loss can be maintained long-term through dieting by most people. Many people believe that weight is a product of moral character and effort, and is entirely a choice. The obvious reason for regaining weight is the return to inappropriate eating and exercise habits. When cells are resistant to insulin, glucose cannot get into cells, so they switch to fat burning. The hormones that provide the feeling of fullness decrease with weight loss, and the ones that stimulate hunger increase. Unless, of course, they have dieted for so long that they no longer recognize natural hunger. Authority Nutrition has a list of the top 11 diet foods that make people fat, even though they sound healthy. Others, like low-fat yogurt, have been extensively processed to get the fat out, but the fat has been replaced with unhealthy ingredients such as sugar.
However, they should concentrate more on making healthy food choices and eating a balanced, healthy diet. Chuck began working as a young fitness instructor and today he has more than four decades of experience in the health, fitness and weight loss industry. Chuck designed Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers to provide the medical supervision, motivation and expertise people need and deserve.
She holds a Bachelors of Science in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University School of Allied Medical Professions. Helping to ensure the programs meet dietary needs within nutritional guidelines, she stays informed on all health related topics and recommendations made by the American Diabetes Association, the U.S. His financial knowledge and business experience allow him to assist our licensed network of centers around the country with accounting or technical questions involved in setup or operational process of the business.
He has supported over 70 corporate training events including corporate certification classes, regional and national meetings, and sales and advertising seminars. She says thinner people burn fewer calories because of the brain’s message to hold onto the weight.

Dieters may think they always need to avoid food, which is tough to do because we have to eat to live. Janet Tomiyama, PhD and lead study author, says that weight-loss diets most commonly reduce the number of calories consumed, but this type of weight loss is short-term, resulting in 30 to 64 percent of dieters gaining back more weight than they lost. During weight loss, cells become more sensitive to insulin, which lets more glucose into the cells. Diets may contribute to fat storage and compulsive eating, because deprivation inevitably leads to rebellion. These include breakfast cereals, agave nectar, whole wheat bread, granola, low-fat yogurt, salad dressings, fruit juice, diet soft drinks, organic food that is highly processed, trail mix, and gluten-free junk food. A 2010 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that there was no evidence that saturated fat leads to coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease. Neglecting to follow these essential rules is the key reason why weight-loss diets do not work. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® is filled with people who believe in what they do and genuinely want to help others get healthy. It is equally focused on weight loss and weight management and there’s no other program like it.
Kristyn provides important nutritional support and counseling to our licensed Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers nationwide and to our online members. Mike and his staff also work to ensure all orders are processed promptly and accurately, both in the centers and online.
Orbach says compulsive eating is eating according to a set of rule that get broken, but not in response to hunger.
So in low-fat options such as yogurt, the good ingredients were removed and replaced with bad ingredients. She provides members and franchise owners with helpful information through her weekly tips on weight loss, nutrition, behavior and exercise. Pittman served as Executive Vice President of Proactiv International based in Las Vegas, Nevada and Director of Franchise Operations with GNC located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She frequently answers questions about our weight loss programs, products and online services.
He personally conducted over ten thousand facility tours and has been awarded by the International Health and Racquet Sports Association for his achievements in health club membership sales.
Pittman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from The University of South Carolina and brings over 30 years of experience in the retail and franchise development industry to his current role.

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